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World Cup: U.S. vs Germany

U.S. Soccer to talk to Hope Solo about domestic violence arrest

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The U.S. Soccer Federation now wants to talk to Seattle Reign goalkeeper Hope Solo after her arrest for domestic violence in Washington state.  

The president of the federation, Sunil Gulati, made that announcement while attending the World Cup in Brazil.  He said the federation plans to speak with Solo and her representatives in the next 24 hours.

Police said Solo was intoxicated early Saturday when she was accused of assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew at their home in Kirkland, a Seattle suburb.

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It’s unclear what that means for her soccer career.

KIRO-TV – Seattle tried contacting the public relations people for both the federation and the Seattle Reign.  Messages were not returned. Solo’s attorney, Todd Maybrown, didn’t return a call, either.

There is a paragraph in the U.S. Soccer Federation’s bylaws that reads, "The Board of Directors may suspend, fine, or terminate (or any combination thereof) the membership of any Member of the Federation if the Board determines that the conduct of the Member is adverse to the best interests of soccer or the Federation."

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The federation’s board may act only after a hearing.

Solo would have to be given a reasonable opportunity to present evidence in support of her position.

Her position so far has been that she's not guilty.

Maybrown has said she was a victim in the altercation.  

Internet reacts to the alleged Suarez-Chiellini World Cup bite

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The World Cup story for Tuesday should've been about how Uruguay sent four-time World Cup champs Italy home with a single goal in the 81st minute.

Instead, the Internet is in a frenzy after Luis "The Cannibal" Suarez reportedly lived up to his nickname by biting an opponent during the match. (Via BT Sport)

We can't show the video because of licensing, though if you've been online, you've probably seen it. In the 71st minute, Suarez looks to dig his face into the shoulder of Italian soccer player Giorgio Chiellini, who then throws a quick elbow. (Via Wikimedia Commons / AiluraFlickr / Sylvain Lecocq)

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Suarez and Chiellini both fell to the ground, with Suarez holding his teeth and Chiellini holding his shoulder.

Despite Chiellini's protests to the official after the incident, neither player was penalized and Uruguay went on to win the match — which will advance them to the next round. (Via Flickr / Jimmy Baikovicius)

According to The Telegraph, both players had things to say about the incident after the match. Chiellini, the apparent victim, said "Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup." Suarez's offered this less-than-stellar defense: "These situations happen on the field. I had contact with his shoulder, nothing more, things like that happen all the time." Nice. 

Suarez is right on one thing, though. For him, this does seem to happen "all the time." The Uruguayan star earned a seven-game suspension in 2010 for biting an opponent and a 10-game suspension in 2013 for the same offense. (Via Flickr / Jimmy Baikovicius)

As a Los Angeles Times reporter puts it, "Luis Suarez picked an inopportune time to officially become a serial biter," considering the whole world is watching. 

Of course the Internet wasted no time in taking advantage of a delicious opportunity:

Fans watching the World Cup also jumped in with one Twitter user saying Suarez claimed a hat-trick with his third alleged biting incident. Another user questions Suarez's vampire origins, asking, "How does [he] not burst into flames in the sunlight?" (Via Twitter / @102greatgoals@arda_ocal)

A FIFA official told the BBC the decision to investigate the incident will be made after the ruling body gets the referee's report. 

Mashable says Suarez could get anything from a one-match suspension to punishment lasting years, but adds, "FIFA has a history of issuing relatively mild sanctions in situations involving major players — even when the entire world is watching, and the game is being brought into disrepute."

Uruguay will square-up against Colombia — with or without Suarez — in the round of 16 on June 28. 

Man wins $916 on bet that Suarez would bite opponent

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For one World Cup fan, Luis Suarez's third bite was the charm.

According to Norway's Afterposten newspaper, Norwegian man Thomas Syversen won 5,600 krone – about $916 – on a bet that Uruguay's Suarez would chomp down on an opponent during the Uruguay-Italy match Tuesday. The odds? 175-to-1.

"This is probably the sickest game I've handed in, not to mention the sickest game I've won," Syversen told Afterposten. (Fox Sports provided an English translation of the quote.)

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Suarez, who reportedly has bitten other players twice before, appeared to bite Italy's Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday. Uruguay won the match 1-0.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that FIFA has officially charged Suarez with biting Chiellini. If Suarez is found guilty, he could be banned for at least two matches and up to 24 months.

World Cup: American fans looking sad

Soccer great Hope Solo arrested, accused of assault

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The sounds coming from the home of Hope Solo's sister in Washington state early Saturday were loud. 

"My daughter ... her bedroom is right across from their fence and their house and she heard all the noise," said Anthony Barocio.

Anthony Barocio and his 9-year-old daughter, Haylee, were at home when a loud noise next door awoke Haylee about 1 a.m. Saturday.

"It sounded like they were kind of like banging on something," Haylee said.

"I don't know for sure but I was scared."

Kirkland police said a man called 911 to report a woman was assaulting someone inside the house. The officers arrived to find soccer great Hope Solo allegedly appearing intoxicated and upset. Her sister and 17-year-old nephew were injured. Police concluded Solo was the aggressor and arrested her.

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Solo is well-known for her world-class goalkeeping for the U.S. women's Olympic team.  The two-time Olympic gold medalist is the goalie for the Seattle Reign professional women's soccer team. 

But her sometimes troubled personal life has gotten notice, too. Two years ago, NFL player Jerramy Stevens was arrested for allegedly assaulting Solo. Hours later, the couple married; the charges were later dropped. 

Now Solo is the one in jail. And her sister's neighbor is considering moving.

"When you have a SWAT team first of all, two years ago, knocking on your door. Then you hear about this ruckus of what transpired yesterday," said Barocio.  "Yeah, draws red flags."

Solo's team plays a match in New York state Sunday, but she will still be in jail, held without bail. 

She has her first appearance Monday at Kirkland Municipal Court.

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