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Music City Minute: Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Dierks Bentley, & More!

Jason Aldean is selling his 120-acre estate in Columbia, Tenn., (45 miles south of Nashville) for $7,875,000.The 8,900-square-foot house in Talley Moore Estates features 6 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, bowling alley, wet bar, wine cellar, in-law quarters and more. The estate also features a 10,000-square-foot horse facility, paddocks, in-ground pool and covered patio with thousands of feet along Flat Creek that is surrounded by a mix of woods, pasture, springs and a pond.Jason purchased the estate in January 2016 for $5.35 million.Check out the video of Jason's pad via


People magazine asked some country stars asked about their go-to karaoke songs. It's interesting because that's when they get to sing whatever they want without worrying about the fans who bought tickets expecting hits.

Dierks Bentley says Billy Idol was one of his "first heroes" so he goes with “Rebel Yell”.


Dan + Shay have totally different karaoke tastes. Dan Smyers admits to being "a huge Creed fan" and his choice is "With Arms Wide Open". But Shay Mooney is more R&B so he likes to sing the R. Kelly "Ignition" remix. 


Chris Lane keeps it country and simple, with Tim McGraw's "I Like It, I Love It".

And then there's T.J. Osborne of Brothers Osborne. He likes to hit the karaoke stage with his sister to do "Summer Nights" from "Grease".



Dustin Lynch’s tour bus hit a huge elk while rolling down the road in Idaho earlier this week. Unfortunately, the elk didn't survive, but Dustin and everyone on the bus were fine. 

He posted video of himself and his crew right after it happened. You see the cracked windshield and his driver talking about the elk being so big that "anybody would like to have him." Meaning, that's a lot of elk meat. 

The driver also describes how the animal suddenly leaped from the side of the road. Dustin was able to continue on with his tour.

Music City Minute: Michael Ray + Carly Pearce, Carrie Underwood

In case you're wondering what Carly Pearce sees in Michael Ray… beyond the fact that he's hot… there's a "Backstage at the Opry" video of him doing an acoustic version of "One That Got Away".


This is pretty cool, I came across and article with 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Carrie Underwood, and some of these tidbits are really interesting! 

She earned college credit for American Idol. Carrie’s time of American Idol helped her earn her Mass Communications degree from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. She said, "I've obviously done enough with television, there was my internship right there!" If she hadn't won the singing competition, she says she likely would have pursued television news as a reporter or anchor.

In high school Carrie would steal hot dogs and lunch meat from her refrigerator and sneak out to feed stray dogs.

Turns out Carrie is also a little OCD, she says “I can’t function during the day if I know my bed is not made. It will be all I think about throughout the day until it’s actually made. ” She also said, “My refrigerator is extremely organized. Everything is showing the labels and is arranged in perfect rows.” 

And my absolutely favorite fun fact about Carrie is that her wedding cost $500,000! 

Music City Minute: Mason Ramsey, Blake Shelton, & Gwen Stefani 

Mason Ramsey introduced his lead single, "Famous," off his recently released "Famous" EP at ABC's "Good Morning America," performing the song for the first time on national television last Thursdsay.Watch Mason Ramsey premiere "Famous" and chat with ABC's Paula Faris on "Good Morning America." 

In addition, he performed the song that made him an internet sensation, "Lovesick Blues" (Hank Williams, Sr.), as a web exclusive. 

This is so adorable! I love when couples are happy and Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani seem to still be head over heels for each other. Gwen posted on her Instagram story over the weekend a bunch of different photos and videos from a trip with her kids and Blake on the lake. There’s one of Blake driving the boat, and a few sexy selfies of her and Blake together, you can really see how much they love each other! 

Music City Minute: Carly Pearce + Michael Ray, Brett Eldredge, & Jon Pardi

The other day we heard Michael Ray say that Carly Pearce the moves on HIM before they started dating. So, CMT asked Carly if he was telling the truth.

