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Warner Bros. denies Gal Gadot won’t do ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel if Brett Ratner is involved


A spokesman for Warner Bros. has told Business Insider that the Page Six story is not true. The tabloid story claimed Gal Gadot would not do the “Wonder Woman” sequel if Brett Ratner, who’s at the center of multiple sexual assault allegations, is involved.

“It’s false,” the spokesman said.

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Deadline reported Nov. 1 that Warner Bros.’ first-look deal with Ratner will not be renewed. The Los Angeles Times reported that RatPac-Dune Entertainment’s co-financing agreement with Warner Bros. is set to expire in 2018, citing sources that did not want to be named. “Wonder Woman 2” is set to be released in Nov. 2019.



“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot has reportedly said she will not proceed with a sequel to the 2017 movie that made her a household name unless Warner Bros. cancels its co-financing arrangement with filmmaker Brett Ratner, whose company RatPac Entertainment co-produced the first film, according to Page Six.

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Sexual harassment allegations against the “X-Men: The Last Stand” director were reported in the Los Angeles Times and included accusations made by actresses Natasha Henstridge and Olivia Munn.

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Recently, “Juno” and “Inception” star Ellen Page accused Ratner of "outing" her while preparing to shoot “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Page, 30, was 18 at the time and had not yet publicly come out as a gay woman.

Regarding Gadot’s stance, a source told Page Six: “She’s tough and stands by her principles. She also knows the best way to hit people like Brett Ratner is in the wallet. She also knows that Warner Bros has to side with her on this issue as it develops. They can’t have a movie rooted in women’s empowerment being part-financed by a man ­accused of sexual misconduct against women.”

Page Six also reported that Warner Bros. has shown Ratner the door since the allegations against him came to light.

Beyonce’s baby twins show up in leaked photos and Bey’s not happy

Not everyone is happy to see pictures of the Bey Beys on the internet.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z announced the addition of two more children to their family in in February via a beautiful Instagram post. Since the announcement, the parents have kept their summer arrivals as secretive as their fans would allow.

Following rumors and speculations, Beyoncé shared an official picture of Rumi and Sir Carter on her Instagram.

Over the weekend, pictures surfaced of the Knowles-Carter family on vacation in Miami with Rumi and Sir in full view.

Fans could hardly contain their excitement over the pictures of the babies.

But eager onlookers found out that the family intended on keeping their privacy.

The Root reported, “[K]nowing how serious the Carters are about their social media presence, and especially their fierce protection of their children, the images are slowly, surely, being scrubbed as they go up,” referring to the fact that a number of pictures of the babies on Instagram have been deleted.

While many delighted in the pictures, others joked about the lengths to which the family might go to combat the leak.

Others supported respecting the family’s privacy (though getting a peak of the Bey Beys wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world).

Talk of a Spice Girls reunion in the works for 2018

The five original members of the 1990s-era British girl group the Spice Girls are reportedly set to reunite in 2018, according to The Sun.

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Mel B, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Geri Halliwell, have allegedly been taking part in secret talks regarding a potential reunion since the summer, with a 2018 date now agreed for a reunion. The group are also said to have agreed to a one-off TV special, also slated for 2018.

“The five of them have been locked in secret talks since the summer, and finally they are all on-board for a 2018 reunion,” a source told The Sun. “As it stands, they will be working together on a series of projects, which will include an album and a TV special celebrating the Spice Girls.

“And getting Victoria to agree has been a coup for everyone involved, given she has always been the person holding back on a reunion,” the source added.

Back in 2016, Mel C spoke about a potential reunion with the BBC, but she said it wouldn’t be the same without all five members.

“If there’s a piece missing, it’s not the full picture; we weren’t just a band with interchangeable parts,” she said.

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“Obviously I love the girls and totally respect what they want to go on to do, but to me, Spice Girls is a five-piece.”

Country rocker Brantley Gilbert, wife Amber welcome son in Athens, Ga.

Country rocker Brantley Gilbert and his wife, Amber, welcomed their son into the world Saturday in Athens, Georgia.

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Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert made his debut at Piedmont Hospital about a week early, weighing in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces, according to People magazine.

