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Florida business cited for flying military flags, no fines levied

A man who works for a Jacksonville business shared a video after he says the city cited the business for flying military flags. 

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The man, who calls himself Shaun, posted the video of himself at Jaguar Power Sports Monday and said the city of Jacksonville cited the business for flying the military flags atop the building.

The City of Jacksonville said the business was warned -- but not fined.

A city officials issued a statement about the decision:

“We are disturbed by some of the claims made about a City employee and are reviewing the facts. We are also reviewing the current ordinances regarding flags and signs to ensure accurate information was shared.

The business was issued a warning, and was not fined. Warnings are issued to provide property owners information about a possible violation, and corrective action.

I have contacted the dealership and provided the owner with the mayor’s contact information for them to discuss directly. Mayor Curry and his administration respect and appreciate those in uniform who have served and continue to serve our community, and our country.”

Shaun is the business' finance manager, according to its website. He said the business received a citation for each flag. 

In the video, he said he hopes that the video will go viral.

In the video, he said he hopes that the video will go viral.

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Jacksonville's mayor, Lenny Curry, tweeted about the incident Monday afternoon stating that he's told city staff to treat military flags the same as the US Flag.

Officials capture African Warthog running wild in Florida

An animal only native in the sub-Sahara of Africa was captured by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials last month in St. Lucie County. 

The African Warthog wandered through wooded areas and backyards for several days in the suburbs just north of Fort Pierce, TC Palm reports.

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FWC officials said they were informed about the warthog on March 4, and set up several food traps that were unsuccessful. Residents told TC Palm that the animal was not afraid of people, and “was friendly when offered food.” 

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But the warthog was still dangerous because it could have carried diseases that could impact other animals, FWC spokeswoman Carol Lynn Parrish said to TC Palm

To own the animal a person would need a captive wildlife license approved by the state, but officials “couldn’t locate the owner,” Parrish said. 

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Officials captured the warthog on March 8 after one FWC officer tackled the animal while a biologist ran over and set it into a trap, TC Palm reports. 

The officer suffered some cuts to his legs while containing the warthog. Veterinarians with the FWC euthanized the animal so they could examine it for diseases, Parrish said to TC Palm

Man arrested after threatening to blackmail a student in exchange for sex

A Florida man has been arrested for unlawful use of a two-way communication device and for threatening with intent to extort, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police report.

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According to the report, University of North Florida student Jesse Martinez, 21, met with another male UNF student on the app Grindr and asked the student to exchange nude pictures with him.

As soon as the student sent the pictures to him, Martinez threatened if he did not meet him for oral sex, he would release the pictures on the internet and "all over campus," the report stated.

The student blocked Martinez on the app. The next day the student received a message from Martinez posing as another person on Grindr, threatening to expose the nude pictures he received of the victim.

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The victim told Martinez that he would get back with him, according to the report. The victim called police and arranged a meeting with the Martinez at his apartment. 

The report said the victim brought an officer with him and Martinez was arrested.

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The police report also revealed Martinez admitted to setting up the fake profile to meet people on the internet. 

Woman allegedly takes LSD before babysitting, stealing child’s toys

A Florida woman took LSD before stealing toys and a wedding ring from the family where she was babysitting, according to Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. 

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Lorena Margarita Montealegre, 27, of Gainesville, was reportedly under the influence of the psychedelic drug while watching a child on Monday around 8 p.m., The Independent Florida Alligator reported. 

The child’s father said that Montealegre was acting strangely and he asked her to leave. She refused, according to The Alligator. 

When a deputy arrived, Montealegre allegedly walked out of the house carrying the child’s toys. 

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A second deputy arrived at the scene as backup and they handcuffed Montealegre. Deputies say she tried to kick them multiple times, according to The Alligator. 

Montealegre was taken to North Florida Regional Medical Center, where it was discovered that she stole the father’s wedding ring

Montealegre was charged with burglary, grand theft, resisting arrest with violence and two counts of attempted battery on a law enforcement officer.

