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Music City Minute: Dustin Lynch, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Cam 

Dustin Lynch found a creative way to thank Brad Paisley for bringing him along as an opener on the Weekend Warrior Tour. He gifted him with a live Nigerian Dwarf goat.

At their show on Friday, Dustin Lynch gifted Brad Paisley with a live goat as a thank you for being part of his tour. The "G.O.A.T." stands for "greatest of all time," which is how he describes Brad.

The goat was on a leash and they took turns holding it until Dustin's official presentation. 

Dustin named it Telly because of Brad's love for Telecaster guitars. 

Brad made it clear he wanted to keep Telly because his kids would give him a hard time if he didn't. And he was right, because after the show his son Jasper was seen cuddling it.


Turns out the rumors are true! Miranda Lambert and Anderson East have broken up. But no need to be sad just yet, sources are saying the door isn't completely closed.

A source says, "They have spent a lot of time apart, but potentially could end up back together. The love is still there."

I’m sure it’s hard to be a couple when one of you is spending a lot of time on the road, and even tougher when you're both off in different directions.

Miranda and Anderson were together a little over two years before the called it quits. 

Speaking of Miranda Lambert she’s been busy working on a song with Jason Aldean. Jason’s new album Rearview Town will feature a duet with Miranda called “Drowns the Whiskey”, but this isn’t their first song together. 

Jason Aldean says, "We did a song together on my second record called 'Grown Woman' that was to me probably my favorite song on that album, andI just kind of wanted to do something else with her. I've always been a big fan of her voice and her style and everything."“Rearview Town” comes out this Friday.

Something beautiful happened over the weekend, Cam performed with Sam Smith in London! They sang a song she co-wrote together called “Palace” and it was amazing, she posted it on her Instagram live. Also, over the weekend she put out a simple yet amazing version of her singing the song. 

And tonight on TV don’t forget “American Idol” comes on at 7pm on ABC, the Top 24 Duets – and on “The Voice” will also be on at 7pm on NBC, Part 3 of the Knockouts!

Music City Minute: Dustin Lynch, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Cam 

Music City Minute: Dustin Lynch, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Cam 

Music City Minute: Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Reba

Kenny Chesney fans, new music is here! Kenny released a brand new song today called “Get Along” that he feels is perfect for the world right now:

You remember a while back we told you Reba was the new Colonel Sanders for KFC, well we’ve been loving it but there’s someone who is hating on Reba! Can you believe that!? Roseanne Barr has thrown a little shade Reba's way, she claims that she'd be a better KFC Colonel than Reba. Rosanne tweeted, "I do not believe that Reba eats fried chicken! [Especially] from the Colonel!" Well, as you can imagine, many of Reba's fans didn't agree with the her and took to Twitter to defend Reba. How can’t anyone be mean to Reba!? 


Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany had their little more Memphis in December but recently Brittany opened up about the difficulties they experienced while trying to get pregnant in a Babes & Babies podcast.

She said they tried for a year and a half to get pregnant. She went on to say, "No one knows this, but we had to do In Vitro Fertilization. It was a rollercoaster process and I ended up having endometriosis."

She had a procedure to get rid of that, but there are never guarantees. Brittany explained, "So it was like, if this doesn't work… I was considering a surrogate. We were thinking about all the options."

Despite everything, she and Jason are definitely going to try again. Brittany says, "We want one more. I feel like the sooner the better. You're already doing the diaper thing, why don't we just knock out."

So it sounds like they could be trying again very soon, and of course we’ll keep you posted! 


Keith Urban fans he finally updated us on his new album! He revealed the track list and told us "Graffiti U" will be out April 27th.


Music City Minute: Kip Moore, Carrie Underwood, First Tweets

Kip Moore is making one young fan's dream come true through a partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. During a surprise FaceTime call with a 15-year-old fan named Sydney, Kip invited her to the ACM Party for a Cause: Stoney's Tailgate Party on April 13. Sydney will get VIP treatment at the pre-ACM Awards concert, with backstage access and even get to hang out with Kip and his band. Sydney could hardly contain her excitement when Kip invited her to the show, and it looks like he is equally as excited to meet her. 

Carrie Underwood fans it’s been just about three years since the release of her last studio album, Storyteller, Carrie Underwood appears to be back in the studio working on new music. Carrie hinted at the new project on Wednesday morning, posting a black-and-white photo of her sitting in front of a studio soundboard. The captionless photo was also the first picture Carrie has shared of her full face since taking a serious fall outside of her home last November. Remember when she fell it left her with a broken wrist and more than 40 facial stitches. 

Speaking of Carrie Underwood she wasn't happy about the officiating during the Nashville Predators' Tuesday night loss to the Florida Panthers. She took to Twitter after the game to say she was "livid" after a last minute goal was disallowed due to an interference call. It was initially called a goal on the ice, but was later taken back after replay officials deemed that another Nashville player came in contact with the goalie prior to the score. In one of her tweets, Carrie wrote, "Biggest pile of [poop emoji] ever! Preds we're straight up robbed." And Carrie’s husband, Mike Fisher, who plays for the team, had the perfect response to her tweet, saying, "If there's one thing I've learned it's you're always right." And in Carrie’s defense she a lot of Predators fans thought the call was bogus too.


CMT did some digging and came up with a collection of country stars' first Tweets. The first ones were posted in 2008 and they were boring, introductory-type messages like this: "Welcome to the official Twitter page of Dierks Bentley.” 

Lady Antebellum kicked it into promo mode that year with this one: "Our new single is 'Lookin' For A Good Time'. Make sure you call up your local radio station and request it." Okay seems pretty standard.

