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Posted: September 22, 2017

Top Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

By Cardenas Chris

Parenting is not what it used to be. The world is full of new technology, social media, and is always changing. It’s easy for parents to go into “autopilot” but according to a few studies; we still have to watch we say around (and to) our kids. Let’s take a look at the top things parents should NOT say to their kids.

1. “Don’t eat that or you’ll get fat.”

According to a study published in “Eating and Weight Disorders”, parents should focus on the benefits of eating healthy as opposed to focusing on the negative. For example if your child isn’t thrilled about the broccoli on their plate, mention how you’re excited to make your bones stronger by eating broccoli or share these benefits with your child.

2. “I’m disappointed in you.”

Lisa Cavallaro, author of “No More Drama: How to Make Peace With Your Defiant Kid” says that this can only add to the shame and pain your child might be experiencing. Trying to make them feel responsible for your disappointment can have damaging long-term effects.

3. “You’re fine!”

A common phrase among parents who are scraping the rocks off their children’s knees, but experts advise that parents should take their children’s concerns more seriously. What may seem like a non-issue to you could be extremely important to your child at that time.

4. “ Great job!”

This one might be a confusing one but according to experts, this phrase is overused even in times when the child does a mediocre job. Experts advise “being present” in the moment by highlighting the positive details versus the generic and common “great job”.

What are some other things that should be on this list? Sound off below!


For more on what not to say to your child from, click here.

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