 She said, "Yes, it's true. I believe ladies, YOLO. 'You Only Live Once.' I had a crush on him for a really long time, when we would play shows together, and I didn't know how to talk to him, because we're both artists, and that's weird. 

 "So I just started literally commenting on everything on his [Instagram] story… there was no reason why I was doing that. But it took him a long time to get it. I had to spell it out."

 Now that they're together she's got him willing to watch "The Bachelorette" and eat boring food just to be with her. Carly says, "I've never made him watch it, but he did tell me he would watch it with me. [We] make bland chicken together."


Country artists may love performing at festivals and fairs, but they're not so crazy about the heat and humidity. If you ever wondered how they cope with it well, some just deal with it and some artists have some tips. 

Brett Eldredge accepts that he's going to be a mess by the time he's done. He says, "I'm going to look like I just took a shower. There's just no escaping it."


Jon Pardi says, "It sucks. But I always try to remember one simple thing: There [are] fans out there, and all they want to do is have a good time, so they're sweating it out with you. No excuses."


Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild says it's a little complicated. "Heat is good for the throat. Moisture and the humidity is good, but not so great on the hair and body."


Meanwhile, Charlie Daniels brings his own relief in the form of a stand-alone room air conditioner. The kind you put water in. He says, "But instead of water, we put ice in it, and we surround it with fans so it blows the cold air around… and they're [pointed] in my direction. It still gets hot, I still sweat and everything, but it makes it very bearable."


Music City Minute: Eric Church & Kenny Chesney

Eric Church did an interview in the August edition of “Rolling Stone”… and he did not hold back. On anything. 

He revealed for the first time that he ALMOST DIED last year from a blood clot in his chest. He also talked about his dark mood after the Route 91 tragedy, and offered his take on gun control, climate change, immigration, and the presidential election.

The blood clot scare began last summer with a tingling in his hand, and then swelling in his arm. Things kept escalating and before long he was in surgery. Turns out it was a birth defect where his top rib was too close to his collarbone. 

He said, "It's called thoracic outlet syndrome. There's a major vein that runs through there, and when I would raise my arm, it would pinch it and damage the vein. Like any clot, when you get enough pressure, it's gonna blow." 

He had another surgery a week later to remove the top rib, and then spent a lot of time doing rehab and physical therapy before going back on the road in the fall.

Then he gave brutally honest answers to some really heavy questions. You can read more in the Rolling Stone article here


Kenny Chesney’s new album “Songs for the Saints” comes out tomorrow, and as Kenny was helping those affected by Hurricane Irma, he was also working on that album that he had no idea would later become a tribute to them.

Kenny said, "Every day I was in there, I had either planes going taking medical supplies down, and we were getting people off island. And in the middle of all that I was making this music, that I didn't know what it was, I didn't know what it was going to was just being made." 

We’re also sending you on a flyaway trip to see Kenny Chesney in Nashville August 11th! You’ll get to relax for 2 nights at a hotel and even meet Kenny! You can register for the trip here


Music City Minute: Florida Georgia Line, George Strait, Jon Pardi, Dan+Shay

Another day, another record for Florida Georgia Line. They've now spent a cumulative total of 90 weeks at the top of "Billboard's" Hot Country Songs chart. 

That's a big deal because it’s more than anyone in the history of that chart, which dates back to 1958. They even beat George Strait's previous total of 84 weeks.

The FGL songs that have spent time at the top are: "Cruise", "Stay", "This Is How We Roll", "Dirt", "H.O.L.Y." and their current #1 with Bebe Rexha, "Meant to Be"

And that song could make history. It's been #1 for 34 straight weeks, which ties Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road". So, if it can hang on one more week, they'll own that record too.

Brian Kelley said, "We are absolutely blown away and extremely humbled to even be on the same chart as George Strait and some of our other heroes and country legends."


 People Magazine asked Jon Pardi what he’s really scared of, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this, he said, "Brown recluse spiders in your bed. That's really scary." 

