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California teen bitten by great white shark gets lifetime fishing license

A California teen bitten by a great white shark two weeks ago was given a lifetime fishing license by state authorities, KNSD reported.

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The California Wildlife Officers Foundation presented Keane Webre-Hayes with the license Saturday at the foundation’s Wags and Waves event, along with additional lifetime fishing privileges, KFMB reported.

Webre-Hayes, 13, was diving for lobster in Encinitas when the shark attacked him on Sept. 30, the television station reported. 

“For them to give me one for life means I go catch as many lobsters as I want,” Webre-Hayes told reporters.

Webre-Hayes stayed in the hospital for a week after the attack, KNSD reported.

The Wags and Waves event featured K-9 animals and wildlife officers who enforce fish, wildlife, and habitat laws.

Mom takes kids shopping for snow boots, finds mice family living in footwear, adopts them

A trip to Kmart for snow shoes made a family increase by eight new members. Shasta Riederer took her boys to the Bismarck store last week to find new snow boots, but when they found a pair something rolled of the boot. The boys told their mom. 

“He goes, ‘Mom, look,’” Riederer told WDAY. “I thought it was Vienna sausages rolling around the floor until they started moving, but then we heard them squeaking.”

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Apparently a family of mice made the warm boots their home. When it was all said and done, Riederer counted seven newborns and mama, WDAY reported

The boys asked mom if they could take the little family home, and since the store didn’t have mice in its inventory, they happily obliged.  

“I let the kids take them home, let them get a fish tank for them, kids put them in there and they were happy ever since,” Riederer told WDAY.

Two of the babies have died, according to a post by Riederer. 

Riederer said she will release the remaining members of the mice family to the wild once they’re old enough, WDAY reported

As for the Kmart, store officials said they checked other footwear for signs of animals, and none were found, but they did bring in pest control to spray the store, WDAY reported

Proceeds from 40-pound, $2,000 pizza will go to Hurricane Florence victims

40-pound pizza you can only find in New York City goes for $2,000.

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However, the owner of Champion Pizza said every penny he makes off the cheeseburger pie will go toward Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina.

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The pizza has five layers and takes a lot of preparation.

It’s so big that at least two people have to load it into the oven, and the pizza has to be split in half to fit.

The pizza is sold at seven locations across New York City.

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"I wish or I hope like someone who likes pizza and makes $100,000 – you never know – maybe someone will buy that,” owner Hakki Akdeniz said.

6-year-old boy with diabetes sells pumpkins to buy service dog

A 6-year-old boy with diabetes is selling pumpkins to help raise money for a service dog that would alert him when his blood sugar levels drop. 

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Because of his condition, Ian Unger, a kindergartner at MacNaughton Elementary School, is not allowed to ride the bus without a trained aide, in case of emergency, his mother, Katrina Christensen, told WZZM

“We asked for one; it was declined,” Christensen told WZZM. “Their plan was to put him on an empty bus by himself and take him to school after school starts. And for Ian, he’s so social. He was devastated.”

Instead, Ian started growing pumpkins in order to sell them to raise money for a service dog. The family sold 150 gourds Friday. 

People have donated money and more pumpkins after the family ran out.

"I was in tears all day with all these people coming, and just the love they are showing to him is amazing," Christensen told WZZM.

The family has raised more than $5,000 through a fundraising effort on Facebook. The cost of the dog is more than $25,000.

New York first-grader has tearful reunion with military dad

A New York first-grader received a joyous surprise Friday during a school assembly about Veterans Day, as she was reunited with her father, who had been deployed in Dubai, WABC reported.

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Students, staff and parents at Plaza Elementary School cheered when 6-year-old Brooklyn Reyes was reunited with her father, Air Force Staff Sgt. Jason Reyes, the television station reported.

The Long Island school staged a Veterans Day lesson in the school’s gymnasium on Friday. When a teacher asked if any children had parents in the military, Brooke was chosen to come to the front of the gym.

She talked about her father, who had been in Dubai the last four months and had yet to meet Bianca, his 2-month-old daughter, WCBS reported.

