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‘Psychedelic swamp’ in Florida displays rainbow colors

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Florida Landscapes, a public Facebook group of almost 10,000 members, invites social media users to post original photos of unique landscapes and cityscapes in the state. 

On Wednesday, a post to the group's page showed a Tallahassee swamp -- a wetland area not usually recognized for its beauty -- in a new light. 

Michael Hussey posted the photo of a "Psychedelic Swamp" with water that appears to be blue, pink, yellow, green and purple.

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"This happens every year as leaves begin to decompose in the water," Hussey wrote. "The decomposing leaves release tannic acid, and when the sunlight hits it, you see this gorgeous rainbow effect over the water.”

So far over 1,300 people have liked the photo on Facebook, and it has over 2,200 shares on the social media site.

The original photo was posted on Hussey's personal Facebook page last February. 

Psychedelic  SwampThis happens every year as leaves begin to decompose in the water.  The decomposing leaves release...Posted by Michael Hussey on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Do You Like The Dad Bod?

As a female, I favor this article 110 percent. I'm a fan of the dad bod - which if you haven't heard yet - is "a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, ‘I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time."

As long as you're healthy, I think the dad bod says you're easy going enough to have a good time, and that I won't have to worry about not having to partake in certain activities just because you're watching your diet so closely, (weekend outings, trying new restaurants & foods, etc.)

And this, is the explanation a college student wrote that sparked this whole recent "dad bod" talk:

The youth of America have been whispering about something they call the “dad bod” for years, trading definitions on Urban Dictionary and presenting photographic evidence on Total Frat Move. But it wasn’t until last month—when 19-year-old Clemson University sophomore Mackenzie Pearson published the explanatory essay “Why Girls Love The Dad Bod” on the college-focused website the Odyssey —that the term broke out of the teenage vernacular and into the general population.

“In case you haven't noticed lately, girls are all about that dad bod,” Pearson wrote. “The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, ‘I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.’ ”

“There is just something about the dad bod,” Pearson continued, "that makes boys seem more human, natural, and attractive.”

Pearson’s piece has since emerged as the definitive primer on the dad bod, educating the women of the Cut and the guys of GQ on the appeal of the body type. I talked to Pearson about Hollywood’s most famous dad bods, what men think of the term, and how her own dad maintains his dad bod. (Our interview has been condensed and edited.)

Slate: Nobody at Slate had ever heard the term “dad bod” before reading your piece. But then I Googled it and learned that the younger generation has been discussing the dad bod for quite some time. Do you remember when you first heard about it?

Mackenzie Pearson: My friend pointed it out at the beginning of this year. We’d be walking around campus, and she’d whisper: That’s a dad bod. That’s a dad bod. I eventually became really familiar with the body type and was able to identify it. I don’t hear it a lot in daily conversation; it’s not really common lingo. But it’s a lot more common now. … I have no idea why the article took off so fast, but it really has caught fire. People are loving it. It’s been crazy.

Slate: If you used the term “dad bod” with 100 American 19-year-olds, how many of them do you think would know what you were talking about?

Pearson: I’d say about 40 percent, maybe 50. It’s definitely something where, if you know the term, you are very familiar with it. You know what a dad bod is and what it looks like. But if you don’t know, you kind of have to look at it and learn about it a bit more to be able to identify it.

Slate: So what is a dad bod?

Pearson: A dad bod is a guy who is not incredibly chiseled, but at the same time, is not unhealthy. He’s not overweight. He’s probably that guy who played football in high school and came to college and didn’t play football. Maybe he had a few too many slices of pizza, or a few too many ramens, and just ended up with a little bit of squish on top of his muscle. It’s a healthy body. It’s a boy-next-door look. He’s the kind of person you go on a hike with, and then at the end of the day, you eat pasta and lay in bed and watch a movie.

Slate: Is there a female equivalent to this?

Pearson: Hah. Probably. I haven’t really thought about the name for that. It’s probably just a normal girl body; maybe a little wider in the hips, and maybe a little bigger-chested.

Slate: Like “curvy”?

Pearson: Maybe. I feel like a good word to describe it would be thick. Not a big person, but just a thick person. Someone who isn’t too thin-looking, but has got some meat on her bones.

Slate:  Which famous men have dad bods?

Pearson: Chris Pratt, before he got all bulked up for that movie. He definitely has one. John Mayer kind of has one. Any dad celebrity, for the most part, is probably going to have a dad body.

Slate:  What about Jon Hamm?

Pearson: Yes. He’s got a great one. Jason Segal. He’s got a good one.