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She was taken to the Alachua County Jail, where she remains on a $55,000 bond. 

Florida youth football coach punched 3 kids, police say

A Florida youth football coach has been arrested and faces child abuse charges for allegedly punching three kids during a fight on the field, New Smyrna Beach Police said.

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Larry Shawn Cruce, 33, of Orange Park, was arrested Saturday.

Police were called to the New Smyrna Beach Sports Complex at 1800 Turnbull Bay.

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Witnesses told police that after the last play of the game several kids got into an argument that turned into a fight on the field. Team players with the Middleburg Broncos, near Jacksonville, ran onto the field and got involved in the fight, police said. Cruce began to hit and punch several of the kids who belonged to the Cudas football team, police said.

Cruce grabbed one of the Cudas player’s face masks, punched him in the face and then attacked two other students, witnesses said.

“He came out of nowhere, just lifted up my helmet, hit me in my neck, then my coach grabbed me away,” said victim Omahri Meeks.

The kids were not seriously hurt.

Other coaches broke up the brawl.

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"There are consequences to actions and decisions that we make as adults. I definitely hope that it goes all the way. He needs some type of punishment for this, to teach him a lesson that this is not something you do,” said Meeks' mother, Charmaine Winter.

Cruce refused to comment to WFTV reporter Lauren Seabrook.

Substitute teacher, Walt Disney employee busted in online sex sting, police say

A substitute teacher for the Volusia County School District who is also a part-time employee for Walt Disney World was arrested on suspicion of lewd or lascivious battery, deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

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Bruce Corbin Krupa responded to an online ad April 2, in which he thought he was talking to a 13-year-old girl, but it was really an undercover detective, investigators said.

The decoy child said several times that she was 13 years old, and Krupa continued to communicate with her via email and texts and discussed having sex with her, investigators said.

Other details were released, but they are too graphic for publication.

Krupa sent the undercover detective several photographs of his face and his body, investigators said.

A time and date for Krupa and the girl to meet was set up at an undisclosed location in Orlando, and when Krupa arrived there on Monday, he was arrested.

search of Krupa’s vehicle found he had purple boxer shorts and a Kit Kat bar with him, investigators said.

"We have to remember that people who seek out children usually do work or find places to go where they have access to children," said Detective Lori Fiorino, with the Orlando Police Department.

Nancy Wait, with the Volusia County School District, said Krupa has served as a substitute teacher and substitute cafeteria worker for the schools since 2015. He has substituted less than 60 times, and his last job was onFeb. 20, Wait said.

“As soon as we were notified of his arrest, he was permanently removed from the substitute list and disqualified for future employment,” Wait said.

A spokesperson for Walt Disney World said Krupa has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the charges.

Woman claims dentist gave her a foot massage and infection

A St. Johns County woman claims her dentist gave her a bizarre foot massage during her appointment.

The incident reportedly occurred at Smiles at Julington Creek. The woman, Stacey Wellington said the dentist also offered her red wine

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The woman thought the ordeal was so strange that she texted her husband, " Oh my God he just offered me a foot massage and red wine," in which he replied, "That is not a dentist office."

When Wellington left the dental office, she said she began to feel pain and went to a local hospital to get it checked out

The staff told her she had an abscess.

"He was giving me a foot massage I didn't see him change gloves so like your hands are in my mouth now my whole mouth is infected," Wellington said.

Action News Jax reached out to the dental office for a comment but have not heard back.

Wellington said she filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Health. 

Dog treat package thieves nabbed, deputies say

A pair of accused package thieves were arrested over the weekend after fleeing a Volusia County deputy who caught them with a stolen box of dog treats taken off an 87-year-old Daytona Beach woman’s porch, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said

Daytona Beach police charged 25-year-old Jennifer Steinman with burglary in connection with the package theft, officials said. 

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When Volusia County deputies caught up with her, they said she was also was in possession of a few different drugs. 

