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Policeman who saved newborn’s life is named boy’s godfather

A New York police officer who saved a newborn at a Long Island residence last year was named the boy’s godfather, Newsday reported.

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Jon-Erik Negron, a Suffolk County police officer, responded when Jane Pappalardo went into labor on Aug. 22 and delivered her son, Bryce, on the kitchen floor of the family’s home in Mount Sinai, New York. 

The boy’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he was not breathing, Newsday reported. Even after the baby’s father removed the cord, the infant was not breathing.

Negron used a plastic syringe he found in the kitchen of the Pappalardo home to clear fluid from Bryce’s air passages, allowing the baby to breathe, Newsday reported.

“It was scary, but Jon came in and he was calm and knew what to do,” Mike Pappalardo told the newspaper. “It made all the difference.”

Negron, 33, has remained close to the family, and when the family decided to baptize Bryce, they chose the police officer as his godfather.

“He’s been there for Bryce since his first breath,” Mike Pappalardo said. “We’re really lucky to have Jon in our lives.”

Watch: Navy officer surprises his kids at Fourth of July parade

A Navy officer deployed in Africa returned home early and surprised his children by marching in his hometown’s parade as his family attended the Fourth of July event, WTSP reported.

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Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike Mellinton had been stationed in Djibouti for a year. He came home to the Tampa suburb of Brandon and decided to participate in that town’s annual Fourth of July parade.

“When I found out I was coming home close to the Fourth, I thought, ‘What better way to surprise my kids than the parade we come to every year?’" Mellinton told WTSP. "My daughter started sea cadets. I've been missing working on her with that. (One of) my boys graduated kindergarten."

Mellinton had been gone for two deployments over the last three years, and his return home was worth it when his children and wife ran into his arms.

"I'm excited to be home and spend some time with them for a while," Mellinton told the television station.

Ohio store clerk rescues woman who mouthed plea for help from car

An Ohio convenience store clerk rescued a woman who was suffering from heat stroke symptoms and mouthed a plea for help while in her car Wednesday, WTOV reported.

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"I just mouthed the words 'help me,' and he saw me and he just literally went around the counter and ran out to me, just like that,” Crystal Ault of Steubenville told the television station. “He never left me the whole time."

Ault, who is suffering from emphysema, left her inhaler at home. She said she experienced shortness of breath due to the oppressive heat that residents have been experiencing in Ohio and was close to losing consciousness.

Anthony Marks, an employee at the BP station in downtown Steubenville, said he saw Ault in distress and reacted quickly.

"She pulled up when I was working at the window and she look distressed, so I ran out there and put her car in park and brought her inside,” Marks told WTOV. "What I thought was going on was that she couldn't breathe, and when I got out there, I was right. She couldn't breathe."

Marks brought the woman into the store, gave her water and then went to his home to bring back one of his inhalers for Ault. Then he drove the woman home and walked back to the convenience store.

“He's like a guardian angel -- a guardian angel,” Ault told WTOV. “He was there at the right time."

"I just figured it was the right thing to do,” said Marks, who has been working at the store for a month. “If it was one of my family members, I would want someone to do that for me, you know?"

'Grey's Anatomy' star Justin Chambers makes surprise visit to hometown hospital

The doctor is in!

Justin Chambers, one of the stars on the show "Grey’s Anatomy," stopped by the Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital for a surprise visit during a trip to his hometown of Springfield on Monday, the hospital confirmed.

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Although the hospital could not give further details on the reason for Chambers’ visit, Market Strategy and Communications Manager Kristin Davis said, “He was so gracious and kind to everyone.”

>> On Ohio farm goes viral after reality show comes to visit

Chambers posed for pictures with various staff members including office staff and nurses, which the hospital posted to its Facebook page.

“What an exciting way to start the week!,” the post says.

>> See the post here

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Chambers is a Springfield native and Southeastern High School graduate. He plays Dr. Alex Karev on the hit TV show.

According to a post from Rue Farms, Chambers also stopped by The Husted School House Farm Market on Monday.

