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Photos: U.S takes on Belgium in World Cup

Dad allows son to kick a soccer ball at his head daily during World Cup

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In true World Cup spirit, Denis Todd allowed son Shane to kick a football once a day, everyday, until he could land the football on Denis’ head.

Watch Shane record his attempts, even using his younger brother for a bit of target practice, before finally scoring the head-shot on day nine.

"During the football World Cup my dad let me try and hit him on the head with a football in the garden, I don't really know why," Shane told the Belfast Telegraph.

The Todds live in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Shane, 25, is a stand-up comedian, while Denis is a former motorcycle racer who once broke more than 30 bones in an accident.

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Waffle House believes in U.S. team -- not 'Belgium Waffles'

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Waffle House doesn't serve Belgian waffles and certainly won't start now.

The Georgia-based restaurant chain took to its Twitter account Monday to proclaim, "We don't believe in Belgium waffles." Or Belgian waffles, as a follower quickly corrected. But the sentiment, a riff on American fans' "I believe that we will win" chant," was popular a day before the U.S. faces Belgium in the World Cup.

Restaurant spokeswoman Meghan Irwin says it's all in good fun. Earlier, when a follower asked for the restaurant's opinion on Belgian waffles, it tweeted: "We dominate them."

Waffle House serves American-style waffles. Belgian waffles are bigger with a lighter batter.

In Belgium, waffles have been a part of the diet for centuries. But so-called Belgian waffles aren't really served in that country. There are Brussels waffles and Liege waffles.

Video: Dog loves to watch World Cup action

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If Georges can’t turn you into a soccer fan, then nothing can. While there has been a lot of buzz about the growing number of Americans passionate about the world’s favorite sport, one important group has been overlooked during the World Cup. Dogs. Let’s face it, if any sport was designed to interest canines, it would be soccer. A ball rolling around a field for 90 minutes? Dogs the world over are drooling and panting for more. Georges is one such dog. As the YouTube video demonstrates, he gets very excited every time the ball is shown on the screen and when it is being kicked around the field. He shows little interest when there is a close-up of a player—unless said player has a ball in his hand.

His owner says that Georges will watch soccer for hours, but doesn’t care which teams wins or loses. Just keep that ball moving.

Suarez claims Chiellini bite was an accident

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Uruguay's leading striker Luis Suarez should probably consider hiring new legal counsel. His "it was an accident" defense got him nowhere with FIFA officials.

Suarez has been suspended for nine matches and four months of any soccer related activity after he reportedly bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during a match. That includes even attending his team's remaining World Cup matches. (Via Fox News Latino)

Suarez tried to claim he merely tripped into Chiellini but FIFA officials aren't buying it. The Guardian quotes his statement to FIFA: "After the impact, I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent. At that moment I hit my face face against the player, leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth." 

And I suppose his dog ate his homework too.

However, strangely enough, Chiellini called Suarez's punishment too harsh in his blog on Sportslobster: "I believe the proposed formula is excessive. I sincerely hope he will be allowed, at least, to stay close to his teammates during the games because such a ban is really alientating for the player."

Suarez has been punished for his "Jaws" impression at least twice before this incident. (Via Flickr / Global Panorama)

Most recently in 2013, he was suspended from 10 Premier League games for taking a chomp at an opposing player. (Via BBC)

His bite in the game against Italy will also cost him considerable playing time in the Premier League as a player for Liverpool. The Daily Mail points out that Suarez will have to sit out for up to 13 games and will not even be allowed to train with the team.

There were talks of Liverpool selling Suarez to another team prior to this incident but Bleacher Reportspeculates that this ban means Liverpool has almost no hope of getting their money's worth out their star player.

Uruguay already has an appeal underway but it didn't save the team from a loss against Colombia Saturday.

Robert De Niro crashes World Cup party In Brooklyn

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According to reports, Oscar-winning actor, Robert DeNiro, who was in the legendary movie "The Godfather" and starred in the film "Meet the Fockers", crashed a FIFA World Cup Party Thursday.

He really wanted to watch the U.S. vs. Germany World Cup game yesterday, but, unfortunately, he was filming his upcoming movie "The Intern" in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood.

