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Photos: Las Vegas shooting victims remembered 1 year after massacre

The Las Vegas Strip went dark for three minutes Monday night as officials slowly read the 58 names of the people killed one year earlier in the country’s deadliest mass shooting in modern history.

Report: Las Vegas shooter had anti-anxiety medication in his body when he died

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had drugs in his body at the time of his death in October, according to the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

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The Clark County coroner’s report said Paddock had an anti-anxiety medication in his system when he died, the Journal-Review reported Friday.

The newspaper received a copy of Paddock’s autopsy report, which also confirmed the gunman died from a “self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

Paddock, 64, opened fire on a country music festival from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort on the Las Vegas strip on Oct.1, 2017, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. 

Paddock killed himself as police closed in on him in his room at Mandalay Bay.

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Investigators have still not determined a motive for the massacre at the Route 91 Country Music Festival.


Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's girlfriend said her fingerprints would likely be on ammo

We are slowly learning more about the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 people dead in October 2017.

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Newly unsealed court documents show that, in the months before the massacre, shooter Stephen Paddock took measures to muddy the waters in the law enforcement investigation he knew would follow his attack. FBI search warrants state that Paddock “destroyed or tried to hide digital media devices” that he assumed the feds would be after, according to a New York Times report. In fact, Paddock took a number of steps aimed at tripping up investigators, and the FBI team trying to get to the bottom of the shooting wrote that the 64-year-old exhibited “a level of sophistication which is commonly found in mass casualty events.”

Although the bureau still has not determined a motive for his attack, they’ve slowly traced the winding trail that led him to the Mandalay Bay hotel room last October. They said he used multiple communication devices, including a prepaid cellphone. Three phones were found in the room where Paddock died, two of which investigators were able to search, but one that they could not unlock, authorities said. An agent wrote in the search warrants that “if there were any information related to a potential conspiracy, it would be found within” the locked phone, which operated on the Google platform.

The warrants also detail a few of the steps that investigators took in looking into Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley. Although Danley has not been charged, investigators said: “She has been identified thus far as the most likely person who aided or abetted Stephen Paddock based on her informing law enforcement that her fingerprints would likely be found on the ammunition used during the attack.”

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She reportedly deleted social media profiles in the hours after the attack.

In the warrants, agents pushed for access to Danley’s email account, saying that “[it could] lead investigators to determine the full scope of Stephen Paddock’s plan and Marilou Danley’s possible involvement.”

A number of the devices that Paddock used in the shooting were ordered online, including a holographic weapon sight, authorities said.

Authorities have been able to gain access to Paddock’s email accounts and say that he emailed between two accounts referring to items that he used in the attack, including the bump stock that he attached to his weapon. Although they’re not sure, investigators said there’s a possibility that somebody else was handling one of the email accounts, and they believe that identifying the person could help pull back the veil that surrounds Paddock’s motives.

Reno shooter dead after opening fire from high-rise, police say

A gunman is dead after he opened fire Tuesday from a high-rise in Reno, Nevada, police said.

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Las Vegas shooting survivor killed in hit-and-run

Roy McClellan was in the crowd during the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting in October, but after surviving the massacre, a hit-and-run accident has taken his life.

McClellan reportedly was hitchhiking on Nov. 17 – a few weeks after gunman Stephen Paddock killed more than 50 people at the Route 91 Harvest festival – when he died, but the details surrounding his death are still unclear.

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McClellan’s wife, Denise, told KSNV: “I’m angry. I’m angry. I feel that [the driver] was under the influence of something or drunk and didn’t want to get caught, so he bailed and left my husband laying there in the street. He doesn’t deserve that.”

McClellan had recalled the Vegas massacre, saying, “It was just ear-piercing. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, what is that noise?' This is horrible.”

His wife said the memories of the shooting were “really messing with his head.” She told KSNV: “This isn’t what I wanted for him. I don’t understand why he wasn’t taken at the shooting, but a month later he was taken this way,” adding, “I hope my husband found peace and he’s safe now.”

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This isn’t the first time that a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting has died; in late October, a couple who were in the crowd at the shooting died in a car crash.

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Couple who survived Las Vegas shooting killed in car crash

A California couple who survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas this month died just two weeks later in a car crash a half-mile from their home.

