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Posted: June 21, 2017

Clues and Guesses

Congrats to Carolyn from the Southside she guessed the Y100 $2,000 Secret Sound “spinning a pair of scissors and push pins on a desk”

The new sound is worth $5,000!

Thursday August 10th 11:10 Guess: somebody spinning a wheel 

Thursday August 10th 1:10 Guess: roller coaster going down the hill 

Thursday August 10th 2:10 Guess: spinning a prize wheel

Thursday August 10th 3:10 Guess: starting up a motorcycle

Thursday August 10th 4:10 Guess: boards you play games on and you spin it and and it lands on you win a free prize

Friday August 11th 7:40 CLUE: these come in different designs

Friday August 11th 8:10 Guess: a spring door stopper

Friday August 11th 9:10 Guess: running a ruler down the spining of a notebook  

Friday August 11th 10:10 Guess: a wooden ratchet noisemaker

Friday August 11th 11:10 Guess: a deck of cards in the spokes of a wheel

Friday August 11th 1:10 Guess: shaking ping pong balls in a plastic container

Friday August 11th 2:10 Guess: tightening a zip tie

Friday August 11th 3:10 Guess: a wood pecker pecking a tree

Friday August 11th 4:10 Guess: rolling a pencil back and forth on a spiral notebook

Friday August 11th 4:40 CLUE: a way to dry things

Monday August 14th 7:40 CLUE: kids and adults can like this 

Monday August 14th 8:10 Guess: cranking a hand operated salad spinner 

Monday August 14th 9:10 Guess: bingo balls in a bingo holder

Monday August 14th 10:10 Guess: sticking a pencil in a fan 

Monday August 14th 11:10 Guess: a fidget spinner hitting a wooden table 

Monday August 14th 1:10 Guess: a roller coaster

Monday August 14th 2:10 Guess: running a hairdryer through a chain link fence

Monday August 14th 3:10 Guess: a ruler rubbing up an ac vent

Monday August 14th 4:10 Guess: a toad burping

Monday August 14th 4:40 CLUE: plastic or metal

Tuesday August 15th 7:40 CLUE: rides do this 

Tuesday August 15th 8:10 Guess: hitting a spinning fan with a ruler and eraser

Tuesday August 15th 9:10 Guess: hitting your knuckles against a ceiling fan 

Tuesday August 15th 10:10 Guess: someone sliding a ruler against a fence

Tuesday August 15th 11:10 Guess: outdoor adjustable top spinner 4 arm umbrella clothesline dryer spinning in the wind

Tuesday August 15th 1:10 Guess: a carnival slingshot winding back

Tuesday August 15th 2:10 Guess: a ruler hitting against a fence

Tuesday August 15th 3:10 Guess: a fan spinning with a straw stuck in it

Tuesday August 15th 4:10 Guess: a baseball card in a bicycle wheel

Tuesday August 15th 4:40 CLUE: keeps you busy

Wednesday August 16th 7:40 CLUE: a lot of different stores sell these 

Wednesday August 16th 8:10 Guess: sticking a popcicle stick in a fan while spinning a fidget spinner

Wednesday August 16th 9:10 Guess: opening an outdoor patio umbrella with a hand crank 

Wednesday August 16th 10:10 Guess: a ruler hitting the blades of a fan 

Wednesday August 16th 11:10 Guess: spinning a fidget spinner against a desk

Wednesday August 16th 1:10 Guess: a fidgette spinner hitting against a cell phone

Wednesday August 16th 2:10 Guess: putting a fidget spinner in a fan while spinning

Wednesday August 16th 3:10 Guess: fidget spinner being spun near a ruler

Wednesday August 16th 4:10 Guess: spinning salad in a salad spinner

Wednesday August 16th 4:40 CLUE: you can do this fast or slow

Thursday August 17th 7:40 CLUE: almost every home has one

Thursday August 17th 8:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning against a book

Thursday August 17th 9:10 Guess: someone opening a wooden door to the patio

Thursday August 17th 10:10 Guess: a clothespin holding a card in a bicycle spoke while spinning

Thursday August 17th 11:10 Guess: a pinwheel hitting a fan

Thursday August 17th 1:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning against a dryer

Thursday August 17th 2:10 Guess: spinning a coin around a plastic bowl

Thursday August 17th 3:10 Guess: fidget spinner spinning against a top with ridges

