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Posted: January 02, 2018

Clues and Guesses

Guess the sound and win $5000 PLUS you’ll instantly get rodeo tickets!

Thursday February 15th 9:10 Guess: a knife scraping on a cutting board 

Thursday February 15th 10:10 Guess: a handsaw cutting a piece of plywood 

Thursday February 15th 11:10 Guess: sanding a fence post 

Thursday February 15th 1:10 Guess: scrapping on a piece of metal

Thursday February 15th 2:10 Guess:  a saw cutting cardboard

Thursday February 15th 3:10 Guess:  rubbing your boots on a wood floor

Thursday February 15th 4:10 Guess:  a saw going back and forth on 2 pieces of wood

Friday February 16th 7:40 CLUE: two parts 

Friday February 16th 8:10 Guess: scrubbing carpet with a carpet cleaner 

Friday February 16th 9:10 Guess: a knife cutting cardboard

Friday February 16th 10:10 Guess: sawing a table 

Friday February 16th 11:10 Guess: a nail file rubbing against a counter 

Friday February 16th 1:10 Guess: nails running over plastic car upholstery 

Friday February 16th 2:10 Guess: hitting 2 sticks against the filling cabinet

Friday February 16th 3:10 Guess: a block scratching across a table

Friday February 16th 4:10 Guess: blowing into a microphone

Friday February 16th 4:40 CLUE: not what you would expect

Monday February 19th 7:40 CLUE: found in the workplace 

Monday February 19th 8:10 Guess: a scrubby pad scratching on a counter top 

Monday February 19th 9:10 Guess: pecans being sorted on a conveyor belt 

Monday February 19th 10:10 Guess: a nail filer filing your nails 

Monday February 19th 11:10 Guess: a pen rubbing on paper on top of the desk 

Monday February 19th 1:10 Guess: a file type thing rubbing on a 2 x 4

Monday February 19th 2:10 Guess:  rubbing a binder with sheet separaters on a desk

Monday February 19th 3:10 Guess:  a washing machine

Monday February 19th 4:10 Guess:  cutting a styrofoam cup with a butter knife

Monday February 19th 4:40 CLUE:  endless colors

Tuesday February 20th 7:40 CLUE: lightweight

Tuesday February 20th 8:10 Guess: scraping paperclips on a desk

Tuesday February 20th 9:10 Guess: a letter opener scratching on a keyboard 

Tuesday February 20th 10:10 Guess: markers scratching on the desk top 

Tuesday February 20th 11:10 Guess: a highlighter scratching on a wooden desk table 

Tuesday February 20th 1:10 Guess: rubbing a pencil on a desk

Tuesday February 20th 2:10 Guess:  scratching a highlighter on the back of a clipboard

Tuesday February 20th 3:10 Guess:  scraping the backside of markers on a wooden desk

Tuesday February 20th 4:10 Guess:  a zipper being pulled up and down on a jacket

Tuesday February 20th 4:40 CLUE:  you go down these: water, plastic, metal

Wednesday February 21st 7:40 CLUE: the smallest number of beers in a pack

Wednesday February 21st 8:10 Guess: scrubbing a brush on a plate

Wednesday February 21st 9:10 Guess: sliding 6 paper clips back and forth on a desk 

Wednesday February 21st 10:10 Guess: a computer mouse moving back and forth on a desk or a counter top 

Wednesday February 21st 11:10 Guess: rubbing 4 paper clips on a metal slide

Wednesday February 21st 1:10 Guess: scraping 3 metal spoons on a plastic board

Wednesday February 21st 2:10 Guess: scraping an eraser over a desktop

Wednesday February 21st 3:10 Guess: scrathing a knife on a tin roof

Wednesday February 21st 4:10 Guess: rubbing 6 highlighters against a wooden desk

Wednesday February 21st 4:40 CLUE: kids sit at these at school

Thursday February 22nd 7:40 CLUE: OPI and China Glaze are brands of this 

Thursday February 22nd 8:10 Guess: sliding 4 nail polishes on a desk 

Thursday February 22nd 8:40 CLUE: ___ Flags Fiesta Texas 

Thursday February 22nd 9:10 Guess: a nail polish sliding on a desk 

Thursday February 22nd 9:40 CLUE: you go down these at a park 

Thursday February 22nd 10:10 Guess: sliding 6 push pins across a desk 

Thursday February 22nd 10:40 CLUE: a piece of furniture you use to do work on 

Congrats to Monica and her coworker Anna they just won $5000!

Thursday February 22nd CORRECT 11:10 Guess: sliding 6 nail polishes on a desk!!! 

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