According to Business Insider, Warner Bros. sent an email to a nearby apartment building.

"Our lead actor, Robert DeNiro, would very much like to watch the World Cup game, today at 12p," the email said. The request was to put a satellite dish on the building's roof and run a cable from it down to the street, so he wouldn't miss the game.

But before that could happen, De Niro found an easier way to watch. One of the residents in the building told Business Insider, "Apparently he found a house of people watching it and joined them."

World Cup: U.S. vs Germany

U.S. Soccer to talk to Hope Solo about domestic violence arrest

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The U.S. Soccer Federation now wants to talk to Seattle Reign goalkeeper Hope Solo after her arrest for domestic violence in Washington state.  

The president of the federation, Sunil Gulati, made that announcement while attending the World Cup in Brazil.  He said the federation plans to speak with Solo and her representatives in the next 24 hours.

Police said Solo was intoxicated early Saturday when she was accused of assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew at their home in Kirkland, a Seattle suburb.

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It’s unclear what that means for her soccer career.

KIRO-TV – Seattle tried contacting the public relations people for both the federation and the Seattle Reign.  Messages were not returned. Solo’s attorney, Todd Maybrown, didn’t return a call, either.

There is a paragraph in the U.S. Soccer Federation’s bylaws that reads, "The Board of Directors may suspend, fine, or terminate (or any combination thereof) the membership of any Member of the Federation if the Board determines that the conduct of the Member is adverse to the best interests of soccer or the Federation."

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The federation’s board may act only after a hearing.

Solo would have to be given a reasonable opportunity to present evidence in support of her position.

Her position so far has been that she's not guilty.

Maybrown has said she was a victim in the altercation.  

Internet reacts to the alleged Suarez-Chiellini World Cup bite

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The World Cup story for Tuesday should've been about how Uruguay sent four-time World Cup champs Italy home with a single goal in the 81st minute.

Instead, the Internet is in a frenzy after Luis "The Cannibal" Suarez reportedly lived up to his nickname by biting an opponent during the match. (Via BT Sport)

We can't show the video because of licensing, though if you've been online, you've probably seen it. In the 71st minute, Suarez looks to dig his face into the shoulder of Italian soccer player Giorgio Chiellini, who then throws a quick elbow. (Via Wikimedia Commons / AiluraFlickr / Sylvain Lecocq)

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Suarez and Chiellini both fell to the ground, with Suarez holding his teeth and Chiellini holding his shoulder.

Despite Chiellini's protests to the official after the incident, neither player was penalized and Uruguay went on to win the match — which will advance them to the next round. (Via Flickr / Jimmy Baikovicius)

According to The Telegraph, both players had things to say about the incident after the match. Chiellini, the apparent victim, said "Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup." Suarez's offered this less-than-stellar defense: "These situations happen on the field. I had contact with his shoulder, nothing more, things like that happen all the time." Nice. 

Suarez is right on one thing, though. For him, this does seem to happen "all the time." The Uruguayan star earned a seven-game suspension in 2010 for biting an opponent and a 10-game suspension in 2013 for the same offense. (Via Flickr / Jimmy Baikovicius)

As a Los Angeles Times reporter puts it, "Luis Suarez picked an inopportune time to officially become a serial biter," considering the whole world is watching. 

Of course the Internet wasted no time in taking advantage of a delicious opportunity:

Fans watching the World Cup also jumped in with one Twitter user saying Suarez claimed a hat-trick with his third alleged biting incident. Another user questions Suarez's vampire origins, asking, "How does [he] not burst into flames in the sunlight?" (Via Twitter / @102greatgoals@arda_ocal)

A FIFA official told the BBC the decision to investigate the incident will be made after the ruling body gets the referee's report. 

Mashable says Suarez could get anything from a one-match suspension to punishment lasting years, but adds, "FIFA has a history of issuing relatively mild sanctions in situations involving major players — even when the entire world is watching, and the game is being brought into disrepute."

Uruguay will square-up against Colombia — with or without Suarez — in the round of 16 on June 28. 

85 items
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