>> See the post here

LOOK: Police officer gives boy new bike in heartwarming viral photo

An officer for the Kent Police Department in Washington state who was on patrol Monday at Birch Creek Apartments encountered a boy whose bike was falling apart. The officer, identified only as Officer Clift, began chatting with the boy, and during the conversation suggested that the boy might need a new bike. He asked where the boy lived so he could drop one off. 

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The boy said he lived with his grandmother but didn't know the building number, so Clift asked him to check with his grandmother, saying that he would drop off a new bike when he came to work the next day. He had a bike at home that he knew would be perfect.

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Clift delivered the bike to him Tuesday as shown in a heartwarming viral photo.

The Kent Police Department shared the photo on its Facebook page, saying, “Sometimes, this is our job and it ain’t too shabby.” The image has since been shared hundreds of times.

>> See the Facebook post here

Singer Katharine McPhee engaged to musician, songwriter David Foster

Singer and actress Katharine McPhee and musician and songwriter David Foster are engaged.

TMZ reported that the 34-year-old “American Idol” alum and Foster, 68, got engaged while on vacation in Europe.

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“He did it at the top of this mountain in Anacapri,” McPhee said in a text to Just Jared founder Jared Eng, according to People

McPhee posted a screenshot of that text conversation on her Instagram page. Her representative confirmed the engagement to TMZ.

E! News reported that McPhee posted on Twitter about the news with an engagement ring emoji and a gif of Ariana Grande saying, “And what about it?”

This will be the second marriage for McPhee, who was married to actor Nick Cokas from 2008 to 2016. It will be the fifth marriage for Foster. He was married to musician B.J. Cook from 1972-1981, model Rebecca Dyer from 1982-1986, actress and songwriter Linda Thompson from 1991-2005, and model and TV personality Yolanda Hadid from 2011-2017. 

Foster and McPhee have been friends since they met on the set of “American Idol” in 2006. They reportedly started dating last September.

100-year-old mother meets daughter taken away for adoption

It was a reunion that many may have thought would never happen. A 79-year-old woman finally met her mother more than half a century after she found out she was adopted.

Joanne Loewenstern, 79, was only 16 when she found out she was adopted. She was told that her birth mother had died after she was born in a Bronx hospital, The Washington Post reported

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She knew her mother’s name, Lillian Feinsilver. Loewenstern was adopted two months after Feinsilver gave birth. But for most of her life, she didn’t believe that her mother was dead. Something inside made her believe there was more. She wanted to know what happened. She tried using a private detective that came up with no answers, so she gave up.

But recently she decided to give it a try again, years after moving to Boca Raton, and at the urging of her daughter-in-law, she tried’s DNA service, Washington Post reported

On May 13, she was told there was a match. A familiar name was resurrected - Lillian Feinsilver and she was alive, living only 80 minutes from Loewenstern in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She goes by the name Lillian Ciminierti now. It was her son Sam Ciminierti who contacted Loewenstern first.

Ciminierti has dementia and is 100 years old, but she told caregivers that she had lost her daughter. 

Ciminierti was a single unwed mother in the 1930s and her baby was taken away from her without her knowing. 

Her caretaker, Sam Ciminierti’s ex-wife, said that Lillian Ciminierti was told that her daughter had died, The Washington Post reported.

Last month, Ciminierti and Loewenstern reunited at the facility where Ciminierti now lives.

Family members who were part of the reunion told The Washington Post that it felt anticlimactic when it started because no one knew what to say. 

After a few questions from Loewenstern and Ciminierti not answering them, Loewenstern started to cry. That was the moment that Ciminierti started to become aware. Family members started showing videos to Ciminierti, explaining the extended family she had no idea she had. 

Eventually Ciminierti said, “This is my daughter,” speaking of Loewenstern, The Washington Post reported

The mother and daughter posed for a photo, and Loewenstern was finally able to tell her mother that she loved her. 

Loewenstern visited her mother after the first visit, and she said Ciminierti recognized her and that Ciminierti kept telling Loewenstern, “Thank you,” The Washington Post reported.

Police officer dances with girl in wheelchair during quinceañera

A Houston police officer who went above and beyond the line of duty is melting hearts all over the internet.

The officer, who was not identified, asked a guest at a quinceañera to dance. The girl was in a wheelchair, KHOU reported.

The moment was caught on video thanks to the party’s disc jockey, Juan Mancha.

