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Posted: January 28, 2016

Couple meets on Twitter, has Twitter-themed proposal

Anuj Patel proposes to Sumita Dalmia with a Twitter-themed proposal.
Contributed by Meghna Nagarajan, Nawal Taoussi
Anuj Patel proposes to Sumita Dalmia with a Twitter-themed proposal.


Twitter-themed proposal
Sumita holds up her answer to Anuj's Twitter-themed marriage proposal.
Twitter-themed proposal
The newly engaged couple hold hands after Anuj's Twitter-themed proposal. 
Twitter-themed proposal
Sumita holds up a paper tweet-clue from Anuj.

By Fiza Pirani

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta, Ga. —

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The love story of Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia began with a tweet. Two years later, their Twitter-themed proposal ended with one, too. 

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Patel, 26, and Dalmia, 27, fell for each other through the social media network, exchanging tweets for the first time in 2013. And once he knew he'd fallen, Patel proposed to Dalmia last month in an all-out Twitter-themed event, down to the font, graphics, hashtag and time stamp.

He planned to have Dalmia's sister take her out on a day of fun -- masked as a "Christmas present" -- starting with a glam appointment at a salon in the city. Then, the clues began.

Patel had created a Twitter-themed scavenger hunt with instructions and several clues packaged in an envelope -- clues designed to look just like a tweet, time stamped exactly for the moment each would land in her hands.

Each clue led Dalmia to a different iconic location in their relationship and included the hashtag #SumitaFindAnuj.

Photos: Anuj and Sumita's Twitter-themed proposal

Not only did Patel create the paper versions for her to hold, but he live-tweeted the entire thing, too.

After leading Dalmia to some of their relationship's memorable locations around the city, the penultimate tweet-clue led Dalmia on a horse-and-carriage ride to a hotel in Atlanta, where Patel had a room booked and a dress waiting.

After changing into her new black and blue dress, Dalmia went up to the hotel's helipad where Patel was waiting for her, holding a final tweet that read: "Will you marry me?"

Of course, she said: "YES!"

Back in 2013, Patel posted on Twitter about an extra ticket to Jazoo, an event hosted by Zoo Atlanta. Little did he know, the stranger who would respond would became his fiancé just two years later.

Though Patel had given his extra Jazoo ticket away before he heard from Dalmia, the two immediately connected and exchanged contact information.

"I remember joking with a friend that day, saying, 'I think I just met the man of my dreams,'" Dalmia said.

Photos: Anuj and Sumita's Twitter-themed proposal

The last tweet-clue was time stamped for 5 p.m., exactly when the sun would set on the newly engaged couple that chilly December evening.

Dalmia said she was amazed at the detail that went into each and every clue and that the proposal was very reflective of their relationship.

Patel and Dalmia are expected to marry in fall 2016 and have chosen the perfect hashtag to commemorate their big day: #Tweethearts2016.

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