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Cardiac Hill Poll of the Week: More or Less Than Seven Wins for Pitt Football?

Last week, Bovada set the Over/Under for Pitt wins and losses for the 2017 football season at seven. Most predictions have about that number of wins for Pitt (I'm still clinging to eight, for what it's worth) so that seemed about where it should be.

I know we discussed win expectations for football already (and probably will again by the time the season actually starts) but since this was an over/under, I wanted to see in general where more people leaned.

But if you had to pick, are you going over or under that number? Even though you may want to say seven exactly, let's take that out of the equation.

Given that, are you taking the over or under here?

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Poll Is Pitt football more likely to win more than or fewer than seven regular games in 2017? More than seven Fewer than seven   0 votes | Results

Lucky Whitehead cut from Dallas Cowboys after link to shoplifting arrest

Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead has been cut, sources tell

WFAA-TV reporter Joe Trahan was the first to report the third-year receiver had been let go.

The news came just minutes after NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Dave Rich, Whitehead’s agent, said it was near logistically impossible for Whitehead to have committed a June 22 shoplifting for which he was allegedly arrested in Prince William County, Virginia.

According to The Associated Press, Prince William County police said Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr., 25 – Whitehead's real name – was arrested about 1:30 a.m. June 22 for stealing about $40 of items from a convenience store.

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Police couldn’t confirm that the man was the NFL player, but records matched his birthdate, the AP reported.

According to online records, a court date was missed July 6, leading to another charge. Another court date was set for Aug. 10.

Rich claimed that this was a case of mistaken identity, the AP reported. Whitehead told reporters that he “didn’t know about” the incident.

Rich told Rapoport that Whitehead could not have been in the area because he didn't fly to Virginia until 7:20 a.m. June 22 – several hours after the incident reportedly took place.

– The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Brian O'Neill, Pat Narduzzi talk quarterback Max Browne

The Roanoke Times is churning out some ACC football preview stuff with a look at the various programs in the conference. They put together a Pitt preview and a lot of the focus was on new quarterback, Max Browne.

There's not a ton there but both Pat Narduzzi and Brian O'Neill talked about Browne. One thing O'Neill said about Browne got my interest:

"He's not afraid to try to throw the ball into a tight window," O'Neill said. "Max is very good at going through his reads, from his first read to his second read all the way down to his check-down [receiver] — able to keep the play alive, not necessarily with his feet, but through his reads and being able to hit different players in different spots. "I don't think there's a throw on the field he can't make."

Typically, I take things like this with a grain of salt. I mean, teammates won't generally offer much but praise for each other. But the specifics of what O'Neill says about Browne checking through, making his reads, and finding different guys will be important this year.

The Panthers do have deep threat Jester Weah and he could be one of the conference's top receivers. But the Panthers also have a gaggle of unproven guys that will need to make plays this year. That's particularly true now with the loss of assumed No. 3 man Tre Tipton for the season.

Not only that, but the other starting receiver, Quadree Henderson, has proven he still needs work. Much of what Browne does in the passing game this year might involve the need to repeatedly move off of his first option and find someone else if that receiver isn't open and if Henderson or another guy doesn't prove to be all that reliable at getting open.

With not much proven beyond Weah, having a quarterback work through his reads and looking beyond his primary target might be more important than usual this season.

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ACCFootballRx ranks best, worst home ACC football schedules

Whenever I talk to Pitt fans about their reasons for attending (or not) games, two things generally stand out in addition to the time: the quality of the opponent and the quality of the Pitt team. In other words, fans don't want to show up to Heinz Field to see a mediocre Pitt team take on a weak opponent.

Recently, ACCFootballRx decided to rank all of the home schedules of ACC football teams this year. The Panthers finished squarely in the middle with four of their games coming against quality opponents (Oklahoma State, North Carolina State, North Carolina, and Miami). There are three duds in there with Virginia, Youngstown State, and Rice.

Among teams they've frequently played, Pitt will always have its best chance to sell tickets against Penn State, West Virginia, or Notre Dame. But the Panthers can also do reasonably well if they're playing solid ACC competition (think North Carolina) and if the they are playing well themselves. The attendance for the Panthers' last two games of the year, home contests against North Carolina and Miami, will depend in part on if the team is playing for anything.

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Athlon ranks 2017 Pitt football schedule opponents

With Penn State, Oklahoma State, and more on the 2017 Pitt football schedule, the Panthers will have their hands full. Athlon recently took a shot at ranking all 12 opponents.

Leading the way? That game with Penn State:

1. Sept. 9 at Penn State Pittsburgh knocked off the Nittany Lions at home early last year, before PSU really got rolling. This time the Panthers will have to go to Happy Valley and face an explosive offense led by quarterback Trace McSorley, running back Saquon Barkley, and a deep receiving corps.

That's a pretty easy pick, in my opinion, for any number of reasons. Of the three most difficult games by most measures, it's the only road contest for Pitt. It's a rivalry game. Penn State will also be looking for some measure of payback while trying not to let a chance to get into the College Football Playoff slip through their fingers. Oh, and the Nittany Lions are a pretty good team, too.