“Honestly, I’m just speechless,” Gilbert told People.

“Amber and I are just so thankful and blessed to have this beautiful little boy,” he said.

“It’s even more than I could’ve ever imagined,” Gilbert said.

Baby Barrett’s middle name, the hyphenated Hardy-Clay, comes from each parent’s family. Hardy comes from Amber’s father’s side and Clay from Gilbert’s side, according to People.

Nicole Kidman featured on husband Keith Urban’s new single ‘Female’

It’s been the buzzworthy topic since Keith Urban performed “Female” on the CMA Awards Nov. 8.

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The song lyrics — co-written by Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon and Shane McAnally — were inspired by the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations. However, the positive, empowering words impacted Keith Urban, the father of two little girls, so strongly that not only did he have to record it, he invited two strong women to join him on it, he said.

One of them was his wife, actress Nicole Kidman.

“She’s on there with Nicolle Galyon, who also wrote the song,” Keith told The Associated Press. 

“I thought it was nice and very personal to blend these girls into the song because it felt very, very right. That’s what the song means to me,” he said.

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Galyon, who also co-wrote Urban’s hit “We Were Us,” is no stranger to the recording studio, but neither is Kidman. The Oscar-winning actress recorded and performed her own parts in the hit movie “Moulin Rouge.” She also recorded a cover of the Frank and Nancy Sinatra song, “Something Stupid,” with Robbie Williams.

Although many have focused on the song’s message about sexual misconduct because of the line, “When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it just because she was wearing a skirt,” Urban said the song’s message is much more complex.

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“There’s a lot of facets in the song, particularly the chorus of the song is absolute pure celebration of females,” he said. 

“It’s beautiful. I heard the song more as almost like a soul-gospel-spiritual mantra.”

You really can have ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 56 years after Audrey Hepburn’s iconic film 

Classic film buffs love Audrey Hepburn’s iconic turn as Holly Golightly in the legendary 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” but until now the only way you could really have breakfast at the luxury jeweler was the same way Holly Golightly did: standing outside Tiffany’s landmark Manhattan building with a coffee and a croissant window shopping. 

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That has all changed now. Tiffany & Co. opened the Blue Box Café on Friday on the fourth floor of the company’s Fifth Avenue location, according to The New York Times. The airy space is decorated in the company’s famous robin’s-egg blue and white color scheme on everything from the walls to the chairs and even the plates.

The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” menu includes a breakfast plate named after the iconic movie and other breakfast and lunch items. 

“The space is experimental and experiential – a window into the new Tiffany,” chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff said in a statement.

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The opening comes 56 years after the movie forever enshrined the high-end jeweler into pop culture history.

Stevie Nicks abused by ex Lindsey Buckingham, new biography says

A new biography, called “Gold Dust Woman” by Stephen Davis, details alleged abuse against legendary rock singer Stevie Nicks by ex-boyfriend and fellow Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham.

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It apparently started back in 1973 when the duo was posing for their first album “Buckingham Nicks,” and the photographer told Nicks to remove her blouse in order to look “sexy.” When she was unwilling, Buckingham reportedly lost his cool, yelling, “Don’t be a f*****g child. This is art!”

The now 69-year-old singer and songwriter has since had an expansive and successful career, but she did it all despite Buckingham’s abuse, according to the new book. Davis said Nicks felt violated after the album-cover incident and considered quitting music, but then drummer Mick Fleetwood asked the pair to join his band Fleetwood Mac in 1975. While the opportunity launched them into fame, it put a strain on their relationship.

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“When they first joined the band, Lindsey had control [over Nicks],” Mick Fleetwood said. “And, very slowly, he began to lose control. And he really didn’t like it.”

After Nicks and Buckingham’s first album was released, Buckingham was reportedly upset that Nicks’ songs had performed better than his songs. By the time they recorded their second album, he had started criticizing her writing and told her she needed his input in order for her songs to be halfway decent, according to Davis’ biography. Nicks’ believed Buckingham was “hijacking” her music, and she later told her mother he had become physical and “thrown her down to the floor,” Davis wrote.

