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Music City Minute: Reba, Willie Nelson, Kelsea Ballerini 

A portion of Reba's former Starstruck Farm estate has been transformed into a luxury event space, which is open to everything from weddings and charity events to family reunions and songwriter retreats. Renamed The Estate at Cherokee Dock, the property is located about 30 miles east of Nashville in Lebanon, Tennessee, and sits on 13 acres of frontage on Old Hickory Lake. The estate's main home boasts more than 12,000 square feet of living space, with each of its seven bedrooms paying homage to country icons such as Reba, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Garth Brooks.

You can check out a gallery of the estate on Nash Country Daily.


Speaking of Reba it looks like she and her man Skeeter will be going the distance. She posted a photo over the weekend where they're looking happy as clams. She captioned it, "Skeeter and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! We hope you did too."  


Willie Nelson announced on Friday that he'll be releasing a new album called "Last Man Standing" on April 27th. That's two days before his 85th birthday. And, he co-wrote all 11 of the songs. Did I mention he's almost 85?

The first single is also called "Last Man Standing" and it's out now… as is the video. He'll probably perform lot of the new stuff on his tour, which is scheduled to pick up next week. 

A huge congrats to Kelsea Ballerini her song “Legends” went number one yesterday! To celebrate she had homemade margaritas with her husband and fellow singer Morgan Evans, then he hook her to Legends Corner a honky tonk in Nashville, which is obviously fitting because of the song title, and then they celebrated with a huge dessert spread! 

Music City Minute: Blake & Gwen, Thomas Rhett, Chris Stapleton, William Shatner

Gwen Stefani was over the moon when she discovered her Valentine's Day gift from Blake Shelton on Wednesday. In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, Gwen can be seen walking into a room and finding an extra-large floral arrangement sitting on the table. As she discovered the floral arrangement made up of dozens of red roses and pink orchids, Gwen exclaimed that she'd never seen anything like it and wrote that she was the "luckiest girl in the world."


Thomas Rhett celebrated the chart success of his last two number one songs yesterday afternoon. Before the party got underway, Thomas talked about how he and his wife Lauren got a babysitter, jumped into an Uber and enjoyed the romantic holiday on Wednesday. Thomas said, "I can't believe we're going to do dinner like we get to have a cocktail this is amazing? And then we saw a movie and then came home and gave each other gifts. Just a normal Valentine's Day but it was like the most fun one I've ever experienced because it was such a?We got to get away for a minute you know."


Chris Stapleton is on the season finale of "Austin City Limits" tomorrow night. Here’s a little sample of his song "Tryin' to Untangle My Mind". Chris will be on the show with the Turnpike Troubadours tomorrow at 10pm on PBS!


And this is really random. Is William Shatner going country? That question has arisen after the 86 year old Star Trek actor signed a deal with the independent label, Heartland Records Nashville. Apparently William is currently working on a new project that will be released later this year, although it's unclear if that project will be country. Something you may not know is this isn’t William Shatner’s first time doing music, he's actually recorded several albums over the years. William has even had a country connection, appearing in Brad Paisley's music videos for "Celebrity" and "Online," with Brad serving as a guest on the actor's 2011 album, Seeking Major Tom. 

See the best moments from Rodeo

See the best moments from Rodeo

Music City Minute: Florida Georgia Line, Easton Corbin, Brett Young 

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard would do anything for his infant daughter, Olivia Rose, including making sure her food passes the taste test. In a video posted on Instagram, Tyler can been seen drinking breast milk out a baby bottle as his wife Hayley looks on. But Hubbard never once winces as he chugs the baby's milk, and even goes back for a second swig. So, what did Tyler think about the breast milk? He says it's sweet and tastes kind of like almond milk.  

Speaking of babies, Tyler and Brian of Florida Georgia Line recently did an interview where they were talking about dogs and babies, and Brian was asked if he and his wife Brittney are ready to start a family. 

He nipped that one in the bud and said, "Nah, not yet. We're going to try and wait a little bit longer." 

Nearly a decade after he signed with Mercury Nashville, Easton Corbin and his longtime label have parted ways. A representative from the label recently confirmed the news to Sounds Like Nashville, although no other information about the split was revealed. Corbin's departure from the label comes after his latest single, "A Girl Like You," peaked in the Top 10 at country radio. Easton's last album with the label, About to Get Real, was released in June of 2015.


