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Jacksonville shooting: What we know about the victims

Two people were killed and 10 others were wounded by gunshots when Baltimore resident David Katz opened fire Sunday during a video game competition in Jacksonville, Florida, officials said. One other person sustained injuries that were not gunshot wounds, according to authorities.

Katz, 24, killed himself in the melee, police said.

>> On Jacksonville Landing mass shooting updates

Although investigators have not released or confirmed the victims' identities, the victims' families told ActionNewsJax that competitors Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson were fatally shot during the "Madden 19" tournament.

Here's what we know so far:

>> On PHOTOS: Victims of Jacksonville Landing shooting

Eli Clayton, 22

Eli Clayton, 22, of Woodland Hills, California, was a talented "Madden 19" player who enjoyed success using the Jacksonville Jaguars in tournaments, according to ActionNewsJax. He was recognized by the team in 2017 for taking its digital likeness to the national finals that year, the news station reported.

A haunting video from Sunday's tournament in Jacksonville showed what appeared to be a gun's laser point on his chest before he was shot and killed, the Miami Herald reported.

Known in gaming circles as "True" and "Trueboy," Clayton was "consistently one of the best in competitive 'Madden,'" his EA Sports profile says. He reportedly took home $51,000 in prizes in head-to-head live events, winning 40 percent of his 20 games.

>> On PHOTOS: Jacksonville Landing mass shooting

"Despite a rough season, True remains one of the best around and can potentially win it all when it's done," the EA Sports website says.

In an April article by EA Sports, Clayton described himself as "really easy to get along with."

"I'm not a troublemaker," he said. "I'm always laughing and joking around. I'm just me, a cool dude. There's really nowhere to go but up, honestly."

Competitive gamer Shay "Young Kiv" Kivlen of Seattle called Clayton "one of my best friends in life" in a Twitter tribute Sunday.

"I talked to u almost everyday for the last 5 years," he wrote. "U were one of the most kind and genuine people I've ever met. I love u like a brother. I'm gonna miss hearing you laugh everyday and seeing your genuine smile."

>> See the tweet here

Taylor Robertson, 27

Taylor Robertson, a 27-year-old father from Ballard, West Virginia, also was killed in Sunday's mass shooting, ActionNewsJax reports. He is survived by his wife and young son, according to the Metro News.

Robertson, known in the gaming world as "SpotMePlzzz," had "the skill to completely take over any 'Madden' tournament," his EA Sports profile says. He reportedly took home $80,500 in prizes in head-to-head live events, winning 72 percent of his 18 games.

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"His potent offensive talent paired with his skill on defense makes him one of the toughest opponents in competitive 'Madden,'" the profile says.

Members of the "Madden" community said Robertson competed to help support his family.

"Always spoke about his wife & newborn and how he wanted the money to better their lives," @EricRayweather tweeted

>> See the tweet here

– ActionNewsJax contributed to this report.


Jacksonville shooting survivors describe gunfire, injuries: 'The tourney just got shot up'

A Florida schoolteacher says he was one of those hurt in a deadly mass shooting Sunday at a "Madden" video game tournament in Jacksonville. 

>> On Jacksonville Landing mass shooting updates

Two people were killed and nine injured by gunfire, police said. Two others sustained injuries that were not gunshot wounds, according to authorities.

The suspected gunman, David Katz, killed himself, officials said.

Dalton Kent, of Port St. Lucie, said he suffered a gunshot wound to the ankle

>> On PHOTOS: Victims of Jacksonville Landing shooting

"While the shooting happened a bullet ricocheted and hit my foot, and then once the shooting stopped we all kind of just ran away," Kent said. "I waved down an ambulance ... and they stopped"

He added: "When it happened, every time they shot, I was hoping they wouldn’t hit me. Really glad to be alive.”

>> See the interview here

Kent said he was in Jacksonville for the tournament. He said one of his friends was also shot and was badly injured.