“I was just so motivated by it, because nowadays everybody just doesn’t trust the cops, and I was DJing and I stopped everything I was doing because it grabbed my attention. Looking at him just asking her to dance. She couldn’t believe it. Her smile, she just kept looking at him and he started dancing with her and I said, ‘Oh, I got to get this moment’” Mancha told KHOU.

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Watch: Mom cries as deaf baby hears for the first time with implant

One mother was unsure if her deaf infant would ever be able to listen to her voice. But when doctors installed an implant that allowed her baby to hear for the first time, she was moved to tears. 

» READ: Lawsuit says Georgia violating rights of deaf inmates 

A team at Cooks Children’s Ear Nose and Throat hospital in Texas worked with Will and Anna Esler to create an implant for their daughter Ayla. 

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In June, they recorded a video of the little one being fitted for a cochlear implant, an electronic device that takes on the role of the inner part of the ear known as the cochlea. It helps send sound signals to the brain.

When the device is turned on, Ayla, who is sitting in her mother’s lap, smiles and begins to reach for her ear. 

“Yeah, you heard it,” a voice says in the background, and Anna Esler starts to cry.

The recording, which was uploaded to YouTube, went viral, garnering more than 67,000 views within a few days. 

“Every child responds differently when their cochlear implants are activated, and so we didn’t know what kind of reaction she would have,” the mom said in an interview with the hospital. “And even though I knew it would work, there was still some doubt in my mind, so when I saw her responding to sound I was overwhelmed by thankfulness to God and to everyone else who has been a part of this journey.”

According to her parents, the baby girl is adjusting to the new device well, and they are teaching her how to recognize that sounds have meaning. 

“She’s already responding positively — sometimes she turns to sounds [which she had never done before], she dances to music, she’s starting to calm down when we sing to her if she’s upset,” they said. “We really couldn’t be more thankful for the new opportunities our little girl has thanks to everyone in her life.”

>> READ: Teen girl helps blind, deaf man by signing into his hands on Alaska Air flight

Police officers compete in viral lip sync battle

A friendly lip-sync competition is heating up on social media among law enforcement agencies across the country.

Police officers are showing off their lip-syncing abilities and posting their videos to Twitter, Facebook and the like. 

It appears the latest viral performances started in Texas about two weeks ago as a mic drop between the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the San Antonio Police Department, The Dallas Morning News reported.

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Alexander Mena of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office lip-synced “Fuiste Mala.” His video has more than 1.4 million views.

Then the Fort Worth Police Department answered the challenge with Alanis Morissette’s hit “Ironic.” And despite it being summer, the officer sported the winter gear similar to Morrissette’s in the video,

Dallas officers went with what they called old school with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

>>WATCH: Police officers get in July 4th spirit with 'cop pool karaoke'

Corinth Police Department shows it will be a “Party in the U.S.A.” for Fourth of July.

Hickory Creek Police Department had some “Summer Lovin’” from “Grease” with a couple of backup singers, before breaking into Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” and Selena’s “Baila Esta Cumbia.”

But Del Rio police officer Oscar Gonzalez upped the game, and may have won the battle. Instead of just lip-syncing, he sang his entry into the contest. 

Spartansburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright put his own law-enforcement spin to the challenge. He performed Soggy Bottom Boys’ “In the Jailhouse Now.” His backup “singer” was his son Andy Wright adding the yodeling accompaniment. The entry has had more than 245,000 views since posting late Thursday.

Stick save: Florida coach turns hockey sticks into oyster hotels

Credit an assistant college hockey coach in southwest Florida with a stick save for the environment.

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Bob Wasno, a marine biologist at Florida Gulf Coast University who helps coach the university’s club hockey team, has turned broken hockey sticks into a design that becomes an oyster hotel, the News-Press of Fort Myers reported.

“Before, the sticks would go from the rink to the Dumpster and from the Dumpster to the landfills,” Wasno told the newspaper. “Now, our hockey players, who didn’t know a lick about oysters other than they’re delicious with cocktail sauce, have also have learned they’re filter feeders.”

Because oysters help purify the water, the hotels -- which are actually reef habitats -- are helping to keep the mollusk population strong. One oyster is capable of filtering 50 gallons of water in a day, the News-Press reported. 