Brett Young posted a couple photos yesterday of himself and a very lovely lady. Based on what he wrote, they're a couple, which is interesting because you haven’t really heard Brett mention a girlfriend before. The caption reads, "Still my best friend more than 10 years later. Love you, baby. Happy Valentine's Day." 

Music City Minute: Valentine’s Day Edition! 

After holding two shows over the weekend at his Ole Red restaurant in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Blake Shelton and Ryman Hospitality Properties have teamed up to donate $50,000 worth of ticket sales to the City of Tishomingo. The money will stay in the community to benefit Pennington Park, a 15-acre recreational area that provides RV hookups, camping, fishing, boat ramp access, walking trails and a swimming hole. The city hopes to have the improvements completed by the opening of the 2018's park season in May.


Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard has had a whirlwind of blessings in the past 12 months, including the birth of his daughter right before Christmas 2017. Sometimes when time is moving so quickly, and things are happening so fast, it's a good idea to slow down and observe/appreciate the little moments—like the one his wife Hayley posted on Instagram yesterday.

In the photo, the Hubbards are sharing what appears to be an everyday show of affection—a quick kiss for the camera. However, Hayley explains there is so much more behind this captured second in time.


If you're flying solo for Valentine's Day today, and you're NOT feeling sorry for yourself about it . . . Whiskey Riff suggests you celebrate that fact. Get with some friends, pour something refreshing, and CRANK these ten songs at full volume.


 1."Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"Shania Twain

 2. "Little Red Wagon"Miranda Lambert

 3. "I'm Gettin' Stoned"Eric Church

 4. "Drunk On A Plane"Dierks Bentley

 5. "When It Rains It Pours"Luke Combs

 6. "Somethin' Bad"Miranda Lambertand Carrie Underwood

 7. "Heart Break"Lady Antebellum

 8. "Miss Me More"Kelsea Ballerini

 9. "You Broke Up With Me"Walker Hayes

 10. "Sway"Danielle Bradbery


Music City Minute: Luke Combs, & Country Artist’s Valentine’s Day Advice! 

I love stories of how country artists are inspired, and this one's great on so many levels. Luke Combs came across a photo that reminded him of the exact day he decided to be a country singer.  

It was four years ago… on February 14th, 2014… and he was in the crowd at an Eric Church concert. He's standing in the front of general admission against a barricade, and you can tell he's all-in.

Here's what he wrote in the caption, "That's the day the kid you see on the left KNEW that he wanted to do what that guy on the right was doing. Thanks for the inspiration, Chief."


Chances are, Luke Bryan will be off the grid and unreachable tomorrow. His Valentine's Day is always reserved for his wife. Luke said, "Well, I mean Valentine's Day is… it's kinda me and Caroline's day just to go and just being with one another for a full day."


Billy Currington’s mom talked him into giving his grade school girlfriend a Valentine's Day gift. Billy says, "We got her a box of chocolates or whatever it was. I remember going down to her classroom and knocking on the door, getting her to come to the door. I remember handing it to her, and then I took off running." Here’s Billy with his love, lookin’ all dressed up! 


And Dierks Bentley might have the best advice of all for guys on the big day tomorrow. Dierks wants guys to open the door for the lady, he says, "It's a nice thing to do. Unlocking the door for somebody to get in the car. If you're doing that you're obviously thinking about ways to be respectful, be considerate, be kind and be thoughtful and make for a good first date." I’m sure he did all of those things to capture his wife Cassidy’s heart back in the day! 

Music City Minute: Rodeo Engagements, Brett Young, & Kelsea Ballerini

The first weekend of rodeo is in the books and we captured two exciting moments at the Josh Abbott Band show Saturday and the Midland show yesterday. 

First on Saturday at the rodeo during the Josh Abbott Band concert a friend of mine and listener of the show Britney got engaged to her now fiancé Austin! I think it might go viral it has over 12,000 views! 


Then yesterday it happened again at the Midland concert! A couple got engaged on stage at the show, that video is on our Y100 Facebook page as well! Who knows what’s going to happen on Valentine’s Day this week.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day Brett Young feels strongly about the holiday. He says, "I feel like a lot of the things that are done or said on Valentine's Day are things that should be done and said year round and they're too easily forgotten. He goes on to say, "So I always celebrate it but I do think that people should remind themselves on a day like Valentine's Day that everything that they're doing and saying are things that they should remember and do and say on a regular basis." Preach Brett, preach.


