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Posted: June 11, 2015

People are taking the Belly Button Challenge to see if they need to lose weight

belly button
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belly button - Tampa, Fla.

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A weird new trend has taken off over the past few weeks, catapulted first on the Chinese version of Twitter, where you reach around your back and attempt to touch your belly button; hence, the #BellyButtonChallenge.

Rumors are a "scientific study" from the U.S. suggests that people who pass the test have healthy bodies, while those who fail have to lose weight.

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However, there's no proof that such a study even exists, so don't believe the headlines. 

VIA"If you can touch your belly button from behind your back, you could be in better shape than someone who can't — but you shouldn't have a false sense of security about your health. You might have a small waist and look healthy, but your blood work could show that you're just as unhealthy as someone who weighs 400 pounds," explains Charlie Seltzer, M.D., a weight-loss specialist based in Philadelphia.

... And if you still don't believe the great doctor, here's the perspective. The average woman's arm is 24 inches long and her average waist is 32 inches - So unless you're stretch armstrong or double jointed, this "test" is bogus!

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