Steinman's driver and boyfriend, 32-year-old Bryan Gibbons of Pennsylvania, was charged with fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement—as well as possession of ammo by a convicted felon when a deputy discovered a loaded pistol in the center console of the car, deputies said

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Deputy Omar Bello was patrolling the 800 block of Peninsula Drive Saturday around 4:30 p.m. when he saw a black Nissan SUV driving erratically with the two people in the car fighting, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Bello tried to stop the car, but the driver kept going before pulling over. 

Steinman then got out of the car with an package and said she’d picked it up from a friend’s house, deputies said. 

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The real owner of the package told deputies she’d never met Steinman. The package contained $6 worth of dog treats, according to the Sheriff's Office. 

“My elderly mother said that she feels safer knowing that your deputies are so alert and trained not just to look for the target of a search, but also to recognize and act on suspicious behavior,” the victim’s daughter wrote in a message to the Sheriff’s Office after the arrest. “Please know that we are so thankful and blessed to have brave and observant officers like Deputy Bello protecting our homes and streets.”

Florida woman surprised to give birth after mistaking labor pains for food poisoning

Crystal Gail Amerson thought the stomach pains that woke her at 4 a.m. were from a bad batch of General Tso’s chicken.

Boy, was she mistaken.

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According to the Pensacola News Journal, Amerson waited an hour, as the cramps got worse, and then called an ambulance

While on the way to the hospital, she delivered a baby boy. She told the Journal she had no idea that she was 37 weeks pregnant.

"The stomach pains were just excruciating and I could hardly move," Amerson, 29, told the News Journal. "I think it was about 6:30 (a.m.) when (the ambulance) got there. ... It escalated so quickly that I was having contractions and we figured out kind of what was going on because at first we really didn't know what was going on." 

Before she and her fiance, Brian Westerfield, made it to the hospital, baby Oliver James was born. He was 19.9 inches long and weighed 5.27 pounds. 

Amerson told the News Journal that she was just as surprised that Sunday morning as everyone else.

She already has a child, and said both times while pregnant, she didn’t experience typical symptoms or gain much weight. 

"I gained a little bit of weight, but I think with my first baby I didn't notice either," she told the News Journal. "I never gained that pregnancy shape, really. And then, I wear scrubs to work because I work at a retirement home for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. So I guess the way they fit me, as well, it was hard to notice anything or tell anything."

Amerson said she’s staying away from Chinese food.

“I think I'm traumatized from Chinese food," she told the News Journal. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at it the same way again."

Florida man shot at roofers after one looked at woman, police say

Police in Altamonte Springs, Florida, have arrested a man they said shot at a group of roofers.

>> Watch the news report here

Police said Mariano Hernandez, 29, fired two shots at the roofers last Thursday.

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The roofers told police that Hernandez and a woman were arguing outside a building at the Ravens Crossing Apartments when a worker looked over at the two.

They told police that Hernandez shouted at him to not look at the woman.

The suspect is then accused of throwing a gas can at the crew, knocking down a ladder and then grabbing a gun and firing shots.

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“We are actually really grateful nobody was injured during this incident,” said police spokesperson Evelyn Estevez. 

It's still unclear where Hernandez was hiding for days after taking off in a car following the shooting. 

Hernandez is facing four attempted homicide charges, among others. 

Police tell man ‘Congratulations, that’s a felony’ after arrest on impersonating US Marshal charge

When you’re going to impersonate a law enforcement officer, the last person you want to tell that you’re a cop, is a cop.

But that’s what police in Boynton Beach said happened at a Florida Best Buy.

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According to the police report, officers were called to the store when a man that employees suspected of stealing an iPhone X a few days earlier entered the business.

The employee called to have John O’Grady, 61, removed from the store for trespassing

When officers approached the Boynton Beach man, he said he was a U.S. marshal. The pin on his gray suit, the badge and the gun seemed to confirm that.

But O’Grady didn’t have identification nor could he name his supervisor. 

He eventually conceded that no, he was not a U.S. marshal, and the “firearm” on his hip was a BB gun. 

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Police can be heard on the body camera video telling O’Grady, “Congratulations, that’s a felony,” once they found a badge on his belt saying that he was a U.S. marshal.