Now that Kelsea Ballerini is headlining her own tour, she's finding out what it's like to have the audience sing EVERY single word of her songs. She posted a clip from her show on Saturday… and the crowd stays with her for every beat of "Love Me Like You Mean It".

Best of Rodeo 2018

Best of Rodeo 2018

See the best moments from Rodeo

Rodeo has been amazing so far! Check out some of the best moments with Y100!

Kayla got hooked up with passes to meet Brad Paisley!

Duane representing our Air Force scored some passed to meet Brad Paisley!

Sheriff Brody made a friend indeed!

Y100 listeners in the suite for Cam!

Sarah and Victoria loved the Luke Combs show!

The sloths at Zoomagination are a big hit again this year!

Samantha and Robert celebrated their 9 year wedding anniversary by meeting Rascal Flatts!

Midland brought a guest on stage for another MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!

The newly engaged couple came by to celebrate at the Y100 Party Barn!

Chris checked out some of the food and shopping and FOOD at the Rodeo!

Y100 listeners Britney and Austin getting engaged during the Josh Abbott Band show can’t be beat! 

Roxanna and Gilbert got to meet Kip Moore! 

We got a special Rodeo Report from Albanee on the Lion Llama!

Baby Ava got her first taste of Rodeo!

J.R. caught up with Brett Eldredge before his show!

J.R. and Brody surprised a couple with passes to meet Brett Eldredge!

Can’t forget about all the great Rodeo food!

The Swift Swine Pig Races are a must see every year!

Music City Minute: Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley

A huge Swedish Garth Brooks fan tweeted a video to Garth asking what she and her husband should do on their honeymoon road trip from Texas to Florida. Well, Garth invited the couple over for dinner while hosting his weekly Inside Studio G broadcast, telling the couple that they should make a stop in Nashville on the honeymoon.

Though Garth says he might get his "butt kicked" by Trisha for the impromptu invitation, he hopes he can talk her into cooking something good for the occasion. 

Luke Bryan posted a video where he's teaching his seven-year-old son Tate how to do skeet shoot. They're in a field and he tells him to "spread his feet a little bit" and "say pull." Tate does as instructed… and hits the target.

Dierks Bentley has partnered with a company called Flag & Anthem to create a new lifestyle collection. It's mostly men's clothing like hoodies, T-shirts, hats, denim, and jackets. You can check it out at


Brad Paisley joked about country artists and their wardrobes during an appearance at the Country Radio Seminar earlier this week. He said, “I think we all know that famous people have stylists. And yes, that includes country singers. They don't just happen to show up looking perfect… even if "looking perfect" means torn jeans, floppy hats, and boots.”

He also said, "There are very few George Straits that really do rope and ride most of the day.

"When you become an artist, you get a stylist, and you're wearing things you would never wear to Whole Foods. So we're all playing a bit of dress up." 

He also treated them to a stripped-down version of "He Didn't Have to Be". But first he gave a little history, quote, "This [song] is the only reason I'm still here. If I hadn't had this, you never would have let me through the door.


MUSIC CITY MINUTE: Jason Aldean Pokes At Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood To Be Heard At 2018 Winter Olympics

Jason Aldean had some fun poking at his buddy, Luke Bryan on social media yesterday! Now to understand Aldean’s joke, you’ll need go back to 2016, when Luke snapped his collarbone in a bike accident resulting in him wearing a sling to kick off his Farm Tour.

So when Luke posted a photo to Instagram to share a brand new bike he bought with the caption, “Getting geared up. Let’s ride.”; Jason Aldean saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass up and commented, “Hey bro. You might wanna put some training wheels on that thing this year.”

Stay safe, Luke!


Carrie Underwood is quickly becoming the country music ambassador for sports. Her song, “Champion” which was used to open the Big Game this past Sunday, will now be heard during the 2018 Winter Olympics! Being that Carrie is married to NHL player Mike Fisher, she says she’ll be following one sport in particular.

"I think an Olympic sport I found myself watching, one I never really watched growing up is hockey,” said Underwood, “I didn't know that much about hockey growing up in Oklahoma and now, obviously, that I'm married to a hockey player obviously I'm into hockey these days."