"(My friend Larry) was shot two times," Kent said. "He’s one of the ones in critical condition. Hopefully, he comes through." 

Three people who said they were at the Madden NFL Championship Series tweeted about the incident shortly after shots rang out:

Another witness from outside the tournament said he tried to help save people after the shooting.

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"I applied pressure to the pulse; there was no pulse," the witness said. "When I took my shirt off, my brand new white T-shirt that I had, I applied pressure to the wound. I felt the pulse, I felt the pulse and then he spit up a little blood."

EA Sports Madden NFL also tweeted about the shooting:

Jacksonville shooting: Witnesses describe panic after shots fired at 'Madden' tournament

Witnesses to the aftermath of the mass shooting at Florida's Jacksonville Landing on Sunday afternoon said they took video of what was happening to try to open people's eyes about violence in the area.

>> Watch the news report here

The witnesses told ActionNewsJax that they saw victims being carried out of the Landing. 

>> On Jacksonville Landing mass shooting updates

Rico Martinez and Javari Long said they were among the first to meet terrified witnesses and victims as they ran from the Landing. 

“I [saw] a lady, she got hit in the leg, and they [were] carrying her out," Martinez said. 

Martinez said people fleeing told him and Long that a disgruntled gamer started shooting at the Madden video game tournament.

“I've never seen a grown man that shook in my life,” Long said. “The look on everybody’s face. They were terrified; they were frightened."

>> On PHOTOS: Victims of the Jacksonville Landing shooting

Long said their first instinct was to start running, but police and paramedics began arriving, so they started taking videos because they're upset over the recent spike in Jacksonville gun violence.

They specifically mentioned the triple shooting that left one person dead outside the Raines High School football game on Friday. 

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“When I went on live, I wasn’t trying to get attention; I was trying to let people see what was going on in Jacksonville," Long said. 

Jacksonville shooting victim's dad tells of 3 bullets and awful fear

When Timothy Anselmo heard his 25-year-old son had been shot at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday, the father jumped in his car and drove four hours from home in Tampa, scared he was on the way to learn his boy was dead. Anselmo’s mother in Queens, New York immediately prayed, then asked for neighbors to pray and light candles for her grandson, then ran out of her house so fast to catch a flight that she forgot to change out of her bedroom slippers.

>> On Victims identified in Jacksonville shooting

Police said three people, including the gunman who opened fire at the Jacksonville Landing, which is an open-air mall on the St. Johns River, died in the shooting, and at least nine were wounded. In spite of the Anselmos’ worst fears, the younger Timothy Anselmo, who plays under the name “OLARRY,” survived. 

He was awake and alert at UF Health Jacksonville after taking three bullets in Florida’s latest mass shooting, the family told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution around midnight in the hospital parking lot.

“I found out when I was about eight minutes away he was alive,” the professional gamer’s dad said. “I felt like I won the lotto.”

>> On Gun rights, gun control activists jump on Jacksonville before smoke clears

Jacksonville authorities identified David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, Maryland, as the shooter, who took his own life during the tournament, where competitors from around the country were playing “Madden.”

The elder Timothy Anselmo has been visiting with his son and other gamers who were at the event, including several from Georgia, while trying to piece together what happened. Gov. Rick Scott also visited the 25-year-old a few hours after the shooting.

The victim’s father said the tournament, held in the GLHF Game Bar near a Hooters, was exciting for the players who have known each other only online for years. At the such events, they can finally see their friends, “the face behind the microphone.”

>> On PHOTOS: Victims of Jacksonville Landing shooting

Then horror erupted unexpectedly.

“They said this (shooter) played with them for a few years, and he didn’t associate with any of them. Somebody would ask him a question and he’d say, ‘None of your business,’” the victim’s father said. 

The elder Timothy Anselmo said his son, Travis, was watching a live stream online of the game when he heard, “pop, pop, pop, pop,” then silence. He called his brother but got no answer several times.

