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Music City Minute: Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, & Midland! 

Garth Brooks has written his autobiography, and like everything he does, it's a big deal. It's divided into five separate multi-media packages that will be released at different times. 

Each will include a hardcover book, CDs, photos, tons of behind-the-scenes stuff… and each one will have it's own two-and-a-half hour documentary.

The first package is called "Anthology Part 1: The First Five Years", and it'll be out November 14th. That one talks about how his massive hit "The Thunder Rolls" was supposed to be released by a different artist. 

It also reveals that he was very close to NOT recording two of his signature hits, "Friends in Low Places", and "The Dance"

Each package will be available in stores at a list price of $39.98.


So, I was looking up to see if Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany is having the baby anytime soon, and well she hasn’t. But I saw that Jason Aldean and his wife, the guys of Florida Georgia Line, and their wives are all in Idaho right now relaxing on a little vacay! Maybe a little pre-baby trip? They’ve been posting some cute pictures of their fun times and you can check those out on our Y100 Facebook page. 

The guys of Midland are a modern-traditional country act, but they’re still one of the more eclectic new bands to hit country music in recent years. They’ll continue down that path by cutting a Spanish version of “Drinkin’ Problem” 

The bands main singer Mark, is from Tuscon, Arizon but used to spend a lot of time in Mexico, as he’d travel across the border with his family on Sundays to attend church service and shop at the local markets. A Spanish rendition of the track will be a natural fit for the group, who whole-heartedly embrace the Spanish culture in their own sound.

Mark says, “I speak pretty good Spanish, but to actually translate it to be correct is a little bit challenging,” So he’s having two of their friends who speak Spanish fluently are help translate the song.

Music City Minute: Scotty McCreery, Cole Swindell, & The Voice! 

Scotty McCreery is officially off the market, he proposed yesterday to his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal, in the mountains of North Carolina. Scotty asked Gabi to go on a hike with him on their favorite trail near Grandfather Mountain, which they had just discovered last year. During the hike, Scotty waited patiently for the perfect moment to pop the question and did so when the two reached the top of the mountain. Dropping down on one knee, Scotty presented Gabi a ring that he had helped design specifically for her and asked for her hand in marriage. The couple plans to tie the knot next year. 

Scotty says, "I’ve been planning this moment for so long that it feels surreal for it to have finally happened. Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I cannot wait to begin building our life together as husband and wife."

The Voice Blind Auditions continued last night and we were blessed with an amazing female country singer! Her name is Ashland Craft she sang “You Are My Sunshine” in the style of Chris Stapleton. She’s only 21, and from the small town of Piedmont, South Carolina. She originally planned to go with Team Blake and that’s what I was hoping for but she said she felt a stronger connection with Miley so that’s who she went with! She’s my favorite Voice contestant EVER in all of the 13 season’s so I’m already pulling for her. 

Cole Swindell will make his debut performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow! Cole says he’s been blessed to get to perform in a lot of special places in his career, but he’s been looking forward to appearing on Ellen his whole career. Cole says, "I have been such a big fan of hers for as long as I can remember because she’s hilarious and more so for all the great things she does for people all the time. Me and my band can’t wait to get there!" 

The Voice Is Back & Two Contestants Are On Fire! 

Finally it’s back! We’ve waited months for this and the new season of The Voice is here! Can you believe we are in Season 13!? Last night was the first night of the Blind Auditions and Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, and Miley Cyrus battled it out! I always love the Blind Auditions because they’re so uplifting and inspiring and I think they really give people hope that they can reach their dreams. 

Two contestants from last night really made an impression on the judges and America. 

Everyone fell in love with Esera Tuaolo, a 48-year-old ex-NFL player, he played for 9 years and won an NFC Championship! He sang “Rise Up” by Andra Day, and ends up going with Team Blake!

A young lady everyone’s amazed at is 15-year-old Shi’Ann Jones she sang Ray Charles “Drown In My Own Tears” and went with Team Jennifer.

Music City Minute: News On Carrie Underwood, Montgomery Gentry, & Miranda Lambert! 

Last week we told you about two Canadian songwriters claiming that the hook of Carrie's 2014 song "Something in the Water" is identical to that of a song they claim to have composed and pitched to Underwood’s team in 2012.

A spokesperson for Carrie Underwood has issued a statement regarding the song theft lawsuit and says, "This is a deeply personal song regarding Carrie’s faith and she is saddened that anyone would attempt to challenge that for financial gain." 

The statement goes on to say that neither Carrie nor any of her co-writers have ever heard or received the plaintiffs' song, adding that they fully expect Underwood and her co-defendants to be "vindicated in the courts." 

Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery has broken his silence on the tragic death of his duo partner Troy Gentry in a helicopter crash on September 8. In his statement, Eddie spoke of how the loss of his friend Troy has affected him as well as the new music the two were creating together. Eddie said, "Our world was turned upside down in an instant, and nothing could have prepared us for this. Over the past few months me and T-Roy have been working on what I think is the best record of our career. In the last few weeks we had been talking about what our first single would be. Then on September 8, none of that mattered."

Eddie then spoke of their new single, "Better Me," calling it "a song we all loved and Troy sings his ass off on it." He continued, "It speaks volumes about his life, and who he had become, and everybody he touched and how much he loved his family. I am so proud of this song and also to call him my friend, my family, my brother for 30 years."

The dating struggle is so real even for famous people! You know, it’s not easy dating someone as famous as Miranda Lambert but her boyfriend Anderson East says it’s definitely been eye-opening. He says, “you can’t read too deep into anything especially in the checkout line at the grocery store. It's weird having your sister call and say, 'Are you getting married?' And you're like, 'No, just stop.”