You can hear Carrie’s song “Champion” on the 2018 Winter Olympics when they start tomorrow.


Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay says now that Shay Mooney is a dad, he’s been on the receiving end of some pressure to have kids of his own. Him and his wife, Abby think it could be because of the recent Nashville Baby Boom.

"We definitely want to have kids at some point in the future down the road. At first, Abby was like, 'No, we like...we should just rescue a million dogs, I don't know’,” said Smyers, “And then like all of our friends started having kids. Especially in this town [Nashville], I feel like everybody's pregnant either pregnant or just had a kid recently."

Shay was quick to point "There's been a baby boom for sure."

The baby boom in Nashville they’re referencing is REAL. New dads include Tyler Hubbard of FGL, Thomas Rhett, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Lee Brice, AND Chris Lucas of LoCash. Babies everywhere!!

Looking for new boots? 🤠

Ulli Johnston, better known as The Boot Whisperer, is just up the road in Wimberley at The Wild West Store. She has been known to have the ability to find the perfect pair of boots for you! 

Find out more about the Wild West Store here

Good luck on the journey to finding that perfect pair!

- Brody

Music City Minute: Alan Jackson, Kelsea Ballerini, Garth Brooks, Tyler Hubbard

Less than one year after being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Alan Jackson will earn a coveted spot in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Alan is among the 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees who were announced on yesterday. These songwriters will be recognized during the 49th Annual Induction and Awards Dinner in New York City on June 14.


Kelsea Ballerini launches her "Unapologetically Tour" this week, and when she’s on the road she sticks with a strict diet...with a few tasty exceptions: (Kelsea Ballerini) "I just try to be healthy. The only thing that gets me is after show food when it's Mexican food or Chick-fil-A...every time I'll eat it. But other than that, I try to be like 90 percent healthy, 10 percent what I want [laughs]. The 10 percent's the really fun part." 


Happy Birthday Garth Brooks, he turns 56 today and has had a pretty awesome birthday week so far. Jason Aldean gave his fans a one-of-a-kind moment during a special show on Monday night in Nashville, when Garth Brooks joined him onstage for a two-song set.

Jason was onstage in the ballroom of the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville as part of a special Amazon Music event during the annual Country Radio Seminar when Garth unexpectedly joined him onstage. The superstar pair performed Jason’s hit "My Kinda Party," and then wrapped their performance with Garth’s iconic "Friends in Low Places." Check out the video above to hear part of "Friends in Low Places," which featured Garth’s on the first two verses, with Jason taking the third and final "secret" verse that was not part of the recording, but Garth has been including in his live shows for years.

Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line recently became a new Dad and just started back touring with the band. Spending time away from his little girl is definitely going to be an adjustment, but videos like this surely help! Check out the adorable video Tyler’s wife Hailey sent him while he was on the road:

Music City Minute: Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Chris Janson, Hillary Scott

Shocking news about Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan… Dierks was at a seminar in Nashville yesterday, when he casually mentioned that he they are NOT hosting this year's ACMs. 

He said it on stage as a photo of them hosting flashed on the screen. He blurted out, "That's over. We got fired. Is that not common knowledge?" Well, It wasn't. Word spread quickly, so the ACMs had to confirm it. Although they didn't say why.

They added that this year's "host information" will be announced in two or three weeks. Dierks and Luke co-hosted the past two years, and Luke did it with Blake Shelton from 2013 through 2015. 

Dierks says he has no harsh feelings, "The ACMs have been so good to me." This year's ACMs are going down April 15th in Vegas.


Keith Urban helped make Chris Janson's headlining debut at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium pretty unforgettable last night, inviting him to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. After the two collaborated on John Michael Montgomery’s hit "Sold," Keith spoke about how far Chris has come from playing clubs night after night to headlining his very own show at the Ryman. Keith then recalled how incredible it felt the night he was invited to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry and said it was about time that Chris felt the same and become their family's newest member. Chris then told the crowd, "The Opry is where my heart is. I could probably die if I never got to do anything else."While Chris’s next Opry appearance is scheduled for February 20, his formal Opry induction will be scheduled for later this spring.