Thursday August 17th 4:10 Guess: a pinwheel

Thursday August 17th 4:40 CLUE: fun for hours

Friday August 18th 7:40 CLUE: affordable

Friday August 18th 8:10 Guess: an igloo ice chest opening up

Friday August 18th 9:10 Guess: two fidget spinners spinning on a hanger

Friday August 18th 10:10 Guess: spinning a fidget spinner on a table 

Friday August 18th 11:10 Guess: a spring door stop 

Friday August 18th 1:10 Guess: spinning a fidget spinner on a desktop

Friday August 18th 2:10 Guess: a plastic hanger on steps

Friday August 18th 3:10 Guess: the spring on the door

Friday August 18th 4:10 Guess: a fan spinning against a wooden board

Friday August 18th 4:40 CLUE: the earth does this

Monday August 21st 7:40 CLUE: something you can do with yarn

Monday August 21st 8:10 Guess: a fan and a fidget spinner spinnig together

Monday August 21st 9:10 Guess: spinning a wooden top on a riveted table

Monday August 21st 10:10 Guess: a pencil hitting a fan 

Monday August 21st 11:10 Guess: spinning a spinner in a plastic bowl

Monday August 21st 1:10 Guess: spinning a fidget spinner against some twine

Monday August 21st 2:10 Guess: spinning a fidget spinner on a blowdryer 

Monday August 21st 3:10 Guess: stopping a spinning fan with your finger

Monday August 21st 4:10 Guess: castin in a rod and reel

Monday August 21st 4:40 CLUE: can be found in a dance

Tuesday August 22nd 7:40 CLUE: a washer cycle does this 

Tuesday August 22nd 8:10 Guess: a poker card stuck in a spinning fan 

Tuesday August 22nd 9:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning and hitting on a table 

Tuesday August 22nd 10:10 Guess: a ball rolling on a spinner

Tuesday August 22nd 11:10 Guess: a crochet hook hitting a fan blade

Tuesday August 22nd 1:10 Guess: The Y100 Wheel

Tuesday August 22nd 2:10 Guess: 1 fidget spinner on the floor spinning and 2 spinning tops with a string drop down on the floor spinning with it

Tuesday August 22nd 3:10 Guess: fidget spinner spinning against a door stopper

Tuesday August 22nd 4:10 Guess:  a metal wire holding a fidget spinner being spun.

Tuesday August 22nd 4:40 CLUE: a recent popular toy

Wednesday August 23rd 7:40 CLUE: very specific 

Wednesday August 23rd 8:10 Guess: a hatchimal 

Wednesday August 23rd 9:10 Guess: a spin drum

Wednesday August 23rd 10:10 Guess: a fidget spinner hitting a balloon 

Wednesday August 23rd 11:10 Guess: the clicking noise from the big wheels 

Wednesday August 23rd 1:10 Guess: fidget spinner and a spinning top with string spinning on a wooden floor with grooves 

Wednesday August 23rd 2:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning against a box fan

Wednesday August 23rd 3:10 Guess: a spinning game that spins in circles that spins on a number letter or color

Wednesday August 23rd 4:10 Guess: a fidget spinner that is spinning that is hitting an oscillating fan that is rotating

Wednesday August 23rd 4:40 CLUE: tires do this when wet

Thursday August 24th 7:40 CLUE: this fits in your hand 

Thursday August 24th 8:10 Guess: a fidget spinner hitting a desk 

Thursday August 24th 9:10 Guess: rolling plastic balls up and down a wooden table 

Thursday August 24th 10:10 Guess: spinning the wheel on a prize winning wheel

Thursday August 24th 11:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning inside of a plastic bowl while it’s shaking

Thursday August 24th 1:10 Guess: a fidget spinning hitting a straw

Thursday August 24th 2:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning and hitting a ceiling fan

Thursday August 24th 3:10 Guess: fidget spinner hitting knitting pins

Thursday August 24th 4:10 Guess: a fidget spinner spinning on a metal wire

Thursday August 24th 4:40 CLUE: filled with something sweet and sticky

Friday August 25th 7:40 CLUE: cute, plastic, yellow lid

Friday August 25th 8:10 Guess: a little twister twisty toy

Friday August 25th 8:40 Guess: a toy that consists of a ball bearing

Friday August 25th 9:10 CORRECT GUESS: 


Congrats to Mary from the Northwest side! 

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