"My dad is a veteran that he does so hard and that I miss him a lot and that he helps our country," Brooke said. 

That’s when Reyes, 35, appeared in the gym, and Brooke’s reaction was priceless.

"I held her, and I just started crying," Reyes told reporters. "My words, my emotions, everything -- everything was just gone. I was just crying."

Reyes has served two tours of duty overseas but will be home with his family for at least the next two years, WCBS reported.

Brooke said she has big plans for her dad, WABC reported.

“Get home and eat and play with him,” she told WCBS.

Trash collector gives boy, 2, toy garbage truck

Mondays are special at the Markey house. 

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When Ben, 2, hears the truck's rumble, he runs to grab two candy bars. The trash collector has come. He stops to say hello and shares a high-five with the boy, WJW reported

This week Ben got a surprise of his own from the trash collector -- a toy garbage truck of his own. 

"He is the sweetest service man and is always so nice to my son," mother Liz Markey told WJW. "This is just a huge reminder of how far a little kindness and love can go."

Houston kids with disabilities will strut Halloween costumes in fashion show

A stroll -- and in some cases, a roll -- down a runway will help Texas kids with disabilities rock their Halloween fashions, KHOU reported.

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The Stroll and Roll will be held Oct. 20 in Houston. It is sponsored by the John Fair III Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, which hosts events for youths with disabilities so they can bond with one another, the television station reported.

Children will be fitted with Halloween costumes made by students at the Houston Art Institute, and then they will walk or -- if in a wheelchair -- roll down a runway, KHOU reported.

“This fashion show is going to be off the chain this year,” John Fair, III, one of the participants, told the television station.

The foundation in his name was started by Fair and his mother, Cassandra.

“It’s very important we get back on our feet again, get back to walking again, regaining our youth,” Fair said.

Three years of surgery to repair scoliosis left Fair paralyzed from the chest down.

“It’s hard sometimes, but that’s life,” he told KHOU.

“For awhile, he was very, very depressed, but the Williams Syndrome kicked in,” Cassandra told the television station. “It’s characterized by really no matter what you’re going through, you’re going to see the bright side of it. You’re going to focus on the positive and not the negative.”

One of those positive thoughts was a fashion show to help kids cope with disabilities by having some fun.

“Everyone likes fashion shows,” Fair told KHOU.

It may not be “Project Runway,” but it is a heartwarming event.

“It makes you just so proud to be a part of something like this, and how you want to get more people involved and what could we do to make this a bigger event,” Manisha Sista, whose husband’s business sponsors the event, told the television station.

11-year-old suffering from rare genetic disorder scores TD for Massachusetts college

Touchdowns are always a good thing for any football team, but a recent score on a Massachusetts’ college gridiron had a little extra meaning.

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A local Nichols College fan, an 11-year-old girl named Alana Inslee, who suffers from acrodysotosis and hydrocephalus, was honored on her birthday with a special moment on her favorite team's field.

Acrodysostosis causes growth delays and small hands and feet with fingers and toes that are shorter than usual.

Meanwhile, hydrocephalus increases the size of ventricles deep within the brain, putting pressure on the brain and leading to a larger head than usual.

While the Nichols College football team battles various opponents throughout the season, Alana battles her disorders, and sticks around as a fan of the team.

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In honor of her dedication, the team honored her by letting her score a touchdown at practice, and had everyone sign a jersey as a gift before taking pictures and videos with her.

The team tweeted out the special moment, saying, "We've had some great touchdowns scored this season on the field, but we think this is the best one!"

Janitor surprised by students on Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day

They’re the unsung heroes who make sure your kid’s school day can happen in a clean and safe environment. 

For Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day one man got the surprise of his lifetime from those he cares for every day.

Mr. Eugene greets students at Moody Elementary School in Alabama with fist bumps. He asks every teacher how he or she is doing every day. And he is never without a smile, WIAT reported

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So to show their appreciation, the students and staff at the school turned the tables on Mr. Eugene.

They told him that he had a mess to clean up in the school gymnasium, but it wasn’t a mess that he discovered when he walked into the room, WIAT reported

The gym was packed with kids from pre-K to third grade, or nearly 1,000 4- to 9-year-old children who had gifts for him, moving Mr. Eugene to tears with the yell of surprise and cheers, WIAT reported.