Wasno has already placed 30 of his oyster hotels in southwest Florida and as far south as the Florida Keys, the News-Press reported. Up to 400 oysters can reside in the hotels, the newspaper reported. It takes 12 sticks to make the habitat, which measures 18 inches high.

The idea came from hockey players who told Wasno they had broken sticks that were worthless, Michael Parsons, the facilities manager at the university’s Vester Marine and Environmental Science Research Field Station in Bonita Springs, told the newspaper. 

“Bob was sitting with hockey players and they were lamenting broken sticks not being able to be used for anything,” Pearson said. “Bob recalled using large concrete pilings for artificial reefs. He said, ‘If we can build these large ones, maybe we can build small ones with hockey sticks.’”

Wasno has a master’s degree in environmental sciences and degrees in aquaculture and fisheries science. He is amazed that his idea has attracted national attention.

“It’s snowballed,” Wasno told the News-Press. “It’s a natural repurposing. We’ve taken something that had become useless and was filling up landfills and turned it into something that helped students learn about the oysters’ role in the environment.

“We’re offering Mother Nature assistance.”

Keen-eyed police help solve case of child’s missing teddy bear

A keen-eyed police officer and the help of social media helped reunite an infant with his lost teddy bear. 

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Chelsea Camp believes her son Micah threw his Ty Classic Shaggy bear out their window unbeknownst to the whole family as they ran errands and got dinner May 26, according to the Peoria Journal Star.

Once they realized the stuffed animal was lost, Camp retraced their route and called the businesses they visited but could not find the teddy bear. 

Morton police Officer Jared Boyer was on duty that evening and noticed what appeared to be a small, brown animal on the side of the road, remarkably unscathed. It was the missing teddy bear. 

“When I saw it was a teddy bear, I was surprised it hadn’t been run over,” Boyer told the Journal Star. “It was on the edge of a driving lane.”

He took the bear back to the station for safekeeping. 

The Camps were still in search and recovery mode. Chelsea posted a message on the Mortonites -- Problems and Solutions page and within 17 minutes she was contacted by police. 

“Another officer saw the mom’s Facebook post about the missing teddy bear, and we were able to get the mom’s phone number,” Boyer said.

The 15-month old boy was reunited with his bear soon after. 

“Micah is very happy to have ‘Teddy’ back,” Chelsea told the Journal Star.

WATCH: Police officers get in July 4th spirit with 'cop pool karaoke'

The Fourth of July is days away and many are getting into the patriotic spirit – including a couple of Boston police officers. 

>> Watch the video here

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Officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty of the Boston Police Department can sing! The department posted a video Monday morning of the two singing "God Bless America" while driving through the city. 

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Read more here.

Norwegian Cruise employee who went overboard found alive 21 miles north of Cuba

A crew member of a Norwegian Cruise Line ship who went overboard near Cuba on Saturday was found a day later in a successful search that was “nothing short of miraculous” by a Carnival Cruise Line ship, The Miami Herald reported.

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“The Carnival Glory had found someone in the water waving their arms and they rescued him and he was the missing Norwegian crew member and that was roughly about 21 miles north of Cuba,” U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Jonathan Lally told WFOR.

The Norwegian Getaway cruise ship was 28 miles northwest of Pinar del Rio at 3:20 p.m. Saturday when the ship contacted the Coast Guard to report that a 33-year-old crew member from the Philippines went overboard, the Herald reported. An HC-144 Ocean Sentry plane flying out of Miami began searching 10 minutes later, the Coast Guard said.

The missing crew member was sighted alive in the water around 1 p.m. Sunday by a steward of the Carnival Glory, the Herald reported. He is in stable condition.

“This is nothing short of miraculous,” Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line, told the newspaper. “Kudos to the Carnival Glory team for this amazing effort to rescue a fellow seafarer.”

3-year-old cancer survivor serves as flower girl in bone marrow donor’s wedding

A toddler who survived cancer honored her bone marrow donor in a special way -- by serving as flower girl in her wedding last month. 

Skye Savren-McCormick, 3, proudly tossed flowers down the aisle for the bride, 26-year-old Hayden Hatfield Ryals.