The brother finally called back and said he’d been shot. He’d fled the room with others and ran into a Hooters cook who was outside having a smoke. The cook ushered the victim to safety and wrapped up one of his wounds. 

The family was amazed he survived three shots. 

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"He was aiming for Timmy,” Maria Anselmo said almost incredulously in the parking lot. “Three times, he was aiming for Timmy.”

The gamer’s father wasn’t so sure the shooter wasn’t just aiming for whoever was in his path.

One bullet struck the 25-year-old’s chest and was still lodged inside his body late Sunday. Another hit his hip. Another hit a devastating spot for a professional gamer: one of his hands, badly damaging his middle finger.

“Now he may never be able to play again,” his dad said, “because the doctors say he might not be able to have feeling.”

He has surgery scheduled for Monday.

Indianapolis Colts unveil stadium suite for breastfeeding moms

Nursing mothers who are fans of the Indianapolis Colts can now feed their infants at Lucas Oil Stadium on game days, WXIN reported.

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The National Football League team on Thursday announced a lactation suite for nursing at the stadium. The private suite will allow mothers comfortable seating, a lockable door and an electrical outlet for breast pumps, the Colts said in a news release.

The facility was built by Mamava, which designs lactation suites and pods.

“We are so pleased to support moms with this new option during game days,” Kalen Jackson, the Colts’ vice chairman and owner who is also a new mother, said in the news release. “Whether it’s for fans, guests or stadium staff, the Mamava suite will give moms the chance to enjoy a game, while also providing them a clean, private location to care for their child if they so choose.”

“It’s just awesome to be able to do that and not have to go home or have to stay at home from a Colts game to do that,” fan and mother Katie Stephenson told WXIN.

The new suite adds to the “mother's rooms” currently located on two levels of the stadium, WTHR reported.

Steelers fan in full uniform sneaks onto practice field to challenge Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Steelers training camp took a bizarre turn Saturday when a man made his way onto the practice field with the apparent intention of challenging superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown.

>> Watch the news report here

In a video posted to social media, team staff can be seen ushering the man off the field behind Brown, who can be heard saying, “My boy said he ain’t embarrassing himself at all; he wanna check me. Let him check me real quick.”

>> Watch the clip here

The man, wearing a black and yellow uniform that isn’t Steelers issue, wore No. 43 – the number worn by former Steelers defensive icon Troy Polamalu.

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It wasn’t immediately clear who the man was or how he got onto the field.

2 Miami Dolphins, other NFL players kneel during national anthem in preseason openers

Miami Dolphins receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee on the sideline during the national anthem before Thursday’s NFL preseason opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Miami Herald reported.

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“Being a part of this protest hasn’t been easy,” Stills told WFOR. “I thought I was gonna be by myself out there and today I had an angel with me, with Albert (Wilson) being out there. I’m grateful that he sees what’s happening and he wants to stand up and do something about it as well.”

In addition, Miami defensive end Robert Quinn raised a clenched right fist during the anthem.

"As a black man in this world, I've got an obligation to raise awareness,'' Quinn said after the game. "If no one wants to live in unity, that's why we're in the situation we're in.”

Stills’ protest came after President Donald Trump accused players of disrespecting the American flag. He has kneeled during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, ESPN reported.

Trump responded with a tweet Monday morning, posting that the “NFL players are at it again.”

Numerous players from different teams, Trump tweeted, “Wanted to show their ‘outrage’ at something that most of them are unable to define.”

“They make a fortune doing what they love,” the President said, ending his tweet by telling players to “find another way to protest.”

“Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!” he tweeted.

Last month, the NFL suspended its new anthem policy, which mandated that players stay in the locker room if they wanted to protest, WFOR reported.

"There has been no change in the NFL's policy regarding the national anthem," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement issued Thursday night. "The anthem will continue to be played before every game, and all player and non-player personnel on the field at that time are expected to stand during the presentation of the flag and performance of the anthem. Personnel who do not wish to do so can choose to remain in the locker room.