The entire event was recorded and posted to Facebook last week where it has gotten more than 16,000 views.

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Texas doctors perform successful surgery on baby inside mother's womb

A team of doctors performed successful open surgery on an unborn baby boy in his mother’s womb, the first procedure of its kind in north Texas, WFAA reported.

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The “open fetal surgery” on Uriah in June helped repair the spine of the infant, who was diagnosed with spina bifida when his mother was 18 weeks pregnant, the television station reported.

“It's amazing, it's a great feeling," Sarah Prowell, Uriah's mother, told WFAA.

Prowell and her boyfriend, Sean Kirby, were distressed to learn her unborn baby was diagnosed with the birth defect that prevents the spinal cord from properly forming and can lead to paralysis.

"We were both pretty distraught at first because I was just worried about his life -- the road ahead of him," Kirby told WFAA.

However, doctors at the Fetal Care Center at Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas saw an opportunity.

"Back when I was in medical schools none of this was being done," Kevin Magee, a specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine, told WFAA. "To think that this could be done today and to be done with this quality of outcomes is really exciting -- exciting not for the physicians but exciting for the families and for that little child.”

"We can intervene and save the baby’s life or prevent ongoing injury to the babies organs that's going severely compromise them for the rest of their lives," Timothy Crombleholme, of the Fetal Care Center, told the television station.

The surgery, while successful, did not eliminate the defect but repaired damage before it became irreparable, WFAA reported.

Uriah was born premature and had to remain in the hospital for a month. He came home two weeks ago.

"I think the most emotional part of this whole process was sitting in the hospital waiting for him to come home, that was really hard on me,” Prowell told the television station. “Now, I'm just happy that he is here.”

Social media posts help Texas veteran find missing Bible, military patches 

A Texas military veteran recovered a lost Bible and his military patches thanks to an assist on social media, WFAA reported.

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As Cameron Smith, of McKinney, was leaving church Sunday, he put his son in the car, he left his Bible on the roof of the car and drove away.

The book was special because the Army veteran received it as a gift from his mother, and also because his military patches from his 2008 tour of duty in Iraq were inside it, WFAA reported.

"I drove up and down the road, probably 10 or 12 times," Smith told the television station. "We walked the whole area. We retraced our steps and couldn't find it at all.

"It's irreplaceable, so I was desperate to find it," Smith said. "I was really distraught when I couldn't find it, like feeling really low."

Smith’s wife, Michelle, posted on the McKinney Cares Facebook page asking for help. The response was swift -- a woman responded with a post on the NextDoor site saying she had found a Bible and was looking for its owner.

"I was nervous the whole time because I was thinking maybe it got rained on and hopefully it's still intact," Smith told WFAA.

The Bible and patches were returned in perfect condition. 

"There's good people out there who do good things,” Smith told the television station. “The world is not so horrible and scary like we hear about.”

Ohio police officer brings vet Narcan to save dog from 'opioid emergency'

An Ohio police officer used a nasal spray to save a dog having an opioid emergency, WYTV reported.

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According to a post on the Austintown Police Department’s Facebook page, police were called to the Austintown Veterinary Clinic on Friday.

A Doberman pinscher puppy named Trooper had a severe reaction to medication he received before surgery, WYTV reported. The animal began to have an opioid emergency, WJW reported.

"It doesn't happen very often at all, but just like a person they can have a bad reaction to any kind of medication," Cheryl Whitfield told WYTV.

Austintown police Sgt. Rick John said he received a call from the veterinary clinic.

"The Austintown Vet Clinic is on the phone, can we give them some Narcan and does it work on dogs?" John told WYTV reported.

The officer drove to a pharmacy and obtained Narcan, which reversed the effects of the medication.

"I had to watch, I was intrigued by it. And I wasn't 100 percent certain it would work on a dog," John told WYTV.

Although Narcan is a spray, Whitfield used an IV to make the medicine work faster, the television station reported.