Hillary Scott has revealed the names of her identical twin girls one week after they were born. In a message posted on Instagram yesterday, Hillary said that her two girls, named Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn, were both born weighing 5.5 pounds and measuring 17 inches long. She also said that older sister Eisele has a heart full of love for her little sisters, adding that she's "already such an incredible little helper." The Instagram post included a picture of the little girls napping on their mom nose to nose, which Hillary revealed is one of their favorite places to be. 

Chris Young is in full celebration mode this week, his single "Losing Sleep" has officially become the No. 1 song at country radio. What makes this news even more special is that fact that it marks Young's 10th No. 1 as an artist! Chris says, "I'm at a loss for words. This last year has brought so many milestones and now to be celebrating my 10th #1 single at country radio is beyond amazing."

And of course we are still giving away tickets to see him at the rodeo Monday the 12th! 

Big Game, Big Commercials: The NFL Wins Big With Hilarious Parody of ‘Dirty Dancing’

Super Sunday - the one day where you don’t mind keeping yourself parked on the couch for the commercials. Every year, companies pull out all the stops for their creative ads; mostly to be the talk of the water cooler the next morning. While many expected the usual companies like Pepsi or Doritos to “win” the commercial battle; it was a “graceful” NFL Network commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. that had fans buzzing (and laughing!).

Jeep had fans talking with a nostalgic commercial that featured ‘Jurassic Park’ actor, Jeff Goldblum reenacting his famous T-Rex chase scene from the 1993 film.

Toyota went for the heart strings in their ad showcasing their partnership with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic games. The heartfelt commercial highlighted the incredible journey of 8x gold medalist, Lauren Woolstencroft.

Sound off below!! Which ad was your favorite during the Big Game yesterday?

Music City Minute: Country Music And The Big Game! 

Carrie Underwood premiered her new video for "The Champion" just prior to the kickoff of the big game yesterday, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The superstar dazzled in a silver gown encrusted with pearls and jewels, looking sexy and confident as she showed off her famous legs and belted out the inspiring anthem. The clip additionally featured a montage of cameos from NFL champs past and present, including Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen, Nick Foles and Tom Brady.

A lot of our favorite country artists were at the big game yesterday including Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, they showed them after a commercial break. The guys of Florida Georgia Line were also there and they were making bets with each other!

Tyler posted a photo about how Brian owes him money. In some of the photos you can see Brian’s wife but Tyler’s wasn’t there, she was probably home on baby duty.

Maren Morris was also at the game with her fiancé Ryan Hurd, they shared a couple selfies and some photos of the field. 

Some of our favorite country stars also were in some of the Big Game Commercials last night! Jon Pardi's version of the Tom T. Hall song "I Like Beer" was featured in a new Michelob ULTRA commercial that aired last night. Jon's re-recorded rendition serves as the anthem in the ad as celebrities such as actor Chris Pratt, pro surfer Kelly Slater and golfer Brooks Koepka sing along while performing athletic feats. The commercial helped kick off Michelob ULTRA's "You Can Do Both" campaign, which demonstrates how it's possible to be fit and still enjoy beer.

Big Kenny from Big & Rich also made a quick appearance in a commercial for Monster Cable Products you can see him right around the two-minute mark. 

And we told you about this on Friday, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson were in a commercial together to promote the upcoming season of The Voice that kicks off February 26th, and it’s basically making fun of over exaggerated country music videos. 

Music City Minute: Carrie Underwood, Justin Moore, Brantley Gilbert, Blake Shelton 

Earlier this week we told you about Carrie Underwood getting pulled over for speeding. Well, Police from the Nashville suburb of Brentwood, Tennessee, have released dash cam footage from Carrie Underwood’s traffic stop. On Monday, Carrie tweeted that she had just been pulled over for speeding for the first time ever, and the new video, obtained by Inside Edition, shows how it all went down. In the video, a Brentwood police officer approaches Carrie's Mercedes SUV and asks her, "What's the big hurry, ma'am?" To which Carrie replied, "I wasn't even paying attention. I know that's no excuse." After the officer let Carrie drive away with a verbal warning, she took to Twitter to apologize and say she felt "so ashamed." I love how it sounds so serious like “they obtained” the dash cam footage, she’s super sweet and just got pulled over for speeding.