During a 1980 concert, Buckingham took things to a whole new level and tried to trip her on stage, Davis said. At one point, he even stopped playing guitar and tried to  kick her, according to the new biography. Buckingham, who reportedly never apologized for the incident, has said he doesn’t remember the incident, but the rest of the band was shocked, according to Davis

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According to the new book. during a heated argument in front of the band in 1987, Buckingham “manhandled Stevie, slapped her face and bent her backward over the hood of his car. He put his fingers around her neck and started to choke her.”

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Nicks said in the book.

According to the superstar, she and Buckingham made amends in 2013 when he reportedly agreed to treat her with respect.

WATCH: Taylor Swift rocks 'SNL' with 2 songs from 'Reputation'

Taylor Swift rocked "Saturday Night Live" for the first time since 2009 with a bedazzled snake mic and a brand new "Reputation."

>> Taylor Swift’s new album, 'Reputation,' gets favorable reviews

The pop icon, whose new album dropped Friday, performed a lively version of "...Ready for It?" over a backing track, then returned to the stage later with her guitar for an acoustic rendition of "Call It What You Want." 

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Check out the performances below:

>> Click here to see Swift's performance of '...Ready for It?'

>> Watch Swift's performance of 'Call It What You Want' here

Carrie Underwood breaks wrist, sustains other injuries in fall

Carrie Underwood broke her wrist and sustained other injuries Friday night after a fall on the steps outside her Nashville area home, The Tennessean reports.

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She was treated at a hospital for cuts and abrasions, in addition to her wrist injury, according to the paper, which cites a statement released by Underwood's spokesperson. The statement also says her recovery will “take some time.” She has since been released from the hospital.

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The Tennessean reports that Underwood's husband, former NHL star Mike Fisher, returned to Nashville overnight to care for her.

As a result of her injuries, Underwood has had to cancel her appearance at the Country Rising benefit concert, scheduled for Sunday at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. The show is being staged to raise money for victims of recent hurricanes, as well as the victims of the Las Vegas festival shooting.

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The statement from Underwood's rep says she “appreciates all prayers and well wishes.”

‘Star Trek’ icon George Takei accused of sexual assault

Former “Star Trek” actor George Takei has been accused of sexual assault stemming from a 1981 encounter, a former model and actor told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

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Scott R. Brunton, who was 23 when the alleged incident occurred, claims that Takei took advantage of him sexually after the model felt disoriented and dizzy after a few drinks.

“This happened a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it,” Brunton told The Hollywood Reporter. “It is one of those stories you tell with a group of people when people are recounting bizarre instances in their lives, this always comes up. I have been telling it for years, but I am suddenly very nervous telling it.”

Takei, 80, played Hikaru Sulu in the original “Star Trek” television series. He tweeted Saturday that the events Brunton described "simply did not occur." He also said he did not remember Brunton.

"I want to assure you all that I am as shocked and bewildered at these claims as you must feel reading them," Takei  tweeted. "The events he describes back in the 1980s simply did not occur, and I do not know why he has claimed them now. I have wracked my brain to ask if I remember Mr. Brunton, and I cannot say I do.

Takei is also an author and activist and has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights.

Brunton said he was having drinks with Takei when he began to feel ill “and must have passed out.”When he awoke, Brunton claimed Takei “had my pants down around my ankles” and was groping him, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication reported that it spoke with four of Brunton’s friends -- Norah Roadman, Rob Donovan, Stephen Blackshear and Jan Steward -- who said that the actor had confided in them about the Takei encounter years ago.

Brunton said he suppressed the story for years because he assumed nobody would take him seriously.

“Who's going to believe me? It's my word against his,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Brunton's said he changed his mind after Takei spoke out about allegations leveled against actor Kevin Spacey.

“When power is used in a non-consensual situation, it is a wrong," Takei said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Oct. 30. “Men who improperly harass or assault do not do so because they are gay or straight -- that is a deflection. They do so because they have the power, and they chose to abuse it.”

Brunton said he was angered by Takei's response.

“I don't want anything from him but an apology," he said. “I am sure he'll disown all this, I don't know, maybe not.”

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