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Dennis and Lorraine Carver were killed when their vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community in Riverside County, California, on Oct. 16 and burst into flames, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The accident was so close to home that their youngest daughter heard the collision.

The Carvers were at the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest music festival on Oct. 1 when bullets fired by Stephen Paddock from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort rained down on concertgoers. Dennis Carver thought fireworks were going off at first, but once he realized that wasn’t the case, he jumped on top of Lorraine to shield her.

“That’s just the kind of love they had for each other,” Brooke Carver, the couple’s oldest daughter, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Their love was selfless.”

The Carvers escaped the shooting uninjured. They returned to their California home two days after the attack.

“After the shooting, they heard from all of the people they cared about most. They were so happy,” Brooke Carver, 20, said. “The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment.”

The couple’s youngest daughter, Madison Carver, 16, heard the crash Oct. 16 and ran down the street. As she rounded the corner, she saw her parents’ car in flames. Dennis, 52, and Lorraine, 53, died together.

Their daughters were grateful that their parents made it out of the massacre alive, they said, and saw amazing glimpses of love from them in the two weeks following the tragedy.

“We were so relieved when they got out of the shooting alive,” Brooke told the Review-Journal. “But I also think we’ve been given little pieces of them that we would’ve never gotten if the shooting hadn’t happened right before they died.”

Mother of slain Las Vegas police officer dies of a broken heart, her family says

The mother of the Las Vegas police officer killed in the mass shooting earlier this month has died after suffering a heart attack hours after his funeral.

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According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Sheryl Stiles was in town to lay her son Charleston Hartfield to rest when she had a heart attack while riding an escalator and fell down it, sustaining damaging brain injuries in the process. With most of her family in town for Hartfield’s funeral, they made the tough decision to take her off life support two days later.

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>> On Off-duty cop killed during Las Vegas shooting left tear-worthy notes for his own funeral

“I was sitting up in the room crying,” her brother Lewis Stiles recalled hearing about the tragic news, according to KVVU. “We came to bury my nephew and then the next thing we know, I have to bury my sister.”

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Stiles’s family is currently working toward getting her remains back to Louisville, where her family is located, and have set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money to do so. They believe she died of a broken heart.

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“I talked to the chaplain of Metro,” her cousin Cecil Ralston said. “He told me she kept saying, ‘Oh, I want to stay, I want to be with Charleston,’ that she wanted to die.”

Las Vegas shooter’s brother arrested, jailed on child porn charges

A brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of possessing child pornography, authorities said Wednesday.

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The arrest of Bruce Paddock was confirmed by a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation, but not authorized to discuss it publicly.

Paddock is not considered a suspect in the Las Vegas shooting, which left 59 people dead, including the gunman Stephen Paddock.


The child porn case predated the Oct. 1 shooting, authorities said. It wasn’t immediately known if he has an attorney.

In addition to the 58 victims in the Las Vegas massacre, hundreds more were wounded on Oct. 1 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip. Police said Stephen Paddock opened fire from a window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. He was found dead in his hotel room when authorities got there.

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Another brother, Eric Paddock, spoke to the media after the shooting, but Bruce Paddock did not.

Mandalay Bay to lock hotel room of Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas shooter, indefinitely

The suite rented by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock will remain locked indefinitely as hotel employees work to preserve evidence related to the shooting, the New York Post reported.

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MGM Resorts International, which owns and operates the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, announced Thursday that it will not rent the 32nd-floor room following the Oct. 1 massacre that killed 58 people and wounded nearly 500 others attending a country music concert.

“This was a terrible tragedy perpetrated by an evil man,” MGM said in a statement, according to the Las Vegas Sun. “We have no intention of renting that room.”

The company decided to shutter the room indefinitely Thursday as Mandalay Bay officials were ordered to preserve photos, surveillance video and other evidence pertaining to the incident.

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It’s unclear what Mandalay Bay will do with the infamous room once the investigation is completed. The company is said to be cooperating with investigators. It has been asked to hand over all of Paddock’s gambling records there.

Before he went silent, the security guard from the Las Vegas shooting opened up on ‘Ellen’

A security officer who was shot trying to stop Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock at the Mandalay Bay hotel on Oct. 1 appeared in a pre-recorded interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday, following reports that he had gone missing.