Justin Moore recently revealed that he’s working on the follow-up to his Kinda Don’t Carealbum. Justin checked in from the road on his Hell On A Highway Tour and said, “We’ve had about three months off or so and had an opportunity to recharge our batteries and get ready to come out and have fun on the road this year with you guys, the fans. And we’re also writing for a brand new album, and just a little tidbit about it, it’s going to be the ‘countriest’ album that we’ve recorded yet. So, looking forward to continuing to write for that, record for that, and give you updates on how all that’s going.”



In Brantley Gilbert’s new “The Ones That Like Me” Video,” BG and the crew ride their steel horses across the country roads of Middle Tennessee only to find themselves back home in the arms of the ones that love them.

Dedicated to his baby boy Barrett, this new video shows you what BG is all about. Country life at its finest.


The coaches of NBC's The Voice have gone country in a new commercial that's set to air during Sunday's Big Game. Serving as a promo for the show's upcoming 14th season, the clip begins with Blake Shelton singing on a country porch as a pack of Labrador puppies and a Clydesdale horse make their cameos. Blake’s fellow coaches Adam Levine and Alicia Keys also appear in the new video, with Adam sipping some lemonade and Alicia playing the piano as she sits on a bale of hay. New coach Kelly Clarkson also shows up, walking through a meadow with a comically long fabric train trailing behind her.

Music City Minute: Reba, Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs

In a recent interview Reba McEntire admitted that it was kind of terrifying to start dating again after being married for 26 years. She had been on her own for two years when she met her new man Skeeter.

They met last summer when she was visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Kix Brooks and his wife. They wanted to do some sightseeing so they got a friend of a friend to show them around. And that friend was Skeeter! 

He showed them some of the local wildlife that included a bear, moose, and elk. But that wasn’t where Skeeter made a move.

Reba says, "I made another trip to Jackson Hole, because I love it up there, and he asked me out for a date… just the two of us. And we've been dating ever since." 

As for the terrifying part. Reba was asked an "either or" question that went like this: Which is more terrifying, the start of a new relationship or wearing a wig and mustache and playing Colonel Sanders? 

She said, "I'd say start a new relationship, because you never know. But Skeeter and I get along really well." So cute!!! 



Yesterday Carrie Underwood shared some exciting news about her husband Mike Fisher, he’s decided to "un-retire" and play for the Nashville Predators again next year. Carrie tweeted her excitement:


I’m seriously SO pumped for Luke Combs coming to the rodeo, I feel like EVERY song he sings in just amazing. Earlier this week he debuted a brand new song called “Beer Never Broke My Heart” I’m already obsessed with it, it’s just so gritty and SO country.

Music City Minute: Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Maren Morris

Kenny Chesney won't just hit sold-out stadiums on his upcoming "Trip Around the Sun Tour;" he'll also give fans a more intimate concert experience with 21 additional amphitheater shows. Kenny announced yesterday some additional dates including a show at the Austin360 Amphitheater May 16th! 

Luke Bryan made a huge announcement yesterday, he added 13 stadium dates to his "What Makes You Country Tour." Sam Hunt is the special guest on those shows, along with Jon Pardi. Carly Pearce and Morgan Wallen will also be opening select shows and that’s GREAT and all but yesterday we stumbled upon the news that Luke Bryan is COMING BACK TO SA!!! He’ll be back at the AT&T Center September 6th, we don’t have a lot of information yet, we haven’t been told who’s opening for him, or when tickets go on sale, but I promise as SOON as we know, we will let you know! For now, we can just fan girl out that he’ll be here September 6th! 


The countdown is on till Maren Morris ties the knot with fiancé Ryan Hurd. On Monday night, Maren shared a picture of the happy couple raising their glasses along with a message saying, "Two months till we say 'I do.'" While Maren's post didn't reveal the exact date for their upcoming wedding, we do know a few more details about the big day. 

Her fiancé Ryan said their must-haves at their reception will be tequila, which Maren said is actually her go-to for calming the nerves and energizing. So, what else will they need for their wedding? Maren says, "Excellent fiancé, dog, tacos - yeah, it's gonna be a reflection us and our tastes!"


And speaking of Maren Morris she posted a clip of herself and Miranda Lambert doing a "Glam Jam." They're backstage with their hair and makeup people singing along to TLC's "No Scrubs". They're using makeup brushes and a bottle of champagne as pretend microphones. It’s adorable.

H-E-B  Commercial with Cowboy Troy

H-E-B debuted their 2018 Big Game Commercial

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