Slate:  What have men had to say about the article?

Pearson: I’ve had a surprising number of men and boys contact me saying, “I’ve had trouble with my body image. I’ve been insecure about my body because I’m a bigger guy. I’m a thick guy.” They’re reaching out and saying, “This really helped me with my self-confidence.” A lot of guys have been tweeting pictures of themselves at the beach, like, “Thanks for the encouragement. I’m strutting my dad bod proud today.” That’s been really great to see, that it’s caused such a positive ripple effect.

Slate:  Are some of these guys trying to go out with you?

Pearson: I’ve had a few offers. Yeah. Quite a few.

Slate: Some of my colleagues were saddened by the dad bod article, because it seemed to say that a lot of the appeal of the dad bod lies in a woman’s own insecurities.

Pearson: That was totally not the intention of the article. I think of myself as a very secure woman. I’m very proud of my body and who I am. But it is something that my friends have talked about, and like any other girl, I do have insecurities. I don’t want a guy to tell me what I can or can’t eat.

Slate: Has your dad read it?

Pearson: My dad has read it. He called me this morning to talk about it. My dad is super into CrossFit. He’s super, super fit and really healthy. He actually found a comment where someone had uploaded a picture from Facebook saying, “This is her, this is actually her and her dad!” My dad looks young. People think we’re dating all the time, because he’s in such great shape. He told me that he got a kick out of it. He sent it to my entire extended family, saying, “Look how funny my daughter is!” He’s really enjoyed the comments and the attention.

Slate: So does your dad have a dad bod, or is he too fit to have a dad bod?

Pearson: My dad actually does have a pretty good dad bod. He’s a dad, obviously, and he’s fit. But like any guy who’s in his late 40s, early 50s, he’s got that little bit of flab you just can’t get rid of.

Slate: All the other terms I’ve heard to describe male bodies are specifically for gay men. Bears, otters, twinks. Dad bod feels like something new.

Pearson: Yeah. You really don’t hear a lot of people talking about male bodies. Nobody talks about shapes of guys; they’re just guy-shaped. Some people have told me that the article is shallow, because it’s solely focused on the body. But there are a lot of terms for girls’ bodies—like ‘thigh gap’—that promote really unhealthy bodies. The dad bod is just a name for an average, healthy-looking male. I will say that whenever you’re going to date someone, don’t date them just for their body. It’s about personality and attraction. The body’s only one part of it."


Kylie Jenner copyrights her name

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Does Kylie Jenner totally understand her level of fame?

Kylie Jenner has filed an application to trademark her first name to "entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment, fashion and pop culture,"   MTV reported.

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Her sister Kendall has also submitted the trademark paperwork.

Looking at their resume, MTV reported the pair has already written a young adult sci-fi novel, secured a deal for a mobile game, starred in a reality tv show and designed a line for PacSun.

No word on if or when the applications could be approved.

Kristen Stewart Through The Years

The Walking Dead spinoff series title released

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AMC's 'The Walking Dead' spinoff show officially has a title - 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

Robert Kirkman, writer of the graphic novels and series producer, shared the title in a tweet Friday.

The spinoff is set in Los Angeles and will feature new characters and storylines.

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Madonna once dated Tupac, she says

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Madonna and Tupac Shakur - yeah, it happened!

Shakur, better known by 2Pac, passed away in September 1996 - and now, Madonna has confirmed that she was romantically involved with Shakur two years prior to his death.

Madonna said about a 1994 appearance on 'The Late Show With David Letterman', "I was mad at [David Letterman] when I said the F-word a lot. I was in a weird mood that day. I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is, he got me all riled up on life, in general. So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta."

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Madonna recently made headlines after falling at the Brit Awards. She fell backwards down a flight of stairs after an Armani cape she was wearing did not come loose in time and a dancer pulled it while still fastened.

Madonna addressed the fall, saying, "If I wasn't in good shape, I wouldn't have survived that fall. But I'm strong. I know how to fall - I ride horses. And I have core strength, and I know that saved me. That and my guardian angels."

Madonna’s new album, "Rebel Heart," was released earlier this week, on March 9.

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Barbershop quartet entertains passengers during delay

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Is there anything worse than discovering your flight is delayed, and you’re stuck waiting at the airport?

Yes, being stuck on the plane during the delay!

When a flight from Indianapolis to New Orleans was stuck at the airport last month because of maintenance issues, a crewmember discovered that barbershop quartet Port City Sound was on board. She asked them to sing a little to raise the mood, and it worked.

See their performance of "Under the Boardwalk" here. 


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