Jesus Campos told Ellen DeGeneres that he made his way up to the 32nd floor of the hotel as Paddock fired into a crowd of 2,000 concertgoers attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival. When he arrived at the floor, he saw that the doors to the stairwell were locked, which caused him to call the engineering team.

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“I’m walking down [the hallway] and I believe that’s what caught the shooter’s attention,” he said. “As I was walking down I heard rapid fire, and at first I took cover. I felt a burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up, and I saw the blood. That’s when I called it in on my radio, that shots had been fired.”

Paddock reportedly shot Campos through the door of his suite, where hotel engineer Stephen Schuck found him. Schuck also appeared on “Ellen” alongside Campos.

“I saw Jesus, and I started to hear shooting. At the time I didn’t know it was shooting; I thought it was a jackhammer,” Schuck said. “That’s when Jesus, he leaned out, and he said, ‘Take cover! Take cover!’ Yelled at me, and within milliseconds, if he didn’t say that, I would’ve got hit.”

Schuck said that Paddock also started shooting at him through the door and that he felt “pressure” as the bullets passed his head.

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DeGeneres applauded Campos for being a “hero” and saving so many lives.

“I know that you have had so many people asking you to tell the story, and I know you have had so much reluctance, and you want this to be over,” DeGeneres said. “It’s helpful for people to understand what a hero you are, because you, being shot in the leg, saved so many people’s lives, and instead of you just getting out of there, you saved Stephen’s life and that woman’s life and who knows how many other people.”

Campos stayed behind to help police piece together the incident instead of seeking treatment at the hospital.

Now, Campos told the host that he is “doing better each day. Slowly but surely, just healing physically and mentally.”

Both men politely declined DeGeneres’ usual gift of money, but the host couldn’t let these two heroes walk away empty-handed. Schuck was gifted Colts tickets and VIP treatment to meet the team by the NFL, while Campos was thanked with a gift of season tickets to the Oakland Raiders and a $25,000 donation to the victims of the shooting.

Campos disappeared from the public eye just last week after suddenly canceling interviews on Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC.

The company that owns Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino said that Campos “wants to tell his story at a time and place of his choosing.”

“He’s asked that everyone respect his request for privacy,” the company said in a statement. “We could not be more proud of Jesus.”

Woman survives Las Vegas shooting only to have to flee California wildfires

Michella Flores is straightforward about what she’s been through: “Last Sunday, I was running from bullets. This Sunday, I was running from fire.”

On Oct. 1, Flores, a flight attendant who works two jobs, was staying in the Hooters Hotel in Las Vegas between flights. She was there because of a discount they offer to flight crews.

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A country music fan, she walked down the street to catch Jason Aldean’s set at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from outside the fence. She saw the set and the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, hiding in the lobby of a casino until the gunfire stopped.

Flores returned to the home of her parents in Santa Rosa, California, Flores works at the Santa Rosa airport as well, according to KTVU, and was staying with her parents, as she’s in the process of moving.

The glow of one of the California wildfires grew closer to her parents’ home. Flores knew about the fires — Cal Fire crews had been coming and going from the Santa Rosa airport — but she wasn’t sure how close they were to her parents’ home — until the flames pulled up to her parents’ driveway.

Flores, a former firefighter herself, helped firefighters battle the flames with a garden hose. She had to leave for a shift at the Oakland airport at 4 a.m. the next day. By the end of her shift, her parents’ home had burned to the ground.

“Almost everything I own is gone,” she says. “My bed, my bike, my clothes, my flight attendant uniforms.”

Though they escaped unharmed, her parents lost belongings too. They are living in the rental home Flores was preparing to move into, according to the Daily Mail.

The Flores family has set up a GoFundMe to raise money to rebuild family members’ lives.

Las Vegas shooting victim awakens from coma, takes first steps

A 27-year-old Maryland native who was shot in the eye during the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas is showing promising signs of improvement, doctors and family said this week.Tina Frost was shot in the right eye by Stephen Paddock while fleeing the Route 91 country music festival with a group of friends. Frost had been in a coma for over a week, WBAL reported.