The list is pretty by the book to me. There are a few things that will likely stand out. First, Georgia Tech is ahead of Virginia Tech on the list. North Carolina State is also ahead of North Carolina. Those are two teams that have been decent but the Hokies and Tar Heels would typically be ahead of them in terms of difficulty.

Anything stand out to you as being right/wrong?

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Incoming Pitt women's basketball player Pika Rodriguez impressing at FIBA World Cup

I've been tracking the U.S. U19 women's basketball team that Suzie-McConnell Serio is leading at the FIBA World Cup in Italy. But there's another Pitt connection to the event as incoming freshman Pika Rodriguez is playing for Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez isn't only playing in the event but is one of the best players.

Through two games, her Puerto Rico team is 0-2. However, Rodriguez isn't the reason why. She's scored 19 points in both of the team's games and is second in the entire tournament in scoring. Amazingly, she's doing it all from the field. Her 38 points have come without the benefit of a single free throw attempt.

When Rodriguez was announced in the team's recruiting class for this season, McConnell-Serio said she can 'flat out shoot the ball and with deep range.' That last part has been true as well as she's connected on four of her ten three-point attempts.

Interestingly, from the sounds of things, Rodriguez might actually be the least-heralded of the players coming into this year's class. Sounds like a strong addition by the way she is playing in the FIBA World Cup.

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Suzie McConnell-Serio leads U19 team to 2-0 start with 91-51 win over China

Pitt women's basketball coach Suzie McConnell-Serio led the Team USA U19 team to an easy win in their first game of the FIBA World Cup on Saturday.  The team was back to it on Sunday and cruised to another easy victory - this time an easy 91-51 win over China.

So far, so good. The team cracked 90 points in each of their first two contests and has won both by an average of 38.5 points.

Next up for the team is the last game of Group play as they will face Italy, the host country, on Tuesday.

WATCH: Michael Phelps races great white shark ... sort of

Michael Phelps may be fast, but apparently not as fast as a great white shark.

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In Discovery's highly anticipated Shark Week special "Phelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White," the 28-time Olympic medalist wore a special wetsuit and monofin to take on a great white – well, sort of – in a 100-meter race.

>> Watch the clip here

Unfortunately for fans, Phelps, with a time of 38.1 seconds, lost by 2 seconds. But that wasn't the biggest disappointment: Instead of facing a real shark, Phelps was shown alongside a computer simulation of a great white. The shark's "time" in the race was based on speed data collected by scientists.

Fans were not amused.

Pitt wrestling transfer Micky Phillippi talks being back home

Last week, Pitt announced the addition of wrestler Micky Phillippi to their program. Phillippi, who spent his first year at Virginia, comes to the Panthers with three years of eligibility remaining. He's also a local guy, coming to Pitt from nearby Derry.

Coming back home was definitely a factor for him, as he said in an interview with the Trib-Review. Even despite the coaching turmoil that was occurring in Pitt's program last season, a transfer to Pitt had actually been on Phillippi's mind for quite a while.

"I thought about it all year, and I really wanted to be closer to home," Phillippi said. "I like to be around my family, and I was grateful that (Virginia coach) Steve Garland granted me a release. He wasn't happy at first about me transferring to Pitt because it was within the (Atlantic Coast Conference), but then he understood I wanted to be close to home.

Ah, there's that pesky transferring in-conference thing.

Of course in this case, though, Phillippi won't be allowed to compete right away as he has to sit a year first. That was what Pitt's basketball program had clamored for during the Cam Johnson case. Johnson, who had graduated, certainly has a little bit of a different case than Phillippi, of course. But something tells me we won't hear Jay Bilas rail about this for several weeks as he did with the Johnson case.

I digress.

Another reason for the move? Coaches, per that Trib piece. New Pitt head coach Keith Gavin and current assistant Jordan Leen, who also came from there, both recruited him to Virginia.

"Coach Gavin and coach (Jordan) Leen recruited me to Virginia. I was looking forward to working with them there. Now I can. Being at Pitt is the best thing for me."

Overall, it just seems like a really good fit.

Be sure to join Cardiac Hill's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @PittPantherBlog for our regular updates on Pitt athletics. Follow the author and founder/editor @AnsonWhaley.

Suzie McConnell-Serio leads USA U19 team to win in 2017 FIBA World Cup opener

Pitt women's basketball coach Suzie McConnell-Serio led the U.S. U19 team to a 95-58 victory over Mali on Saturday in the opening game of the 2017 FIBA World Cup.

Ironically, the tournament is being played in Italy. After the tournament, she'll be returning to the country fairly soon since last week, it was announced that the Pitt women's team would be making a trip to Italy next month to play a series of exhibition games.

Next up, the team faces China today at noon.

McConnell-Serio is no stranger to international basketball. Last year, she led the U18 team to the gold medal in the FIBA Americas Tournament.

200 items
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