Music City Minute: News on Luke Bryan, George Strait, & Brett Eldredge!

It's been FOUR MONTHS since ABC announced that they're bringing "American Idol" back, and that Katy Perry will be the lead judge. And now, they've finally secured Judge #2.

There's no official announcement yet, but supposedly it's only a matter of time.

Luke has been in "Idol's" talks for a while, but according to reports, he was holding out for more money because the show was low-balling him.

There's no word on how much he's making, but it'll be a fraction of the $25 million that Katy is raking in. There's still no word on a third judge… and at the rate this is going, you might not want to hold your breath. That said, filming is set to begin in a week… so they're really under the gun.

Luke hasn't commented, and he probably won't until he signs a contract.


As we know Rockport is still recovering after being hit hard by Hurricane Harvey last month. On Thursday George Strait met with residents in Rockport to offer hope. He was joined by Governor Abbott, and addressed a large crowd that had gathered at the local ACE Hardware store, assuring the residents that Rockport would not be overlooked in the ongoing recovery efforts. Here’s some of what he had to say:

It’ back! Tonight the 13th Season Premiere of The Voice! It’ll be an interesting dynamic with Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, and of course our favorite Blake Shelton! The Blind Auditions kick off at 7!

Happy Man Crush Monday! If you needed a little pick me up today, here’s Brett Eldredge singing “You Are My Sunshine” to his dog Edgar! 

Top Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

Parenting is not what it used to be. The world is full of new technology, social media, and is always changing. It’s easy for parents to go into “autopilot” but according to a few studies; we still have to watch we say around (and to) our kids. Let’s take a look at the top things parents should NOT say to their kids.

1. “Don’t eat that or you’ll get fat.”

According to a study published in “Eating and Weight Disorders”, parents should focus on the benefits of eating healthy as opposed to focusing on the negative. For example if your child isn’t thrilled about the broccoli on their plate, mention how you’re excited to make your bones stronger by eating broccoli or share these benefits with your child.

2. “I’m disappointed in you.”

Lisa Cavallaro, author of “No More Drama: How to Make Peace With Your Defiant Kid” says that this can only add to the shame and pain your child might be experiencing. Trying to make them feel responsible for your disappointment can have damaging long-term effects.

3. “You’re fine!”

A common phrase among parents who are scraping the rocks off their children’s knees, but experts advise that parents should take their children’s concerns more seriously. What may seem like a non-issue to you could be extremely important to your child at that time.

4. “ Great job!”

This one might be a confusing one but according to experts, this phrase is overused even in times when the child does a mediocre job. Experts advise “being present” in the moment by highlighting the positive details versus the generic and common “great job”.

What are some other things that should be on this list? Sound off below!


For more on what not to say to your child from, click here.

Music City Minute: New Music From Chris Janson, Midland, & Blake Shelton! 

It’s new music Friday! It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for these albums! Our favorite Texas guys Midland have a new album out today called “On the Rocks” and our good buddy Chris Janson’s album “Everybody” is out today as well! If you missed Chris on the show this morning you can listen to our interview with him about the new album on the Y100 app right now! We can’t wait to see Chris on the Tim & Faith tour October 5th! 

Speaking of our favorite guys Midland, we found out yesterday they’re going on tour with Kacey Musgraves and Little Big Town! “The Breakers Tour” tickets go on sale this morning at 10, and they’ll be in Austin at the Frank Erwin Center February 9th! 

Blake Shelton announced the release of his new album, Texoma Shore, it’ll be out November 3. The album will include Blake's brand-new single "I'll Name The Dogs," his first taste of new music since his last album If I'm Honest that came out May of 2016. Blake announced the new album on social media along with a picture of its cover art, which features Blake standing in front of a boat on a river bank. The album will be available for preorder today!  

Speaking of Blake, his lovely lady Gwen Stefani took to Twitter yesterday to confirm rumors of her new duet with Blake! In the tweet, Gwen announced the release of her new holiday album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, which will also be the name of a song on the album it’ll be out October 6th! 

Music City Minute: Midland & Chris Janson Release New Music Tomorrow!

We’re on the eve of two albums being released that fans have been craving for a long time! Chris Janson releases his new sophomore album ‘Everybody’ tomorrow and he says he chose the name “Everybody” because that’s exactly who inspired it. Janson says the album will consist of “real stories, and songs that I believe people from every walk of life can relate to. It's everybody – and it's all on this record."

‘Everybody’ album track listing: 

1. “Who’s Your Farmer” 

2. “Everybody” 

3. “Name on It” 

4. “Eyes for Nobody” 

5. “Fix a Drink” 

6. “Out There” 

7. “Little Bit of Both” 

8. “Our World” 

9. “Bein’ a Dad” 

10. “When You Like Me” 

11. “Redneck Life” 

12. “Drunk Girl” 


Midland’s ‘On The Rocks’ releases tomorrow and Mark from Midland says, “you will be transported to different places per song. It should take you to a different place emotionally and visually and that was what we were hoping to achieve when recording it and writing those songs is that they were somewhat like three dimensional if that makes sense.” The album will consist of 13 songs including the 5 that were on the band’s debut EP. Midland co-wrote every song along with some of the best songwriters including Rhett Akins. 

‘On The Rocks’ album track listing: 

1. “Lonely For You Only” 

2. “Make A Little” 

3. “Drinkin’ Problem” 

4. “At Least You Cried” 

5. “Burn Out” 

6. “Out Of Sight” 

7. “More Than A Fever” 

8. “Check Cashin’ Country” 

9. “Nothin’ New Under The Neon” 

10. “This Old Heart” 

11. “Altitude Adjustment” 

12. “Electric Rodeo” 

13. “Somewhere On The Wind” 

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