Then there’s Jake Owen's first Tweet in 2009, it was a picture of his tour bus rug, which he captioned, "Rug." Also that year Little Big Town had a random first tweet that said: "Not sure what's better, though, her strawberry pie or chocolate cake?"

This one's great though. It's from Kelsea Ballerini on June 4th, 2009, which means she was only 15 years old when she tweeted, "If I write another song today there is a good chance my fingers will physically detach themselves from my hand."

But I think my favorite “first tweet” from a country singer is Thomas Rhett’s first Tweet in 2009 that said, "Get me some meatloaf." 

Music City Minute: Russell Dickerson, Kenny Chesney, Cam, Jason Aldean, Reba 

We all love Russell Dickerson’s song “Yours” – well recently he did one of those rapid-fire question and answer sessions and we learned some pretty interesting stuff!

One of the things was that he planned the coolest date he ever for his wife, guys listen up! Russell says, "For her birthday one year we rented a cabin out in the woods and I stalked her Pinterest page and I cooked all of her top pins."

He also shared his tips for marriage, he said, "It just takes a little effort. Go out on a date night. Stay out a little late. Order that extra bottle of champagne because you know you want to."


Kenny Chesney fans new music is coming! He’ll release a new song Friday called "Get Along", and the title is deeper than you might think. He described the song by saying, "Some days it's like the world is just angry, screaming people, all harping on what's wrong, how other people are awful. We keep getting driven apart and made unhappy. When I heard this song I was amazed how simply they broke all this down. Get along, find common ground, know the basic stuff is where the joy, the love and the happiness is." Which I think is something we all could use a little more of these days. 



In case you missed it: Cam performed her song "Diane" on yesterday's "Good Morning America". It's a response to Dolly Parton's classic "Jolene", so they played a clip of Dolly giving her a surprise message. Dolly said, quote, "You did good on that. I wish I could be there in person, but I'll be watching you on TV."


I love when women share real life stuff like Jason’s wife Brittany, she posted a clip of them in the hospital room AS she's having contractions for their son Memphis, who was born December 1st. Despite being in monumental pain in the video she's giving Jason a hard time for flipping through the TV channels trying to get the hospital TV ready for the National Championship game. 


It looks like Reba and her boyfriend are becoming inseparable! She posted another adorable photo a few days ago. The caption reads, "Skeeter and I had a blast in Wyoming this week. Snowshoeing in the Tetons. Absolutely gorgeous. #Too-Much-Fun."

Music City Minute: Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, 11-Year-Old Goes Viral!

Brantley Gilbert is known for his longstanding commitment to U.S. veterans and continues to support them. He now has partnered with the Pedigree brand to give companion dogs to eight veterans at various stops on his "The Ones That Like Me Tour" this spring. The partnership was formed earlier this year after Brantley talked with experts on the best way to help service people trying to cope with re-acclimation. Brantley will be presenting a vet with a companion dog during every weekend of his tour.As part of their collaboration, Pedigree will work with Custom Canine Unlimited to transport and train all eight dogs, as well as provide a one-year supply of Pedigree dog food to ensure each companion and veteran get off to a great start together.


We've all heard country singers say that being rich and famous will never change who they are. And I believe most of them… especially Jason Aldean. He's convinced he's the same guy today that he was growing up in Macon, Georgia. 

Just another reason we love Jason Aldean, he just seems so down to earth. He says, "It doesn't matter how many cars you drive. It's all nice stuff to have, but underneath it all, you are who you are, and you're from where you're from. 

"If you're from a little farm town and you grew up working on a farm, I don't care what you do from here on out . . . you're going to remember that."

He went on to say, "I think part of the way you stay connected is you sing those songs and people think, 'That guy is just like us,' because I was, I am, and I'm still that guy." 



Another adorable country boy has gone viral! They call him "Little Hank" in his hometown, he’s 11-year-old and quickly gained the nickname "Walmart Boy"- his name is Mason Ramsey and he’s gone viral for yodeling inside a Walmart!

This isn’t Mason’s first rodeo, he’s been entertaining audiences for as long as he could hold a guitar at age six! He was the 2016 winner of the Kentucky Opry Talent Search, Beginner Division and of course with his new found viral fame, he’s expected to go far!

Music City Minute: Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett, Sugarland, Taylor Swift

Maren Morris is still on her honeymoon in Bora Bora and of course she’s having the best time ever! She’s been sharing a bunch of pics on her Instagram that would make anyone jealous. She’s shared photos of herself and her new hubby Ryan is bathing suits, there’s a picture of him swimming in a pool with stingrays, and one of him looking happy on the beach. She even graced us with a photo of their delicious breakfast on the water.

Thomas Rhett posted an adorable photo of his young family. He and his wife Lauren are with their two daughters, Ada James and Willa Gray, who are wearing bunny ears. He captioned it, "Happy Easter. I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday with their family and friends."


Sugarland fans the wait is over! They finally revealed the release date of their first new album in seven years they said, "We have some BIG news to share. Our new album 'Bigger' is coming your way on June 8th."


On Saturday Taylor Swift returned to her roots in Nashville and made a surprise appearance at Bluebird Café. She told stories, performed songs, and drank Fireball! 

She was brought on stage by a guy named Craig Wiseman. He's a songwriter who's written hits for Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw. He and Taylor wrote together back when she was 17 years old.

She told a great story about a song she was working on back then, and asked him to finish it with her. But he "didn't get it" so they wrote something else.

She said, "I couldn't stop thinking about the idea. I thought there was something to it. I really liked it. [So], this is the song I almost wrote with Craig Wiseman. It's called 'Love Story'." So basically she shared with everyone that Craig Wiseman didn’t understand her idea for the song ‘Love Story’ so she wrote it herself. 

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