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An update posted Friday on the family's GoFundMe page celebrated the good news in her recovery: Frost has emerged from her coma and has taken a few steps with assistance. Frost's family says she has been able to breathe for awhile without assistance.Dr. Keith Blum, who treated Frost, told The Las Vegas Review-Journal that there's a 90 percent mortality rate for people shot in the head. Frost underwent a very delicate, three-hour surgery, and some bullet fragments remain in her brain. While Frost lost her right eye and has a long road of recovery ahead of her, she continues to amaze her doctors and family, according to the family’s GoFundMe page.

Zappos offers to pay for funeral costs of Las Vegas victims

Online retailer Zappos, headquartered in Las Vegas, has offered to pay funeral costs of victims shot and killed by gunman Stephen Paddock this month at the Route 91 Harvest music festival, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

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In the wake of the Oct. 1 shooting, Zappos asked for donations for victims and their families and pledged to match donations up to $1 million.

The company, which is using crowdfunding site Crowdrise, had raised more than $350,000 by Friday morning. More than 2,800 donations have come from local businesses, organizations and individuals. The account description noted that 100 percent of funds raised will go toward helping support victims and their families.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Zappos has already used company funds -- not funds raised through the fundraiser -- to cover funeral costs for three victims. Families of each of the victims received $20,000 each to pay for funeral- and transportation-related costs, Steven Bautista, who oversees the Zappos for Good program and volunteer initiatives at the company, told the Sun. 

“We have been connected with a few families that had funeral costs that they were not able to afford,” said Bautista. “We’ve been pulling money from the money that is outstanding, to be able to pay for the immediate needs that they may have. We don’t want them to have to skimp on funerals.”

Bautista said the company has helped pay to ship victims’ bodies across states to funeral homes. He asked that families of any of the Vegas victims who may need help with funeral-related costs reach out to

Zappos, founded in 1999, moved its headquarters from Henderson, Nevada, to Las Vegas in 2013. 

Zappos is a subsidiary of Amazon.

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Read more at the Las Vegas Sun.

Woman shot in Las Vegas massacre sues bump stock maker, hotel, festival organizer

A California college student filed suit Tuesday against the manufacturer of devices that enabled a gunman to rapidly rain bullets on a crowd gathered for a country music festival in Las Vegas earlier this month after she was seriously injured in the deadly attack.

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Also named in the suit were MGM Resorts International, Mandalay Corp., Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and the estate of Stephen Paddock, the man who turned a gun on himself after killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more in the Oct. 1 attack. 

Las Vegas police said Paddock, 64, opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest music festival from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Investigators said they found 12 rifles in his room that were fitted with bump stocks, devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire at nearly the rate of automatic guns.

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Paige Gasper, 21, was wounded in Paddock’s attack. A bullet hit her in her right underarm and traveled through her chest, shattering her ribs and lacerating her liver, according to the suit filed Tuesday in Clark County District Court. Friends tried to help her, but were hampered by other fleeing concert-goers, who trampled Gasper in their haste. She was saved by a good Samaritan, who pulled her behind the cover of a dumpster, the suit said. Another stranger drove her to Spring Valley Hospital for treatment.

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On Tuesday, Gasper sued Slide Fire Solutions, the company that made the bump stocks used by Paddock, on accusations that the company was negligent and its products have design and manufacturing defects, Reuters reported.

Gasper accused MGM Resorts and Mandalay Corp., its subsidiary, of failing to quickly respond to the shooting of Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos, who police said was shot while checking on Paddock six minutes before the 64-year-old commenced his attack. She also accused the companies of failing to monitor Paddock, who brought multiple weapons to the hotel and set up surveillance cameras outside his room.

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“How did the hotel not know about that? Why wasn’t that a red flag?” Michelle Tuegel, an attorney representing Gasper, asked the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The company can talk about hearts and prayers, but this lawsuit is about action and answers. Paige wants answers.”

Gasper said in her lawsuit that Live Nation, the organizer of the Route 91 Harvest music festival, and MGM failed to provide visitors with adequate emergency exits, hampering efforts to escape the massacre.

In a statement released to the Review-Journal, MGM spokeswoman Debra DeShong called the Oct. 1 shooting a “meticulously planned, evil, senseless act.”

