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Posted: September 26, 2017

Music City Minute: News On Carrie Underwood, Montgomery Gentry, & Miranda Lambert! 

Last week we told you about two Canadian songwriters claiming that the hook of Carrie's 2014 song "Something in the Water" is identical to that of a song they claim to have composed and pitched to Underwood’s team in 2012.

A spokesperson for Carrie Underwood has issued a statement regarding the song theft lawsuit and says, "This is a deeply personal song regarding Carrie’s faith and she is saddened that anyone would attempt to challenge that for financial gain." 

The statement goes on to say that neither Carrie nor any of her co-writers have ever heard or received the plaintiffs' song, adding that they fully expect Underwood and her co-defendants to be "vindicated in the courts." 

Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery has broken his silence on the tragic death of his duo partner Troy Gentry in a helicopter crash on September 8. In his statement, Eddie spoke of how the loss of his friend Troy has affected him as well as the new music the two were creating together. Eddie said, "Our world was turned upside down in an instant, and nothing could have prepared us for this. Over the past few months me and T-Roy have been working on what I think is the best record of our career. In the last few weeks we had been talking about what our first single would be. Then on September 8, none of that mattered."

Eddie then spoke of their new single, "Better Me," calling it "a song we all loved and Troy sings his ass off on it." He continued, "It speaks volumes about his life, and who he had become, and everybody he touched and how much he loved his family. I am so proud of this song and also to call him my friend, my family, my brother for 30 years."

The dating struggle is so real even for famous people! You know, it’s not easy dating someone as famous as Miranda Lambert but her boyfriend Anderson East says it’s definitely been eye-opening. He says, “you can’t read too deep into anything especially in the checkout line at the grocery store. It's weird having your sister call and say, 'Are you getting married?' And you're like, 'No, just stop.”

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