This isn’t just a regular fear, this actually happened to him. He says his girlfriend once rifled through their sheets and found a "huge brown recluse." That sent him on a mission to warn the world.

Jon said, "I let everybody know they're called 'recluse' because they like to hide in dark, cool places. I'm studying these guys. I'm not getting bit by one.

"I've seen pictures of the bites and it's not fun. Black flesh, skin grafts. That's probably the most scary thing in my life right now."

Dan+Shay fans they’ve announced that "Speechless" will be the follow-up single from their 2018 self-titled album!The song was written by Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, Jordan Reynolds and Laura Veltz, the song was inspired by Dan's marriage to Abby Law (May 2017) and Shay's marriage to Hannah Billingsley (October 2017).

The video for "Speechless" features footage from both Dan and Shay's weddings. "Speechless" will ship to country radio to start being played on Aug. 6.

Music City Minute: Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan 

Did you notice that Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany jumped back into the saddle right away to get pregnant again? Their son Memphis was born in December and they announced baby number two earlier this month.

It was no accident. He says, "It was definitely something we had planned. After having our son, we knew we wanted to have two kids. I have my two older daughters already, so we knew we wanted to have another one pretty quick.

"I'd much rather knock it out now while we're used to having one in diapers and formula and all of that. I think it's tougher when you get out of that and wait a couple years and then have to go redo it all. [We] wanted them to be close in age."

They did get some help to make it happen. He adds, quote, "We did In Vitro Fertilization with our son, so we had to do that again with this one."


This is so great. I love stories that show our favorite country singers are just like us and this story proves 100% true with Luke Bryan. He recently ran out of gas during a road trip with his family, and he posted an awesome clip of them sitting in the car.

His wife Caroline is so annoyed in the clip, just like any wife would be. His teenage nephew is staring at his phone, and his two young sons start to argue and take swings at each other. It’s just the best because it shows Luke Bryan and his family are just like the rest of us! 

And don’t forget there are some great concerts comin’ up! We announced yesterday Cole Swindell, Dustin Lynch, and Lauren Alaina will be at Whitewater October 20th! Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am, and we’re hookin’ you up with them all week at 8:10 & 3:10!

Plus, Billy Currington will be at Floores October 26th and tickets for that go on sale Friday at 10am! 

Music City Minute: Lauren Alaina, Michael Ray & Carly Pearce, + A Huge Concert Announcement! 

Turns out Lauren Alaina and her longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins have decide they're NOT too young to get married after all. They hit up social media over the weekend to announce their engagement.

She posted a photo on Saturday of them kissing and captioned it, "Being yours forever has a nice 'ring' to it. #Hoppily-Ever-Hopkins @AlexHopkins We-Are-Engaged."

He shared the same photo, and wrote, "Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you for the first time, the future Mrs. Lauren Hopkins."

They're both 23 and have been dating since 2012. No word on a wedding date.

Now that Michael Ray and Carly Pearce have come clean about dating, he wants you to know that she's the one who initiated the relationship.

He said, "She did all the work. She slid it into some DMs pretty heavy. I don't know if it's a guy thing, but I don't catch on to hints worth crap." 

Even with the hints, he was afraid to go there because they run in the same circles and he didn't want to be wrong and look stupid. He said, "So I'm like, I can't step in… and I didn't know how to approach it."

And then one day SHE laid it out there. He went on to say, "She was like, 'You know we have each other's phone numbers, why don't we just text.' And I'm like 'oh yeah, we do.'" 

So, they finally started hanging out and checked out some traditional country at the Nashville Palace. He said, "We went there and it was at that moment for both of us where I thought, 'I'm in love with this girl and she's special.”


And if you missed it we made a HUGE concert announcement this morning – Cole Swindell & Dustin Lynch are coming to Whitewater Amphitheatre with Lauren Alaina Saturday October 20th! Tickets go on sale this Friday the 27th at 10am but we’re hookin’ you up all week with “Win ‘Em Before You Can Buy ‘Em” at 8:10 & 3:10! 


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