Skye walked down the aisle wearing a bracelet of pearls inscribed with her name -- a gift from Ryals.

“I always tell people they’re smitten for one another,” Skye’s mother, Talia Savren-McCormick, told “Good Morning America.” “I feel like Hayden is such a huge success in why Skye was able to beat leukemia.”

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Skye was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia in March 2016, just before her first birthday, according to the Mark Broadway Photography blog.

That year, she had her first bone marrow transplant from Ryals, who signed up as a bone marrow donor during college.

“It’s the easiest thing,” Ryals told the Dothan Eagle. “It’s a cheek swab -- swab your cheek, put it in an envelope and they send it off ... I thought there’s like a one in a gazillion chance that I would ever be a match.”

Almost a year later, Ryals got a call from a coordinator with Be the Match

She was 23 years old at the time and was told she was a match for a baby girl with leukemia. 

“I had been struggling for a while; I had changed my major,” Ryals told the Dothan Eagle. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life and my career. I was feeling really down about everything. I was having trouble finding myself and feeling like I had a purpose. So the more that I talked to this coordinator with Be the Match, I started feeling like what if this is my purpose?”

Skye struggled for some time with multiple complications and had to have a second transplant from another donor in 2017.

During that time, Ryals thought about the little girl and decided to reach out.

Be the Match requires donors and recipients to wait one year after the transplant before they can make contact with each other. 

That’s when Ryals decided to reach out to Skye’s family.

After exchanging several messages, Ryals asked Skye to be the flower girl on her third birthday.

Skye received a clean bill of health and made the trip to Alabama to meet the woman who saved her life.

At the wedding rehearsal, Syke and Ryals embraced for the very first time, according to ABC.

“I walked up and I just dropped to my knees and all I could do was smile,” Ryals said.

The two families say they are looking forward to seeing each other again soon.

“They are going to be part of our lives forever,” Savren-McCormick said. “She saved our daughter's life.”

Missouri bobblehead collector turns hobby into fundraiser for man with cancer

A Missouri man who owns more than 500 Kansas City Royals bobbleheads turned his passion into a fundraiser for a man suffering from colon cancer, the Kansas City Star reported.

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Bryan Schmuck, 42, owns every bobblehead given out at Royals baseball games since the team began the promotion in 2002

In January, the Lee’s Summit resident met Mike Comstock before a Royals Fanfest event. The two men struck up a friendship, and when Schmuck found out last month that Comstock, 30, had Stage 3 colon cancer he decided to help, the Star reported.

On June 18, Schmuck started a fundraiser for Comstock on Facebook. For $3, a contestant received a slot in a drawing for rare, donated bobbleheads, the Star reported.

Schmuck wanted to sell at least 200 slots, but after five days he had sold 502, the newspaper reported. He told the Star that he received so many bobblehead donations that he had to refuse offers.

Schmuck raised $1,350, the Star reported.

Brian Burger paid for 16 slots and donated bobbleheads.

“It’s the first time I’d ever seen something like that. What he was asking for was a good cause, and I’d want someone to do the same for me,” Burger told the Star.

Comstock, who began his chemotherapy on June 28, said he was overwhelmed by the donations.

“It took a big weight off my shoulders,” he told the newspaper. “After what Bryan did, I still cannot thank the bobblehead community enough.”

“People may think bobbleheads are weird but everyone has their thing,” Schmuck said. “You never know how you can help someone who may need it most.”

Autistic girl who received poor report card gets new one from father

Some innovative parenting by a Tasmanian man helped his autistic daughter overcome the disappointment of a poor report card. He wrote his own report card, touting the girl’s strengths, and it has gone viral, The Daily Mail reported.

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Sophie Jackson, 10, was distraught after bringing home a report card with all D’s, the Independent reported. The girl has autism spectrum disorder and cried when she came home, saying she let her family down.

Shane Jackson decided that a new report card was in order. He concentrated on Sophie’s personality traits instead of her academics, giving her A’s for being funny, for loving dogs, for fighting with the boys and for drawing and making robots, the Daily Mail reported.

Jackson, a consultant pharmacist and president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, added a pair of A+ grades for her imagination and for being “the best daughter ever,” the Independent reported.