Authorities arrested O’Grady on charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer and retail theft. They reportedly found the stolen iPhone in O’Grady’s vehicle. 

O’Grady was released later that afternoon from the Palm Beach County Jail on a $6,000 surety bond, records show. 

Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.

WATCH: Florida fishermen come within feet of 14-foot white shark

A day on the water in Amelia Island, Florida, turned into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a group of fishermen.

>> Click here to watch the news report

Capt. Tony Peeples with Southern Style Charters said he and a group of four men were off the coast of Fernandina Beach north of the jetties when they came within feet of a 14-foot white shark.

Peeples said he was leaning over the side of the boat with his hands in the water when one man said, "I got a shark."

“I just got through bending over on that side of the boat releasing a fish,” Peeples said. “I kind of stood up and looked and said, ‘No it ain’t … Yeah it is.’”

Peeples said the shark came out from under the boat and ate half of a 50-pound drum – in one bite.

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He said the shark got hooked after it went around the back of the boat and ate the other half of the drum.

“The guy that had him on the rod ... the look on his face when he seen a great white shark, it was just like awe,” Peeples said. “His eyes were all lit up.”

Chris Fischer with OCEARCH told WJAX that white sharks commonly spend the winter months off the Florida coast and move north in April or May.

Hilton, a 12 1/2-foot white shark tagged by OCEARCH, pinged off the coast of Ponte Vedra Beach on Thursday.

Fischer said the sharks are good for the ocean because they strengthen fish populations by eating weak or dying fish.

“Seeing a great white shark is a once-in-a-lifetime (event) for most,” Peebles said, adding that in his 30 years as a charter boat captain, he’s never seen a white shark so big.

“It’s kind of a humbling experience when you look down and see something that big three feet from you,” he said. 

Lemurs, marmosets, other animals stolen from Florida wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife sanctuary officials in Southwest Miami-Dade, Florida are trying to find dozens of animals that were stolen from the property.

WSVN reported that  seven lemurs, five marmosets, four monkeys, seven birds and 13 tortoises were taken from We Care Wildlife Sanctuary between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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A volunteer at the sanctuary said that whoever took the animals unscrewed a fence when they were not able to cut the lock.

Some of the animals are on medications and volunteers at the sanctuary said they’re afraid that some of the stolen animals could die.

In addition to the stolen animals, volunteers told WSVN someone posted a fake Craigslist ad saying that We Care Wildlife Sanctuary was going out of business and that the animals were free for the taking.

Now the the workers are begging for the person who took the missing animals to bring them back, WSVN reported.

Man tries to sell puppy he stole back to owners, police say

A man was arrested after he tried to sell a puppy that he stole back to its owners, according to police in Florida.

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A couple told police that they posted photos of their pit bull mix, named Zeus, on Facebook. Through the posts, the couple discovered where the puppy was and who had it, police said.

Thomas Flemming, 31, told the couple that they could have the puppy for $120, knowing that the pair were the owners, police said.

Officers said Flemming was uncooperative and refused to return Zeus to the couple, claiming he and his wife bought the puppy for $150 from a friend. However, police said Flemming originally said he purchased the pup from Halifax Humane Society.

Officers said Flemming changed his story several times.

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A witness came forward and told police that she saw Flemming pick up the puppy on 6th Street and 8th Street near Center Avenue, then drive away in his pickup truck. Before he drove away, he told the witness he was going to try to find the owner.

Police said they arrested Flemming when he agreed to meet with the owners in exchange for the money.

The puppy was not injured.

Knock, knock! 9-foot gator removed from front doorstep of Florida apartment

Trappers removed a 9-foot-long alligator from the front doorstep of a Cocoa, Florida, apartment complex Monday afternoon. 

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Cocoa police responded to the apartments around 3:30 p.m. at 1612 University Lane after residents called concerned about the large gator roaming about the complex. 

>> See the Facebook post here

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Police found the gator on the front doorstep of unit 903. 