"We remain committed to working with the players to identify solutions and to continue making progress on important social issues affecting our communities."

Wilson sat during the anthem once last season, refusing to stand while playing for the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5 against the Houston Texans, the Herald reported.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who first brought the protests to light when he took a knee in August 2016 while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, tweeted his support for Stills and Wilson.


In Seattle, three members of the Seahawks ran into the tunnel before the national anthem, according to The Associated Press.

Defensive linemen Branden Jackson and Quinton Jefferson, and offensive lineman Duane Brown exited the field after team introductions and before the anthem. They returned to the sideline after the anthem ended.

In Jacksonville, four Jaguars were not on the field when the anthem was played before their home game against New Orleans, ESPN reported. Linebacker Telvin Smith, cornerback Jalen Ramsey, running back Leonard Fournette and running back T.J. Weldon left the field and returned after the anthem.

At Baltimore, both teams stood, but Ravens linebacker Tim Williams stood alone in front of the bench with his back toward the field, ESPN reported.

Ex-NFL star Jerod Mayo's missing dog found dead in trainer's house

The dog belonging to former New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo has been found dead, the Rhode Island SPCA said.

>> Serial pet killer may have mutilated, slain 7 cats; $3K reward offered in search for suspect

The organization said the body of Knox, a 5-year-old English bulldog, was found in a home in Cranston, where its dog trainer lives. 

Cranston police have charged Ameila Ferriera with obstruction.

RISPCA said evidence indicates Ferreira has known about the whereabouts of Knox's dead body for several weeks and concealed his body from investigators. 

>> On Man who threw dog off bridge charged with animal cruelty, claims pup liked it, officers say

Investigators said additional charges may be filed depending on the results of a necropsy to determine how the animal died. 

On his Instagram page, Mayo wrote, "Unfortunately, the answers we prayed for regarding Knox aren't the ones we were ready to face."

Police in Wrentham, Massachusetts, were called to Joe's Rock, the conservation area off of West Street, for a report of a lost dog in June. 

At that time, Knox was being walked with another dog by a trainer from Cranston, Rhode Island, police said.

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The trainer then lost track of Knox while taking care of the other dog, and Knox disappeared, police said.

The trainer called police, who responded and searched the area, authorities said.

Nike decides not to renew deal with Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston

Nike has decided not to renew its endorsement deal with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, a company official told ESPN on Friday.

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Winston’s contract with the apparel company expired before the NFL announced the quarterback’s suspension for the first three games of the 2018 season. The NFL handed down the suspension -- for violating the league’s personal conduct policy -- after Winston was accused of groping a female Uber driver in 2016, ESPN reported.

After originally denying that the incident took place, Winston apologized after the suspension was announced in late June, ESPN reported.

Winston won the Heisman Trophy in 2013 while leading Florida State University to a national title. He was the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

Calls to Winston's marketing agent, Russ Spielman, were not returned Friday, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

Rapper Lil Wayne sends gifts to 49ers' coach and 'namesake' son

San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has remained coy about whether he named his son after the surname of rapper Lil Wayne.

However, the hip-hop artist seemed convinced, sending the coach and his 8-year-old son some gifts, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

In a May podcast, former NFL quarterback Chris Simms said that Lil Wayne is a favorite of the coach, “so he named his little boy Carter.”

Shanahan heard from 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garcon that Lil Wayne had heard about his namesake -- the rapper’s given name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. -- and as San Francisco opened training camp, Garcon had a package for the coach, ESPN reported.

The swag included an autographed poster and copy of the CD “The Carter IV” for Shanahan, and a signed poster and copy of “The Carter III” for Carter Shanahan.

"Mine has the cuss words, the one he gave to my son was edited," said Shanahan, who is a fan of rap music. "That was very thoughtful, so I can actually play it for my son. It was pretty neat. He was pumped. I showed him when I got home. He still doesn't know how cool it actually is."

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