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“As our company and city work through the healing process, our primary focus and concern is taking actions to support the victims and their families, our guests and employees and cooperating with law enforcement,” DeShong said. “Out of respect for the victims, we are not going to try this case in the public domain and we will give our response through the appropriate legal channels.”

Victor Schwartz, an attorney who specializes in injury cases, told Reuters that it won’t be easy to hold MGM liable for Paddocks’ attack.

“Victims would have to show the company could have foreseen the shooting and take steps to prevent it,” Reuters reported. “That would be difficult for such an extreme event.”

Las Vegas shooter's brain reveals no clues

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock reportedly does not appear to have the brain abnormalities that police expected to find, according to an examination by doctors who have begun his autopsy.

>> Las Vegas shooter's longtime friend says he was a man who 'cared about everybody'

The Las Vegas Review-Journal spoke to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, a familiar face to those who watched the news immediately after the shooting and beyond, and the sheriff said preliminary examination of Paddock’s brain did not yield any abnormalities.

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“All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found,” he said.

>> On Father of Las Vegas shooter was a “minister” — of a criminal nature

The shooter’s brother, Eric Paddock, said he never saw any of this coming and believed that the “only thing possible” was that "something broke in his [brother’s] head," The Washington Post reported.

“I’m hoping they cut open his brain and find something. There’s a data point missing,” Eric Paddock said after finding out that his brother had murdered 58 people and wounded hundreds more.

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That data point is still missing, but the Review-Journal did note two other important things: Authorities don’t yet know the toxicology results, and Dr. Steven Winkler reportedly prescribed Paddock an anti-anxiety drug as recently as June.

Las Vegas shooter's longtime friend says he was a man who 'cared about everybody'

A friend and longtime employee of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock said the 64-year-old “cared about everybody” and tried his best to “make people happy,” the Daily Mail reports.

>> Watch the news report here

Lisa Crawford, of Dallas, Texas, who managed an apartment that Paddock owned from 2006 to 2012, spoke to ABC News’ “Good Morning America,” fighting back tears as she tried reconcile the man she knew with the one who killed 58 people and wounded nearly 500 more when he opened fire on concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

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“He tried to make people happy. He tried to make people care. And I don’t know what happened to him,” Crawford said.

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She said Paddock, who apparently committed suicide before law enforcement reached his room, was a humorous person and generous with his tenants.

Crawford said she last spoke to Paddock a few weeks ago via email, when he checked in on her during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

>> On A veteran and hero of the Las Vegas shooting just made us proud all over again

“I have read them over and over and over again,” Crawford said of her correspondence with him. “I’ve even looked at some photos online of, I guess, him and his girlfriend. You know, I was even trying to look into his eyes to see if I saw something that wasn’t normal, you know. No, I didn’t see anything.”

Victims collect items left behind after Las Vegas massacre

It has been more than a week since a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and victims and their families are now able to collect the items that were left behind when people ran for their lives.

The shooting claimed the lives of 58 people and injured about 500. 

And as concertgoers tried to run as shots rang out, they left behind nearly everything. 

Now those items are able to be returned to those who left them, or the family members of those who lost their lives.

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The area where thousands of items like lawn chairs, purses and cellphones were left is being protected from the media to allow those who are trying to claim their possessions to do so in private, KVVU reported.

The effort to return property comes after FBI investigators dug through the crime scene, sorting evidence from the items and transporting them to a convention center, The Associated Press reported.

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People are able to get in to retrieve the items, based on where they were seated before the shooting, specifically the area west of the stage, the handicapped accessible area and inside and in front of the VIP tent. The bleacher seating to the east of the stage is also included, The AP reported.

Being reunited with the items had some victims smiling, while others cried remembering that night, some taking a moment to hug the FBI agents and Red Cross volunteers who are there, The AP reported.

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Casino mogul Steve Wynn says Las Vegas shooter would have triggered alarms at his hotels

Casino mogul Steve Wynn identified Las Vegas as a target city nearly two years ago, and he told Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Sunday that he increased spending on security at his hotels by “tens of millions of dollars” in attempt to “identify and pre-empt any kind of terroristic or violent threat.”

>> Watch the interview here

Wynn suggested that the training and steps implemented at his properties would have set off alarm bells if Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had tried to launch his mass murder scheme from one of them.