A gator trapper arrived around 20 minutes after police and removed the gator

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According to state wildlife officers, it’s common for gators to roam around during warm weather looking for water. 

If a gator is seen outside its normal habitat, experts advise not to feed it or attempt to go near it. 

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Instead, officials said to call local law enforcement or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service to have the gator removed.

Florida man accused of burglary, sexual battery on sleeping woman, police say

Police arrested a Florida man Monday after he allegedly broke into a sleeping woman’s home and committed sexual battery.

Officers responded to an apartment in an undisclosed West Palm Beach neighborhood about 5 a.m.  Feb. 19 when a woman called and said she woke up to a man kneeling at the foot of her bed and touching her genital area, according to the arrest report.

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She told officers that she asked the man — who was later identified as 27-year-old Lamarsh Shelly — what he was doing in her house, and he said “your door was open,” the police report states.

According to the arrest report, Shelly then asked her if she wanted to have sex and asked her for a cigarette. She gave him a cigarette, and she demanded he leave the apartment. She told officers that she knew him from the neighborhood, and he went by the nickname “Honeycomb.”

The woman said Shelly was wearing a black shirt with tan pants, the Palm Beach Post reported. Officers then spoke to another witness who said that she saw Shelly outside of the apartment walking north while smoking a cigarette.

Officers located Shelly at 8th Street and Herietta Avenue, where he told officers, “I don’t burglarize and I don’t want sex,” the report states.

Shelly later admitted to officers that he walked into the apartment, opened the front door and saw the victim sleeping in her bed, the Palm Beach Post reported. He said that he made noises to wake her up to tell her that her front door was open, but did not mention touching her.

Police said children were sleeping in the apartment when the incident occurred.

Officers arrested Shelly on charges of sexual battery and burglary. He remains at the Palm Beach County jail on no bond, according to jail records.

Florida man pulls gun on neighbor in fence dispute, police say

A Florida man landed himself in jail after allegedly pointing a gun at his neighbor in a dispute over a property line between houses.

Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies said that on Feb. 3, Saheil Namdar, 62, got into a heated argument with his neighbor about a fence he erected behind his home in a gated community in an unincorporated area of Boynton Beach. The neighbor told Namdar that his fence was on her property line, and she wanted it removed, the Palm Beach Post reported.

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The neighbor told deputies that she obtained a copy of a land survey from the city showing that Namdar’s fence was on her property, but Namdar refused to take it down, the Palm Beach Post reported.

When the neighbor used a lawn chair to stand on and look over Namdar’s fence to show him the land survey, he allegedly pointed a long black gun at her and said, “If you touch my fence I’m going to shoot you and burn your house,” the arrest report states.

A witness told deputies that Namdar was heard yelling at the neighbor and threatening to shoot her. Deputies arrested Namdar on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Namdar remains at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $25,000 bond, according to jail records.

Florida ranked worst state in the U.S., according to travel site

It appears nothing could help Florida from ranking as the worst state in the nation, according to travel website Thrillist

In the site’s “Definitive and Final Ranking of all 50 States,” Florida came in at No. 50, with an “awfulness résumé so staggeringly impressive that it couldn’t go any other way. You were born for this. Embrace it,” the site said. 

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Could it be the infamous “Florida man” crime stories? 

Unfortunately, Thrillist did not give a more detailed explanation for why Florida placed last.

“Because this is the internet, we expect disagreements,” according to Thrillist

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So which states ranked high on the list? 

Michigan made the top of the list for its “embarrassment of beer riches” and how it has become a “rising underdog you can’t help but root for,” Thrillist states. 

Maine made the No. 2 spot, with Kentucky at No. 3. 

The states that ranked close with Florida are Delaware at No. 49, Ohio at 48 and Arizona at 47. 

Here are some memorable excerpts from the list:

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8. Washington: According to Thrillist, "Seattle would be the greatest city in the U.S. if it didn’t rain for 10 straight months and Seahawk fans would occasionally just chill out and stop yelling."