"I took a needle and syringe … and drew it into syringe and gave it right in the vein, and he was up within seconds to minutes afterwards," Whitfield told WYTV.

Trooper went home moments later and was doing much better by Monday, the television station reported.

Sheriff’s deputies save infant with CPR at mall, visit baby in ICU

A little girl has three guardian angels in the form of sheriff’s deputies after the  first responders answered an emergency call at their local mall. 

It all happened Sept. 30. 

Audrey Harmon was only one week old. She was at the JCPenney portrait studio when she stopped breathing, officials at the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Sheriff’s deputies Zacharkiw, Olsen and Russell ran through the mall when they got the call. When they got to the studio, they found Audrey pale and unresponsive. Her mother had called 911 while her father and other good Samaritans tried CPR on the little girl. 

Believing she had choked on fluids, Zacharkiw performed chest compressions. Olsen checked her airway as Russel stabilized her little head, keeping her airway open. Then Zacharkiw turned the baby over, and using a burping pat, removed fluid from her airway. He then flipped her over and used a bulbous nose sucker to remove fluid from Audrey’s nose.

She was taken to Oregon Health & Science University, where she was admitted to intensive care. A week after their heroic acts, Zacharkiw, Olsen and Russell were invited to her hospital room by Audrey’s parents, Kaylob Harmon and Jessie Siefer, to visit the little girl.

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The deputies were told that the EEG leads had been removed from Audrey’s head just after their visit, as she recovered from her ordeal.

Donor gives Minnesota children's hospital 36 tons of play dough

A Minnesota children’s hospital was rolling in dough last week -- about 36 tons of it.

The University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis received enough Crayola Dough, to fill two semitrucks, KARE reported.

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“I don't think we're going to have an issue restocking our play dough for a long time,” Nick Engbloom, the hospital’s director of community partnership, told the television station.

The Crayola Dough was supposed to be shipped to Toys R Us before that company declared bankruptcy. Instead, it was stored in a Seattle warehouse, KARE reported.

Toysmith, another toy company, offered 58 pallets of play dough to the hospital, and Engbloom agreed quickly.

“And I said, ‘Absolutely,’” Engbloom told KARE.

That works out to more than 300,000 cans of play dough. Hospital staff members said they discard a lot of toys in common areas to prevent the spread of infections, the television station reported.

“We have a large play dough bin in our office, actually, and we'll have months that it actually sits empty because we're out of play dough,” Ashley Wunderlich, a certified child life specialist at the hospital, told KARE.

Now, there will be plenty of dough to go around.

Tiny gecko makes 'a bazillion calls' from animal  hospital

The calls last week were coming from inside the building.

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Actually, there were “a bazillion” calls coming from the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center in Hawaii. One call after another was sent to the hospital’s director, Claire Simeone. Nine calls in 15 minutes, she said in a Twitter post

But no one was on the line when she answered, so she went back to the hospital.

Simeone asked around at work, but no one confessed to the phone blast. So she called Hawaiian Telecom, which told her all the calls came from a single line inside the facility.

“I walk around the hospital. Not the fish kitchen. Not the office. Not the viewing room. I get another call from @TMMC on my cell. I enter the laboratory. That’s the line!” she tweeted.

The problem wasn’t a faulty wire or any other technical issue. It was a gecko that had found its way onto the touchscreen of a phone. The sticky toe pads of the tiny gold dust gecko would make phone calls as the lizard walked on to the phone. 

Simeone said she had to send a note to all staff members and volunteers telling them what happened.

“I immediately hired the gecko,” she said.

Call to 'good strong father' leads to arrest of suspected drug dealer, police say

When sheriff’s deputies found a small amount of marijuana on a teen in Jonesboro, Georgia, they took an unconventional approach: Instead of arresting him, they called his father.

Officials said the ordeal ended in the arrest of the teen’s alleged drug dealer and the seizure of several guns and drugs.

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The teen, who was not identified, was pulled over Friday. During a search of the vehicle, deputies found marijuana in a bag. Deputies called the teen’s father.

“When the Father arrived, he was not pleased and wanted to know where his son was getting his weed from,”the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The Father then forced his son to tell the Deputies who sold it to him and where.”