>> Read the latest on the Las Vegas shootings

Specific training techniques include Wynn hotels housekeeping staffs, room service staffs and anybody else who enters a guest room doing visual inspections every time. He added that a room with a “Do Not Disturb” sign displayed on its door for longer than 12 hours is investigated.

“The scenario that we’re aware of would have indicated that [Paddock] didn’t let anyone in the room for two or three days,” Wynn told “Fox News Sunday.” “That would have triggered a whole bunch of alarms here.”

>> On Somber photos of Las Vegas emerge after the city cut its lights for 11 minutes

Wynn said guns are not allowed in his hotels, unless they belong to employees who are required to carry them. He said guests who are found to have guns, “we eject from the hotel.” Wynn said they discover guests with guns “continually.”

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After the shooting, Wynn hotels started using wands to detect potential metal objects on guests, as well as inspecting luggage upon entrance to the hotel.

>> On The father of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was a “minister” — of a criminal nature

Paddock had been known to stay at Wynn resorts, among many others. Wallace asked Wynn if his security teams had much of a profile on him, and if anything should have raised a red flag.

“The most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine. A modest gambler, at least by our standards,” Wynn said.

Police: Stephen Paddock shot security guard before firing on Las Vegas concert

In a bombshell adjustment to the official timeline, police said Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock fired on security guard Jesus Campos before taking aim at the concert crowd.

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The Los Angeles Times reported Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said in a news conference Monday that Paddock shot Campos  before gunning down Route 91 Harvest country music festival attendees.

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Previously, officials credited Campos with stopping the assault.

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According to officials, Campos distracted the gunman from continuing to shoot victims when he was checking on an open door alert for another room. Paddock, 64, was on the 32nd floor off the Mandalay Bay hotel when he began the shooting.

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Officials say they don’t know why the attack stopped. Lombardo said police didn’t know Campos was shot “until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator.”

WATCH: Las Vegas police officers describe storming gunman's hotel room

After releasing a preview the day before, CBS's “60 Minutes” on Sunday night showed the full interview with law enforcement officers who stormed the Las Vegas hotel room where gunman Stephen Paddock launched his brutal assault.

>> Watch the full interview here

>> On Law enforcement reveals the meaning behind the cryptic note left by the Las Vegas shooter

“60 Minutes” opened the segment “Storming Room 135” with Detectives Casey Clarkson and Matthew Donaldson, Officers Joshua Bitsko and Dave Newton and SWAT team member Levi Hancock describing the “neatly stacked” guns and magazines in the hotel room at the Mandalay Bay that Paddock used to kill 58 people and wound hundreds more.

>> Read the latest on the Las Vegas shootings

The officers said there were so many long guns in the room that they were tripping over them. Each of them heard over the police radio that there was an active shooter and responded to the scene without hesitation. Conflicting reports over the radio of whether the shooter was on the 29th floor or 32nd floor made the officers think there may have been two shooters.

They soon learned that wasn’t the case.

>> Jason Aldean opens 'SNL,' pays tribute to Las Vegas victims, Tom Petty

The officers formed an ad hoc SWAT unit, carefully planning the breach of Paddock’s room.

A food tray on a room service cart just outside the door thought to be a booby trap actually turned out to be cameras Paddock set up to warn himself of law enforcement activity.

After officers breached the room, they said it looked “almost like a gun store," adding that they saw a bloody revolver on the floor that Paddock used to take his own life.

Between laptops, phones, drills, drill bits, tools, electrical wiring and a note with numbers signifying altitude, distance from the crowd and bullet drop, the room painted one clear picture, the officers said: Paddock had planned this for some time.

>> On Trump highlights doctors and police in video after Las Vegas

Contrary to reports that Paddock may have planned to escape, the officers said it appeared he may have planned to have a shootout with police.

“The sheriff was saying the other day that it almost appeared as though he thought he would be able to get out of this, that he had an escape plan. Did you see any evidence of that?” CBS’s Bill Whitaker asked.

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“From what I saw ... his plan might have been to shoot it out with us,” Newton replied. “Because there was a rifle on a bipod near the door and just the amount of ammunition and weapons he had. He could of held us off for hours.”

You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

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