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Posted: August 18, 2015

Firefighter captures incredible footage of “firenado”

By Web Staff


BOISE, Idaho —

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A whirlwind of fire and smoke spun into a ‘firernado’ on the edges of Idaho's Soda Fire last week, and one Instagrammer caught it all on video.

Craig Fluer was fighting the Soda Fire last week in harsh conditions, but was still able to capture the incredible fire whirl (or firenado) footage.

"Saw a #firewhirl for the first time last night," Fluer wrote. "This sucker was shooting flames 100 ft in the air before it passed right in front of the line, all while dropping hot dirt and ash on our helmets."

KIRO-TV meteorologist Sam Argier said intense heat can cause air to rise rapidly, which can lead to the spinning fire and smoke or 'fire whirl' that Fluer caught on camera.

These firenadoes can be extremely hazardous as they gain momentum and shoot flaming debris into the air.

Idaho's Soda Fire has burned over 280,000 acres since it began. As of Tuesday morning, the fire was reported to be 90 percent contained.

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