“The best impact has been on Sophie. (The) next day she bumped out of the house, beaming, ready for school,” Jackson told the Daily Mail. “As a parent of an autistic child I'd like to tell other parents that they are not alone as I understand it can get challenging.”

Jackson decided to create a Twitter account for Sophie, who created a report card for her father. She was a little more critical, but gave her father A’s for “being annoying” and funny, a B for being funny, and a C when “he wrestles me.” But Sophie gave her father an A+ for starting her Twitter account and for being “the best dad ever.”

Toys R Us employee's final sign-off at Long Island location goes viral

A New York employee’s heartfelt final announcement at a Toys R Us went viral online after it was recorded Thursday night, WNBC reported.

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Ryan Madigan’s sign-off at the toy chain’s Lake Grove location has been viewed more than 111,000 times since Toys R Us closed for the final time after 70 years in business.

"For one last time, we are closed!" Madigan says into the loudspeaker at the Long Island store. “I wanna also thank each and every one of my co-workers and managers for being the best staff I've ever worked with, and being more than just co-workers and managers. They are a second family that I have come to work with every day and love ever since.

“With that being said, we will not be open tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. As always have a wonderful night."

>> Anonymous Toys R Us shopper buys $1 million in toys

Madigan, 21, is an English and rhetorical theory major at Binghamton University, WNBC reported. He said he had worked at Toys R Us since he was 16.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first job than this one and I have been blessed to work with such amazing people," Madigan told the television station.

>> San Antonio Zoo wants to save Geoffrey from extinction

"I was surprised by (Toys R Us') closing, and was very upset about the fact that so many people I care about and know we’re losing their jobs," Madigan told WNBC. "I’ll miss it, but I knew I had to leave eventually since I’m approaching my final year of college."

Alabama rescuers save 7-week-old deaf puppy that fell into 50-foot hole

Rescue workers early Saturday were able to pull a 7-week-old deaf puppy from a 50-foot hole in Huntsville, Alabama, WHNT reported.

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The dog, Toffee, fell into the hole, located in the backyard of her foster family’s home, Thursday at 5 p.m., officials from A New Leash on Life said.

Rescue crews were able to lure the puppy into a net by using sardines, WAFF reported. Toffee was not injured from her fall, the television station reported.

Toffee’s story captured the attention of hundreds after her foster family posted a call for help on a local lost pet Facebook page.

Rescue crews kept the puppy fed during her time in the hole. Crews nearly got her out on Thursday when they got two of her paws in a net, but Toffee backed out and stayed in the hole, WAFF reported.

You're it: Woman flies 4,000 miles to 'tag' friend in epic game

Drew McEwan was at his niece’s baptism in southern Scotland on Sunday, when, in the middle of a family photography session, his longtime friend surprised him and immediately ran away.

>> Read more trending news

“Sorry Drewbs, you are now. ... it,” said Georgina Wilkinson, who hails from North Carolina but met McEwan years ago in China.

For the past four years, McEwan, Wilkinson and their eight friends have been playing an epic game of international tag, according to the Daily Record.

The photographer, who was in on the prank, convinced McEwan, 31, to ask the gardener lurking in the background -- actually Wilkinson in disguise -- to move out of the shot.

“My brother and sister had been planning it for months with Georgina behind my back,” McEwan told the Daily Record. “I’ve never felt so betrayed by my own flesh and blood.”

The pals didn’t even get a chance to talk. According to the rules of the game, you have to quickly tag and run. 

“I was in shock that she’d put so much effort into it. Flying over from America and back in one day is unbelievable. She had to make sure she was home in plenty of time for work on Monday,” McEwan said.

In fact, Wilkinson ran directly to the airport after the epic move, where she caught an eight-hour flight back home, according to the Daily Record.

While Wilkinson’s move was totally unexpected, the group of 10 friends, now the subject of an Atlanta-filmed comedy starring Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher and Jeremy Renner, has gone to some crazy lengths to tag each other.

According to the Mirror, “players have jumped out of car boots, sneaked into bedrooms in the dead of night, donned wigs and other disguises.” And one friend was even tagged at his father’s funeral.

The new movie, appropriately titled “Tag,” was released on June 15 and tells the story of five friends and a “no-holds-barred game of tag.”

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