The dad forced his son to tell the deputies where he got the drugs, according to the statement. The teen allegedly told police it was Damarcus Brown.

Brown was later arrested on unspecified charges after deputies said they saw him selling drugs at an Exxon gas station in Riverdale, Georgia. Authorities found drugs in his vehicle and a gun and more drugs at his home.

“If it was not for a good strong father willing and able to do the right thing for his son and community, Brown would still be selling drugs and in possession of guns today,” the sheriff’s office said.

Baby will soon complete 50-state road trip

She’s only 5 months old but a little girl is finishing up something that may be on the bucket lists of many adults -- to visit all 50 states in the U.S.

But age isn’t stopping Harper Yeats. Her parents have taken her on a road trip to end all road trips and hope to finish the journey on Oct. 18 when the family gets to Vermont, “Good Morning America reported”

The Green Mountain State will finally get crossed off Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats’ list that took them four months to complete. 

And while many will say little Harper is too young to remember the once-in-a-lifetime trip around the country, her parents have taken a photograph after they crossed each state line to help document the journey.

The trip has been documented on Instagram.

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The trip will also make Harper the youngest member of the All 50 States Club and she may even get a Guinness World Record title out of the trip. But Guinness has to create the record before the family can submit the application, “Good Morning America” reported.

Lim and Yeats are originally from Australia but live in Canada. They started their drive around the country in June just a few weeks after Harper was born and near the beginning of Lim’s year-long maternity leave, “Good Morning America” reported.

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Bride takes wedding photos alone after fiance dies

An Indiana bride took her wedding photos alone after her husband-to-be was killed by an alleged drunken driver.

WXIN reported that Jessica Padgett was set to marry Kendall Murphy Sept. 29. On Nov. 10, 2017, Murphy, a volunteer firefighter in Montgomery, Indiana, was helping a crash victim when an alleged drunken driver struck and killed him. He was 27 years old.

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On the day of what was set to be their wedding, Padgett did her makeup and put on her wedding dress as Loving Life Photography’s Mandi Knepp snapped photos. Murphy’s mother, Katrina Murphy, approached Knepp earlier as a way to help Padgett with the grieving process, WXIN reported.

Padgett posed alone and with Kendall Murphy’s belongings. In one shot, her late fiance was digitally added after the photo shoot.

On Sunday, Padgett attended the 37th Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend in Wasington, D.C. The event honored her late fiance and five other firefighters from Indiana, WXIN reported.

“This foundation not only honored my Kendall, but also took us in as family,” Padgett said on Facebook Sunday. “This wasn’t what we wanted in the end, but at least we know we will never be alone, we have all become one big supporting family.”

Caught on video: Man saves squirrel’s life

Police in Minnesota had an unusual stop. 

Brooklyn Park police discovered a car, stopped in the middle of a road with the driver’s side car door wide open. Nearby they saw a man crouched down at the curb, KSTP reported.

Beneath the man, was a squirrel who was motionless. and the man was performing chest compressions to save the small animal’s life, KSTP reported

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The man told police he swerved to miss the critter and didn’t think he hit it. When he stopped and looked at the animal it wasn’t bleeding. If he would have hit it, he told police “he (the squirrel) would’ve popped.”

Eventually the man flipped the squirrel on its belly and rubbed its back, bringing the squirrel around, KSTP reported.

The squirrel then ran away and the police praised the man, telling him, “There he goes! You saved his life, dude!”

Man finds forgotten $1 million lottery ticket while cleaning out wallet

Charles Dudley stopped into the Georgetown Shell May 2 for some ice cream.

He also ended up buying a Powerball Quick Pick, which he stuffed into his wallet, and forgot about until he cleaned it out and found the $1 million winning ticket among a stack of receipts.

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“I checked the winning numbers on the lottery's website and couldn't believe it,” Dudley said in a release. “I checked it over and over. The numbers were a match. It didn't feel real, though, until I checked the location of where the ticket was sold. It was where I bought my ticket.”

He claimed the prize 23 days before it was going to expire.

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