>> On Release date unveiled for Michael Bennett's book 'Things that Make White People Uncomfortable'

11. Texas: The site said Texas has an "unmistakable magic," possibly "because it takes the 'everything is bigger in Texas' motto to literal heights."

>> On SXSW puts a premium on art in 2018

12. Pennsylvania: Thrillist said the state "has certain charms that become increasingly apparent when you look past the obvious stuff," lauding its "roast pork numbers" and Pittsburgh as an "underrated ... cultural center."

>> On Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers in movie based on his life

13. New York: The site joked, "15 New Yorkers have definitely already commented to tell us that this ranking is an abomination and affront to decency on par with Montreal 'bagels' and actual home ownership."

>> On Inside scoop: What’s it like to be a Grammys seat filler?

14. Tennessee: Thrillist commended the state's "hot chicken, the Stax Museum, sneakily passionate hockey fanbases, ribs, Beale Street, state songs, dressing weirdly nice for college football games, and theme parks dedicated to busty country musicians."

>> On PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake memorabilia now on display at Memphis Music Hall of Fame

22. North Carolina: The site gave a shout-out to North Carolina's barbecue and its "weirdly fascinating bikini string of beachfront known as the Outer Banks."

>> On North Carolina mountain towns hope to see strong tourism season

30. Massachusetts: Thrillist compared the state to a radio "station that only plays NPR think pieces on jimmies, mixed in with snippets of sports talk-radio callers yelling (also, some Dropkick Murphys)."

>> Tom Brady reportedly cuts short radio interview over remark about daughter

32: Oklahoma: The site praised Oklahoma's eponymous musical and onion burgers but gave the state "negative infinity points for [sports columnist] Skip Bayless."

>> On Tulsa celebrates 120th birthday

34. Georgia: Thrillist described the state as "that kid who everyone kind of can’t stand but tolerates because their parents are friends and they usually have good snacks at their house."

>> On One site ranked the best food in each state – here’s what they picked for Georgia

39. South Carolina: Thrillist likes Charleston but seemed unimpressed with "everything else."

48. Ohio: The site dubbed Ohio "the Florida of the North."

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– The Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.

Florida clerk steals $600 winning lottery ticket, gives man $5 instead

A Florida store clerk is accused of stealing a man’s $600 winning lottery ticket and giving him $5 instead

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Crystelle Yvette Baton works at a Winn-Dixie Liquors store in Fort Myers. On Monday she was arrested for larceny grand theft after keeping a winning lottery ticket, WBBH reported.

>> Winning Fantasy 5 ticket sold near WPB; 1 ticket wins Powerball

The man, who she thought was a customer, was actually an undercover agent for the Florida Lottery Commission’s security division, according to WBBH. 

After scanning the ticket and seeing it was worth $600, Baton allegedly took $5 out of her purse and gave it to the man. Baton kept the winning ticket, which was later found in her notebook, WBBH reported. 

>> Delray Beach Publix sells winning Florida lottery ticket

Lee County Sheriff’s investigators told WBBH that this incident was part of an integrity investigation where the Lottery Commission randomly visits to stores to ensure the game is being played correctly. 

Read more at WBBH

>> See who was recently booked into the Palm Beach County Jail 

Man flees, leaves stepdaughters behind after rollover crash, police say

Police are searching for a man in Central Florida who allegedly abandoned his stepchildren after they were all involved in a rollover crash. 

>> On 2 dead, 2 injured after fiery crash near Palm Springs

Armando De Dios Cruz was driving his 6-year-old and 13-year-old stepdaughters on Sunday when he violated the right-of-way of another driver, according to the Haines City Police Department.

>> Read the Facebook post here

Police said his vehicle crashed and rolled over, and the 6-year-old was ejected from the car. Police said De Dios Cruz, who doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, fled the scene without checking to see whether the children were OK.

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The driver of the other vehicle involved in the incident sustained a broken wrist, according to police. 

Haines City police got a warrant for De Dios Cruz’s arrest accusing him of leaving the scene of a crash with injury and child neglect.

Read more at the Haines City Police Department’s Facebook

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